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Cute Programmer 程序员那么可爱 Episode 3 Recap

The spoiled Jiang Zitong is in love with Chen Yiming. Jiang Yicheng’s mother Yueru heard that Jiang Yicheng had a girl on a blind date recently and sent Jiang Zitong to the company to find out. Before Jiang Zitong approached the company, the company’s alarm bells were masterpieces. Everyone directly sent Chen Yiming to surrender. After Jiang Zitong angrily asked about the situation, he was relieved that it was not Chen Yiming who accompanied Jiang Yicheng on the blind date. Chen Yiming went shopping with him.

Knowing that the company is going to the hot spring hotel for group building, in order to avoid going to the group building, Lu Li planned to miss the meeting time and escape. As a result, he happened to meet Jiang Yicheng, and Jiang Yicheng directly took Lu Li to the hot spring hotel. Two people who are late can only live in one room. Lu Li was so embarrassed that he hardly dared to look up, but he was a little eager in his heart. After struggling, he could only escape from the room, but was directly taken by the team members and taken to the hot spring area to avoid revealing the stuffing. Lu Li dressed up and down. The two-piece swimsuit can avoid problems now.

All members of the program team accidentally discovered that there was a loophole in the hot spring where they could peek into the female bath next door. Several people peeked in and enjoyed themselves. Not only were they caught upright by the female employees, they even accidentally dragged them into the water. The female employees suggested that all the staff in the program team should go to work for one day to relieve their anger.

Perceiving something wrong with Jiang Yicheng’s cervical spine, Lu Li deliberately ran around to buy plasters. I met Chen Yiming at the entrance of the hotel. Today Chen Yiming accidentally saw Lu Li in the men’s locker room changing clothes and wearing a chest wrapper. Only then did he know that Lu Li was a girl, and learned that Lu Li and Jiang Yicheng lived in the same room. Lu Li prepared another room, but unfortunately the hotel had no rooms.

Lu Li bought a plaster for Jiang Yicheng and put it on by himself, but Jiang Yicheng, who had just drunk two bottles of beer in the refrigerator, became so drunk that he became a coquettish ghost and stuck to Lu Li and couldn’t drag it off. Lu Li could only drag it halfway. Take Jiang Yicheng to bed. Unexpectedly, the next day Jiang Zitong received his father’s order and came to the hot spring hotel to find out the troubles that accompany Jiang Yicheng every day. As soon as he walked into the room, he found Jiang Yicheng and Lu Li hugging each other, so he left evidence of the crime, which made Jiang Yicheng talent. Tell the truth about looking for a shield. In order to seal, Jiang Yicheng could only agree to let Jiang Zitong join the company.

Jiang Zitong joined the team building team and proposed to bring everyone to the riding stable. After learning that Lu Li was a girl, Chen Yiming took care of Lu Li. It was not long before Lu Li’s excitement lasted for the first time to experience horseback riding. The horse under his hips started to run because of fright. Jiang Yicheng chased after him and tightened the reins, and this thrilling scene stopped. In order to teach Lu Li to ride a horse, Jiang Yicheng simply sat on the same horse with Lu Li behind him. Feeling Jiang Yicheng’s approach, Lu Li’s heartbeat started to go crazy again.

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