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My bargain queen 我的砍价女王 Episode 15 Recap

Since the two expressed their love for each other, they have also formally established a romantic relationship and started a real cohabitation life. Xia Qian was immersed in the sweetness of passion, and at the same time revised Sheng Zhening’s remarks, but he did not expect that he would actually send a message to discuss what to eat tomorrow morning. Originally, Xia Qian just said casually, but Sheng Zhening took it seriously, and even asked An An to bring the tableware and kitchen utensils.

The next morning, Sheng Zhening became a home-cooker, and spent most of the day busy in the kitchen, cooking a table of good meals, which was really unexpected. Xia Qian saw it in her eyes, feeling happy, and inadvertently saw that the tableware at home was changed, and the kitchen seemed to have changed drastically.

When washing the dishes, Xia Qian accidentally smashed the bowl, Sheng Zhening ran over and took Princess Xia Qian to the living room to deal with the scratches, warmly instructing her. Xia Qian couldn’t figure out why Sheng Zhening suddenly changed the tableware, and what was special about these things, so she was curious to take photos and search, and found that the price of each tableware was amazing, so she carefully wrapped it in the box.

After that failed confession, Fu Shuangshuang did not contact Qin Hebo for a long time. He did not know that Qin Hebo was also in no mood to work. While he was sighing in the office, he suddenly received a call from Fu Shuangshuang. Unexpectedly, there was only the sound of the vacuum cleaner in the phone, so she knew that she had her mobile phone in her pocket and accidentally dialed the phone.

Qin Hebo turned the phone on the hands-free, and sat next to listen carefully, until Fu Shuangshuang was busy with the housework and started talking to himself again, wondering why Qin Hebo didn’t like him. It was these words that caused Qin Hebo to fall into contemplation. He didn’t expect Fu Shuangshuang to call on the phone. He was worried about Fu Shuangshuang’s safety, so he left his job and rushed over.

Fortunately, it was just a false alarm. It was nothing more than a mouse entering the room. Fu Shuangshuang explained the mis-dialing and claimed that he would delete his contact information. After hearing this, Qin Hebo changed the subject and asked Fu Shuangshuang if he still wanted to watch the cat. If he wanted to avoid the two seeing each other, he could install a surveillance system at home so that Fu Shuangshuang could observe the cat at any time.

Sheng Zhening asked Qi Lin to meet. She believed that as the senior financial adviser of Reed River Capital, she should know that Reed River Capital wanted to acquire Changsheng Hotel. Although Qi Lin was very reluctant to talk about this topic, she still admitted that she heard the relevant news from the side, but because she had just returned to China, she did not take over the case, so she promised Sheng Zhenning that she would not participate in order to avoid damaging the relationship between the two .

Ning Meng often goes to the hospital, which has aroused private discussion among nurses that she is monitoring her husband in disguise. He Zhijun felt very uncomfortable when he heard these words, so he asked Ning Meng to have a serious talk, not wanting her to always interfere with his work. At the same time, Mu Xiaoyan learned of the relationship between Xia Qian and Sheng Zhening, and once again fell into the pain of a broken relationship, and the whole person was so drunk that An An had to take him home first.

Sheng Zhening went to get rheumatism stickers for Xia’s mother, and happened to meet the second aunt of the Xia family to send her daughter Tingting’s wedding invitation, showing off that her son-in-law was a company executive, and sarcasm in disguise that Sheng Zhening had no future as a young assistant. Although Xia Ma didn’t care about this comparison at all, Sheng Zhening was frustrated and took the initiative to invite her second aunt and the whole family for dinner, and even chose the location in the Changsheng Hotel.

During the dinner, the second aunt’s son-in-law looked particularly petty, but Sheng Zhening’s identity surprised the second aunt, especially after dinner, Sheng Zhening drove Xia’s mother and Xia Qian home. Xia Qian suspected that Sheng Zhening borrowed loan sharks and urged him to return the rented car as soon as possible. However, Sheng Zhening took her to the amusement park, confessed his true economic situation, and promised that the financial power would be given to Xia Qian in the future. That night, Sheng Zhening took over the entire amusement park, and the two started their first romantic date.

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