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GO Into Your Heart 舍我其谁 Episode 8 Recap

Cheng Lei was drunk and said to Sheng Jingchu that her sister has always been better than her. Maybe her sister is the most suitable person to be with Xu Chi. I was desperately trying to be with Xu Chi before, and there were scandals like Sheng Jingchu’s, I really don’t know what happened to me, maybe my thoughts were a little confused. Unexpectedly, the more Cheng drank, the more drunk he became and the more uncontrollable. I told Sheng Jingchu that she fell in love with Xu Chi when she was in the second grade. Xu Chi was really good at that time and was very good at Cheng, regardless of Cheng. Xu Chi would agree to any request, which made Cheng even more affectionate and fond of Xu Chi. Cheng Lei lay on Sheng Jingchu’s shoulder and cried non-stop, finally there was a place to vent the depressed emotions in his heart.

The next day Cheng’s father looked at Cheng, who had just gotten up, and was very puzzled. He didn’t know what celebration party they attended yesterday and was so drunk, but after she went back, she fell asleep in bed and thought of herself after she went back. I have been to Sheng Jingchu’s home, but I still remember the scene with Sheng Jingchu feeling embarrassed, so I called Sheng Jingchu, hoping that he could help keep the secret. But Cheng Lei was afraid that yesterday’s confession would cause trouble to Sheng Jingchu. He wanted to ask Sheng Jingchu to clarify vaguely, but Sheng Jingchu didn’t want to do that. If he called Cheng, he would be wrong. So Cheng had to be her boyfriend for a while at the beginning of the wrong Sheng Jingchu. .

Xie Lao knew about Yao Ke’s chess skills, and Yao Ke quickly understood Xie Lao’s explanation. This made Xie Lao very optimistic about Yao Ke, so Yao Ke seemed to know whether he could defeat Sheng Jingchu in the future. Xie Lao called Yao Ke as long as he worked hard. There must be a chance. Hearing the conversation between the two, Xie Changan asked Xie Lao Yao Ke secretly whether he could really win Sheng Jingchu, and Xie Lao told Xie Changan whether he could win Sheng Jingchu now. It is not certain that he said that just to give Yao Ke his confidence. That’s it.

After Cheng Lei went to work, Xiaoyan was questioned by Xiaoyan who liked Sheng Jingchu but wanted to use Xu Chilai as a shield. Cheng asked Xiaoyan not to mention that, and felt very hurt. Xiaoyan told Cheng that Xu Chi did not go to work because yesterday he confessed to Cheng Yi not to refuse to treat his injuries at home. Cheng knew that Xu Chi must be hurt and sent to comfort him, but he did not expect that his phone had been turned off. Cheng wants to see Xu Chi, but thinks that the person people most want to see now is her sister, not herself. Just then Sheng Jingchu called Cheng and asked her to watch a movie with her. Cheng thought that Sheng Jingchu did that because she was afraid that she would be broken in love, but Sheng Jingchu had to ask Cheng to go, even if he was with him, Cheng had to agree. At the beginning of Shengjing.

The two people watched a romantic drama. The scene in it was very similar to Cheng’s current experience. Cheng’s heart was very sad. After that, Sheng Jingchu accompanied Cheng to eat dessert. Cheng and Sheng Jingchu said that she was sad. Because Xu Chi didn’t like herself, but she was too stupid to see that she liked her sister, and they really matched.

Sheng Jingchu told Cheng that the reason why he realized that Xu Chi liked Cheng Yi was because he had seen Xu Chi’s home decorations and Cheng Yi’s models both for couples, and many of them were of that kind, so Sheng Jingchu guessed After Xu Chi likes Cheng Yi, those clues are all seen in Xu Chi and Cheng Yi’s circle of friends. After hearing this, Cheng felt that he was too stupid. Outsiders all saw that Xu Chi had love for Cheng Yi but he couldn’t see anything.

Sheng Jingchu had to make an appointment to go shopping with him the next day, but Cheng wanted to be alone, Sheng Jingchu had to accompany him, because Cheng owed others favors, Cheng had no choice but to agree.

Cheng Yi felt that Xu Chi and her were buddies. It was too unexpected to confess to her suddenly yesterday. To Cheng Yi, Xu Chi seemed like her cousin, and suddenly confessed to her sister that she couldn’t accept it. But Xu Chi told Cheng Yi that he had been turning into what Cheng Yi wanted for so many years. Now that he finally became what Cheng Yi wanted, he would not give up. He told Cheng Yi to be ready, he must get Cheng Yi’s heart.

Sheng Jingchu went to the dating place very early to wait for Cheng. It was Cheng Liao’s alma mater. Cheng Liao introduced Sheng Jingchu to her past at school. She saw that every scenic spot had her stories told to Sheng Jingchu. Sheng Jingchu also seems to have seen Cheng’s story, which is very entertaining. During the period, Cheng Le always talked about the story with Xu Chi at school. This made Sheng Jingchu a little sad and felt that she should not be with Cheng, but Cheng told Sheng Jingchu that she was very grateful for Sheng Jingchu’s company, so the two went to the playground. Looking for fun. With Sheng Jingchu’s company, Cheng Liao quickly threw his sadness away from Jiu Xiaoyun and was very happy. Sheng Jingchu caught Cheng Liao with a lot of dolls and gave them to her, and Cheng Liao was even more happy.

Cheng Yi was called by the leader to inform the title sponsor that he had withdrawn his investment. Cheng Yi Dialogue could only record three sessions at most. After that, Cheng Yi would go out to do outside interview work. This was very unexpected. I didn’t expect that he would become hot. The supporters of the country are reduced to the point where they go out to be reporters.

Sheng Jingchu told Cheng that the reason why he was very good at catching dolls was because of Cao Xihe. It was the agarwood that was loved by Cao Xi and Sheng Jingchu, so he tried every means to win. He got the agarwood and tricked him to go to the playground to catch the dolls to decide the victory. Negative, if Sheng Jingchu loses, he will give him agarwood. Sheng Jingchu didn’t want to lose to Cao Xihe and went to practice a few times. After that, he was very good at catching dolls. Cheng felt that the two of them were really naive.

Jiang Yuda went to the dojo to play in the gym. He was already a famous European chess player. Unexpectedly, he was knocked out 3 times in a row by the unknown chess player Xiaolan. Jiang Yuda was very injured, so he went to find Cheng Yi to drink and relieve his troubles. But he told Cheng Yi that he didn’t think he would give up, and that he must succeed in apprenticeship this time. Cheng Yi was also very frustrated. The two went to the nightclub to release their emotions. Jiang Yuda woke up from the hotel the next morning and looked at the stack of money on the bed. Jiang Yuda was very depressed, and I didn’t know what that meant.

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