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Cute Programmer 程序员那么可爱 Episode 6 Recap

Lu Li was typing the code in the living room. In order to persuade his parents, Lu Li specially designed a program to express his true heart and let his parents understand their love and persistence. After their daughter’s hard work, the two finally let go. He promised to give Lu Li a year to continue experimenting in this industry.

Lu Li, who received his parents’ permission, felt relieved. Just about to share this joy with his colleagues, Jiang Yicheng brought Lu Li to the campus again. This school is the place where the two have common memories, and it is also the place where Lu Li fell in love with Jiang Yicheng at first sight. Standing with Jiang Yicheng now, Lu Li felt a little unreal. Jiang Yicheng didn’t come to visit the campus with Lu Li’s hometown this time, but planned to bring Lu Li to see Professor Li. Lu Li tried his best to escape, and got through the news with Professor Li, so he escaped. Jiang Yicheng hadn’t noticed his tricks.

The comic exhibition activity actively invited Gu Xiaoqi. The comic exhibition activity was very lively. Even the four people in the office attended together. The four of them all dressed up as Yang Guo, and Lu Li put on the dress Gu Xiaoqi prepared, just right. It was the appearance of the aunt in the hero of the Condor Heroes. The four of them were pleasantly surprised when they saw them. They were vying to take a group photo. Under the veil, they couldn’t recognize Lu Li.

They were chased to a blind spot. Lu Li was anxious and panicked not knowing how to react, and walked behind him. Coming Jiang Yicheng grabbed Lu Li and took off Lu Li’s veil. This time there were all evidence and evidence. Lu Li officially received a red card from Jiang Yicheng. However, given that Lu Li performed well, Jiang Yicheng was willing to give Lu Li a penalty. Seven days to make a difference. Gu Xiaoqi and Lu Li were so traumatized, they could only ask Gu Mo for help, and the three of them came up with a solution together.

Lu Li, who finally replied to women’s clothing, returned to work at the company. Although several members of the program group were a little uncomfortable, fortunately, they had already had a relationship foundation and a strong revolutionary friendship some time ago. Lu Li’s existence was not a sudden. , Everyone finally accepted. Therefore, not only Gu Xiaoqi and Gu Mo are the think tanks, but everyone in the program group is also helping Lu Li to beat Jiang Yicheng. Chen Yiming even personally persuaded Jiang Yicheng, but he did not succeed in turning Jiang Yicheng’s heart. As Jiang Yicheng’s sister, Jiang Zitong was also very disgusted with the existence of Lu Li.

Cheng Yueru learned from Jiang Zitong that when her son was standing next to her on a blind date, it was not a man at all, but a woman like Lu Li, she was pleasantly surprised. A follow-up plan was launched for Lu Li, and it took Lu Li to catch up with Lu Li after following all the way. Facing the “future mother-in-law”‘s cold and warm question, Lu Li was a little flattered, and felt that he should keep a certain distance. Cheng Yueru did not hesitate to pretend to be sick in order to inquire about the future daughter-in-law, which deceived Lu Li.

On the second day, Lu Li dressed up with the help of Gu Xiaoqi, and finally came to Jiang Yicheng’s house. Cheng Yueru warmly entertained Lu Li and inspected Lu Li’s personality in an all-round way. Lu Li in front of him did not have a typical girl. The child has a hobby and has no talent for cooking. Although she is kind, Cheng Yueru thinks that Lu Li seems to be unsuitable to come to Jiang’s house. But when the power goes out at home and Cheng Yueru is stabbed, Lu Li always has his own way to solve it. The problem, now it seems that Lu Li will definitely be able to complement Cheng Yueru in the future. The mother-in-law and daughter-in-law will not be sad.

Thinking of this, Cheng Yueru accidentally stepped on a nail, and Lu Li went to the hospital with Cheng Yueru on his back. Jiang Yicheng rushed to receive the notice, but saw the harmonious scene of Cheng Yueru and Lu Li talking and laughing. He mistakenly thought that Lu Li had made his mind to please Cheng Yuerui in exchange for the chance to stay, so he began to be unforgiving again, a few words Lu Li hurriedly said goodbye. Cheng Yueru anxiously ordered her son to apologize to Lu Li. When Father Jiang and Jiang Zitong approached the ward, Cheng Yueru made a living and decided to ask Jiang Zitong to inquire about Lu Li’s home address. Parents interviewed and decided as early as possible that Lu Li, his favorite daughter-in-law.

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