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My bargain queen 我的砍价女王 Episode 17 Recap

Although Fu Shuangshuang agreed to attend the appointment, she was indifferent throughout the whole process and returned the necklace gift she had received to Qin Hebo. At this time, it was raining heavily outside. Qin Hebo did not understand why Fu Shuangshuang’s attitude had changed so much. He took the initiative to chase him out. Unexpectedly, Fu Shuangshuang would take the initiative to showdown, accusing him of using himself from start to finish.

In order to redeem Fu Shuangshuang, Qin Hebo confessed to her affectionately, but it was useless and still unable to exchange the trust of the other party. In the end, Fu Shuangshuang cried and announced that he would break with Qin Hebo, and then found Xia Qian and Sheng Zhening, and revealed to the two of Qin Hebo’s conspiracy, and he came to Changsheng to help Lihe Capital.

Sheng Zhening didn’t blame Fu Shuangshuang, after all, she was also a victim, but if she thought of her former best friend becoming an enemy, she couldn’t accept it for a while. After Xia Qian’s comfort, Sheng Zhening temporarily suppressed his inner anger, and waited for the anniversary to end before he settled grievances with Qin Hebo, otherwise the trouble would be too big, which might affect Changsheng’s reputation.

Because Xia Qian drank expired milk, she was hospitalized with acute gastroenteritis. Considering that tomorrow is the 30th anniversary of Changsheng Hotel, to avoid Sheng Zhening’s worry, she tried to conceal her hospitalization and lied that she needed to sell goods live. Ways to go to the celebration.

At first, Sheng Zhening believed it was true, but when he heard the nurse’s voice on the phone, he was a little confused. Sure enough, through the watch positioning, Sheng Zhening saw the sick Xia Qian in the hospital. After confirming that she was in good health, she breathed a sigh of relief and warned again and again before leaving.

Mu Xiaoyan stood by the door of the ward, full of hostility towards Sheng Zhening’s appearance, and at the same time clearly stated that he liked Xia Qian for many years. Facing Mu Xiaoyan’s demonstration, Sheng Zhening had no sense of crisis at all, and even thanked him for taking care of Xia Qian for himself. It is also true that Mu Xiaoyan warned Sheng Zhening to treat Xia Qian well, otherwise he would never be merciless.

Because of Sheng Zhening, the anniversary celebration of Changsheng Hotel was held very successfully. At the same time, the psychological inspector conducted a routine check on He Zhijun and found that he was in a bad state of mind. He Zhijun told the inspector about his pressure, and under the advice of the other party, tried to communicate with Ning Meng seriously. Ning Meng discovered that He Zhijun was stealing stomach medicine behind her back, and finally realized the harm she had caused to her lover, and sincerely apologized.

After a few days of recuperation, Xia Qian recovered and was discharged from the hospital, and soon went to work, discussing the selection of products and the sequence of live broadcasts with everyone. Considering that Xia Qian was carrying goods live, Sheng Zhening asked An An to register an account for him to follow. Unexpectedly, An An was named “My Summer”, which attracted Xia Qian’s attention.

Even though Xia Qian had never had live broadcast experience, under Lie’s leadership and guidance, he successfully sold products and gained a lot of praise and fans. After the live broadcast, Xia Qian and others analyzed the background data to observe which product sold best. In order to celebrate the victory of the first battle in the live broadcast, Mu Xiaoyan offered to invite everyone to dinner and Fu Shuangshuang made an appointment to repair the water pipe of the property, so he couldn’t participate.

Sheng Zhening retrieved Qin Hebo’s work records during this period and found that everything was normal for him, except for the decoration of the second building, he would actually pay for the paint out of his own pocket. In the evening, Sheng Zhening discussed with Xia Qian that he planned to invest in her live broadcast room as a shareholder, which was a win-win cooperation.

The bathroom in Fu Shuangshuang’s house leaked again, which had already aroused the dissatisfaction of the neighbors and even asked her to solve it as soon as possible. However, Fu Shuangshuang had to rush back to participate in the live broadcast, and had to mortgage his ID card to his neighbors. Qin Hebo hid next to witness this scene. After Fu Shuangshuang left, he personally calmed down and compensated the neighbors with two thousand yuan, and told them not to tell Fu Shuangshuang about this.

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