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Cute Programmer 程序员那么可爱 Episode 4 Recap

Jiang Zitong and Lu Li were lying outside the railing, watching Jiang Yicheng and Chen Yiming’s heroic horse riding, Lu Li’s eyes lighted up. Jiang Zitong heard that Lu Li’s idol was Chen Yiming, so he asked Lu Li how he admired Chen Yiming. Through Chen Yiming, Lu Li actually talked about his love for Jiang Yicheng. Lu Li, who has been chasing Jiang Yicheng for several years, regards Jiang Yicheng as a beam of light, always shining on himself but unable to touch it, and he can only become a light chaser. Jiang Zitong was a little jealous of this speech, and he was actually aroused by a “man” to fight.

Gu Mo secretly took photos of Jiang Yicheng standing in the park with Lu Li that day, threatening Lu Li and Gu Xiaoqi to break up. The scene between the two of them made Gu Mo believe that it was true, and Lu Li quickly agreed, but Gu Xiaoqi was really dissatisfied with his brother’s strict discipline to him. The next day was Women’s Wear Day, and Gu Xiaoqi gave Lu Li an idea and prepared to let Lu Li surprise the audience the next day.

The next day, Lu Li, dressed as a Zixia fairy with full makeup, achieved the effect Gu Xiaoqi wanted. Jiang Yicheng swallowed his saliva, and his beating heart made Jiang Yicheng unable to calm down. Jiang Yicheng eagerly wanted to take off Lu Li’s veil, but when he really saw the exquisite face under Lu Li’s veil, Jiang Yicheng began to be excited again. In order to calm his emotions, Jiang Yicheng ordered Lu Li to change into the women’s clothing, but this did not help. , Now Jiang Yicheng was thinking of Lu Li all over his head, and all he saw was Lu Li. Jiang Yicheng completely began to doubt his sexual orientation…

Gu Mo and Gu Xiaoqi ate together, Gu Xiaoqi deliberately put on an expression of disappointment after breaking up, making Gu Man put down his guard. After hearing this, Gu Mo nodded in satisfaction, but still did not let go of his sister’s discipline. The possessive Gu Mo’s usual style made Gu Xiaoqi rebellious in his heart. But watching Gu Xiaoqi’s resistance silently, Gu Mo just watched indifferently, and didn’t realize that his actions were beyond the reasonable range…

Lu Li noticed that his menstrual period was early, so he cried out in secret, and hurriedly sent a message to Gu Xiaoqi for help. It happened to be eating at a nearby restaurant, and Gu Xiaoqi hurriedly said goodbye to Gu Man with his aunt’s towel, and ran to Yicheng Technology. I found that Jiang Yicheng was also looking for Lu Li everywhere. In a hurry, Gu Xiaoqi could only turn his head and let Gu Man open Jiang Yicheng and let Gu Mo hang the things on the toilet door where Lu Li was. Lu Li was saved. When he walked out of the toilet, he found that Jiang Yicheng was waiting for him at the work station. He could only say that he was not feeling well. Jiang Yicheng rarely relented and personally sent Lu Li home early.

At the door, before Jiang Yicheng said the words hesitated on his lips, Gu Xiaoqi ran out and hugged Lu Li. The two sisters winked. Jiang Yicheng didn’t plan to say more when he saw Gu Xiaoqi appear. The two said goodbye and left. For today’s affairs, Gu Xiaoqi had a showdown with Gu Mo. Lu Li guessed that Gu Mo, who had always been indifferent, was not a nosy person. Perhaps there was one more person to protect himself. Sure enough, the next day, Gu Mo took back his previous confrontation with Lu Li. The warning to Lu Li and the group photo of Jiang Yicheng and Lu Li taken before was deleted after passing it to Lu Li, which was considered a matter in Lu Li’s heart.

The eldest lady is coming to work, and all the staff turn on the alarm state. Jiang Zitong, who cares very much about his appearance, prepared a series of outfits, intending to give all programmers a fashion makeover. Lu Li, who has not seen Jiang Zitong’s powerful yet, opened his mouth, so Jiang Zitong insisted on putting on Lu Li by himself, even Started to unbutton Lu Li. Fortunately, Jiang Yicheng appeared at the right time and stopped the farce that Jiang Zitong had created. When he returned to the office, he broke Jiang Zitong’s idea of ​​approaching Chen Yiming as the vice president again, and Jiang Zitong’s teeth were itchy with anger.

Lu Li met Chen Yiming who made coffee in the tea room. Chen Yiming, who loves coffee, taught Lu Li how to make milk and make delicious coffee. The two brothers and sisters Jiang Yicheng, who were coming downstairs, saw Chen Yiming and Lu Li keep shortening the distance. At the close figure, Jiang Yicheng felt jealousy in his heart, so he dragged Lu Li away in front of Chen Yiming. Fortunately, Chen Yiming had a good temper, but he could only stay to deal with Jiang Zitong.

Jiang Yicheng brought Lu Li to experience the latest VR game developed by the company. With the game equipment, the two came to the ancient scene, holding swords to travel the world. Jiang Yicheng, who is good at gaming, constantly wields his sword and protects Lu Li. The scene in front of him gradually becomes real. Lu Li looked at Jiang Yicheng in front of him, and there was love again in his heart. After playing the game, Jiang Yicheng brought Lu Li to the game field to experience it. He just came to the game area on the wall. Lu Li wore clothes and jumped onto the sticky wall, twisting his body to show the letters of C and Y. Jiang Yicheng helped to take the picture. Looking at the screen, he couldn’t guess. Lu Li just smiled slightly. When he said that this is the name of the person he likes, Jiang Yicheng didn’t think much about it. He didn’t know that Lu Li was referring to himself…

The work of the program team is arduous. Luckily, Lu Li is professional and hard enough to complete the novice task early. However, the team can’t just look at the individual. The colleagues around are still burdened with heavy tasks, so Lu Li offered to share, Lei Zi and Zhang Zhiyuan I was grateful in my heart, and the gap between everyone was gradually shortening, becoming a truly cohesive team. Looking at the appearance of a few people working together, Chen Yiming and Jiang Yicheng inevitably felt a little emotional when they recalled the early days of their business.

Returning home on the weekend, Huang Caixia was so angry that he saw Lu Li’s closet full of men’s clothing, and forced Lu Li to the mall to buy decent women’s clothing. Lu Li, who couldn’t be stunned, could only buy milk tea to show her good, and he could even run into Jiang Yicheng when he walked in the mall. When I saw Lu Li, I thought of the farce in the swimming pool that day. The woman who kicked herself made Jiang Yicheng curious. The two of them just chased me and ran the entire mall. Lu Li could only run into the underwear shop, which made Jiang Yicheng know. When Lu Li finally breathed a sigh of relief, when he walked out of the store, Chen Yiming, who was visiting the mall with Jiang Yicheng, looked at Lu Li. The two looked at each other, and Lu Li was shocked, but it didn’t help…

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