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My bargain queen 我的砍价女王 Episode 16 Recap

After Sheng Zhening and Xia Qian finished their romantic date, the two romantically kissed on the hot air balloon and returned home happily. Considering Ning Meng’s sake, Xia Qian urged Sheng Zheling not to mention this to her yet. The next day, why Zhijun Ning Meng made breakfast and said that he would not go to the hospital to disturb his work in the future. On the other hand, Sheng Zhening asked An An to buy some skirts for Xia Qian, and worried that Xia Qian was suspicious of spending money, and replaced them with low-priced tags in advance.

Approaching the 30th anniversary celebration of Changsheng Hotel, shareholders held a meeting to discuss this and draw up a guest list. Unexpectedly, Mr. Gao from the housekeeping department suddenly came back from the field and came to the meeting room angrily and asked Qin Hebo why he did not inform himself during the meeting. . Qin Hebo explained this issue on the grounds of a business trip, but he was not forgiven by Mr. Gao.

Seeing the lack of old customers in the guest list, Mr. Gao questioned this, and even asked Sheng Zhening to participate this time, otherwise their housekeeping department refused to cooperate. After all, among the shareholders present, Mr. Gao has relatively deep qualifications and prestige, so Qin Hebo promised to personally invite Sheng Zhening to preside over the overall situation at the insistence of the other party.

Knowing that Sheng Zhening was going back to Changsheng to work, Xia Qian was happy for him on the one hand, but still a little bit reluctant on the other. Sheng Zhening and Qin He Boyue met at the bar, and they also had different views on the job arrangement, because he only wanted to do a good job in the anniversary celebration, and didn’t pay much attention to other matters.

The hospital arranged for He Zhijun an opportunity to study abroad. Ning Meng didn’t want He Zhijun to leave her, so she encouraged the dean to leave the quota to other doctors on the grounds of pregnancy. After learning of this, He Zhijun became angry with Ning Meng for the first time, and the tremendous pressure and mental torture made him suffer from stomachache.

At the meeting of Changsheng Hotel, Sheng Zhening proposed to shoot some promotional videos of outstanding employees, as well as stories between old customers and the hotel, so that they can appear sincere. In the evening, Xia Qian sent a message to Sheng Zhening, asking when he would return, but he did not receive a reply for a long time.

Because of this, Xia Qian was worried that Sheng Zhening would be too tired to travel back and forth, so he asked An An to send his luggage back to the hotel, saving him a few hours of delay on the road every day. The two in love were forced to separate and began a “long-distance relationship.” After Sheng Zhening left, Xia Qian felt lost, sleepwalking on Sheng Zhening’s bed at night, and fell off the bed accidentally, hurting her forehead.

In order to meet Shang Sheng Zhening, Xia Qian specially invited customers to Changsheng Hotel to talk about work, because her company wanted to cooperate with the live delivery platform, which also showed sincerity. Until the end of the work talk, Xia Qian stood by the door of the restaurant, full of expectation. However, Sheng Zhening deliberately pretended to turn a blind eye to her when talking to the staff, but turned around to send her a message to the hotel room, and the two embraced warmly in the room.

Fu Shuangshuang discovered through monitoring that the kitten was not feeling well, and mistakenly thought it was caused by illness. It was not until she went to check it in person that it was OK. At this time, Qin Hebo came back from the outside, and Fu Shuangshuang hid in there subconsciously, only to hear the content of the conversation between him and Mr. Xue. Mr. Xue didn’t agree with Qin Hebo being so passive, and he would actually agree to Mr. Gao to invite Sheng Zhening.

After all, in his impression, Qin Hebo has the ability to act and act decisively, otherwise Changsheng will not fall into public criticism, including the various crises that have occurred before. When Fu Shuangshuang heard the truth, he was shocked. He suddenly remembered that Qin Hebo was next to him when he was making price comparisons. It was enough to show that he had manipulated the information in the computer.

That night, Fu Shuangshuang walked down the street in despair, not knowing how to face this complicated-minded man, nor how to explain the situation to Xia Qian. Qin Hebo found Fu Shuangshuang’s backpack left at home, so he called and asked. Because of Fu Shuangshuang’s indifferent attitude, Qin Hebo had a sense of crisis. After hesitating for a long time, he took the initiative to send a message to ask her to eat.

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