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Cute Programmer 程序员那么可爱 Episode 5 Recap

In order to clarify their difficulties, Lu Li and Chen Yiming made an appointment on the bridge at night to face the better-speaking Chen Yiming. Lu Li had a complete showdown. Chen Yiming also confessed that he had already discovered the truth. Chen Yiming did not dislike female programmers. The problem still lies in Jiang Yicheng’s thoughts. Chen Yiming also guessed that Lu Li entered the company because of him. The two looked at each other and smiled, and jointly buried the secret in today’s brightly lit night.

Now there are two people hiding in Jiang Yicheng’s heart. One is the girl who suddenly ran away that day, and the other is Lu Li who is sitting downstairs. This tangled and complicated emotion is bothering Jiang Yicheng. At this time, he can only go to the doctor to solve it. Just click Jiang Yicheng. This is falling in love. Thinking that he likes a boy, Jiang Yicheng couldn’t accept the reality at once, and fled away from the clinic.

On the first day of the workday, Jiang Yicheng began to find Lu Li’s stubbornness for no reason. He wanted to interfere with Lu Li’s every move, and he wanted to interrupt when he saw Lu Li and Chen Yiming standing together. Chen Yiming and Lu Li, who share a common secret, seemed very close. Jiang Yicheng didn’t look pleasing to the eye and hid in the office again. Looking at the photo taken of Lu Li last time, the letters Y and C made Jiang Yicheng guess, and he kept piecing together them. Jiang Yicheng realized that it was his own name. There was another real hammer for this forbidden relationship. Jiang Yicheng was shocked, and wanted to find Lu Li to ask for some understanding.

Lu Li accidentally left the badge at home, Huang Caixia deliberately sent the badge to the office, and when she learned of her mother’s arrival, Lu Li hurriedly left with her bag. Jiang Yicheng discovered the vacancy of the work station. He didn’t care about it, but he accidentally caught sight of the cartoon pendant Lu Li put on the table. It was clearly the thing dropped by the escaped mysterious woman in the restaurant that day. Doubts arose in Jiang Yicheng’s heart again. ,

Called her mother about whether Huang Caixia had a son, and went to the Ministry of Personnel to investigate Lu Li’s documents. The lack of key evidence gradually made Jiang Yicheng discover the truth. As soon as he walked downstairs, he saw people wearing women’s clothes sitting downstairs. I got on the elevator and ran back to the office, only to see Chen Yiming and Lu Li sitting together, but Jiang Yicheng would naturally not eliminate his suspicion because of their lame lie. Sure enough, as soon as he got off work, Jiang Yicheng saw Lu Li walking downstairs in the company in women’s clothing.

When Huang Caixia walked to the bus station, she found that she had forgotten her badge to Lu Li, and returned to the company to give her badge to the front desk. After inquiring, she found out that her daughter was disguised as a man for work. Huang Mu realized that she had been kept in the dark, and was anxious to get Lu Li to resign. Lu Li, who knew that he was in a bad situation, had an extra week of relaxation with the assistance of his father. Now Lu Li needs to think about how to attack his mother.

Jiang Yicheng called the professor, and finally realized that Lu Li was a woman. Jiang Yicheng wanted to see when Lu Li could act. The mood is even worse. At this moment, Lu Li was still having a headache. How to convince his mother, collected the opinions of the team members, and consulted Chen Yiming, Lu Li’s mood still did not improve. After learning about Lu Li’s daughter, Jiang Yicheng became more jealous after seeing the intimate appearance of Lu Li and Chen Yiming sitting together. So he deliberately found a truckload of materials to make Lu Li suffer.

Fortunately, Chen Yiming was willing to make a move, and the two worked together to complete the task. After overcoming a difficult problem, Chen Yiming offered to take the initiative to come to the house with Lu Li. The well-knowing handsome single successful person praised Lu Li in front of Lu’s father and mother. This made the two parents directly look at Chen Yiming and planned to go in the wrong direction. Lu Li could only rush Chen Yiming away and took out the sugar-coated cannonballs he had prepared to conquer Huang Caixia. Only then did his mother’s attack power slightly ease.

Chen Yiming and Jiang Yicheng got together for dinner. The two chatted about Lu Li. Jiang Yicheng learned that it was the first time Lu Li and Chen Yiming met in an interview. Then who was the idol Lu Li was talking about? Unexpectedly, Jiang Yicheng lost his way in such a simple and obvious question…

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