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GO Into Your Heart 舍我其谁 Episode 7 Recap

Sheng Jingchu continued to shoot the button ahead of AI. AI Intelligent Baize had to admit defeat. This was a cheer on the scene. Sheng Jingchu even beat the artificial intelligence after increasing the difficulty. After stepping down, Sheng Jingchu received a call from Ke Jie and wanted to play mahjong with him first. Ke Jie persuaded Sheng Jingchu that he should not only have Go in his heart. The most important thing is to make life more colorful and not to be so boring. But in the end Sheng Jingchu won. Sheng Jingchu told Ke Jie that many things were unexpected.

After Sheng Jingchu left, Xiaolan felt that Sheng Jingchu’s ability to quickly find Cheng in so many fingerprints must be destined. If she was blocking her, she was rebelling and would be scolded.

Sheng Jingchu told Cheng that the reason she would find her fingerprints quickly was because Cheng had injured her finger before and there was a small hole in her finger. This made Cheng admire Sheng Jingchu very much, and that such a small hole could be remembered by Sheng Jingchu. Sheng Jingchu told Cheng that she was her first friend, because she had been in the Kyushu Dojo since she was six years old. Besides her master, she was a brother. Only after Cheng appeared did she have a friend. For Sheng Jingchu, Cheng was a real friend. Is very precious.

Xu Chi’s first show broke the record just after it was broadcast. This means that the leaders recognized his ability very much, but Xu Chi had to reward Cheng, because he was able to ask Sheng Jingchu to participate in the show to have such a good audience rating, so Cheng was officially converted, and everyone gave Cheng a gift, which made Cheng extremely happy. In the evening Xu Chi invited Cheng to dinner and told Cheng that she had liked a girl for a long time, but she didn’t know how to confess her confession. Cheng thought that Xu Chi was suggesting that she told Xu Chi to be brave to confess, but Xu Chi was still afraid that he could not be a friend after confession. Cheng thought to himself that Xu Chi is really a wood. Will he have to wait until she and Xu Chi confession? Just work.

After Cheng got home, I saw my father crying while watching the TV series. The protagonist of the two men and women are happy but not confessing to each other. If one person is willing to confess, they will not miss it. Dad’s words gave Cheng reassurance. He felt that he should confess to Xu Chi, otherwise they would miss it. Just when Cheng was thinking of how to confess to Xu Chi, Sheng Jingchu called him and asked him to help, and the two agreed to meet the next day.

Sheng Jingchu wanted to buy a gift for Yao Ke, so Cheng had an idea to buy a teacup, because he often held a teacup when watching Yao Ke’s game before. After that, Cheng took Sheng Jingchu to help her buy gifts for Xu Chi. He also said that the two of them had always been in love with each other, but Xu Chi had not been brave enough to break through.

Now Cheng will be the brave one. People, want to buy a tie to give to Xu Chi. When Sheng Jing first heard of Cheng, he wanted to confess to Xu Chi that he was very hurt. No matter what Cheng chose to choose, he felt ok, but Cheng didn’t realize that Sheng Jingchu liked her in his heart. Sheng Jingchu said goodbye to Cheng and went back no longer, but he felt even more torment after returning home, because Cheng had to confess to Xu Chi at night, so that she would be someone else’s girlfriend.

Cheng Lei went home after buying gifts and was going to a banquet in Tianxuan Clothes, and her sister Cheng Yi was also invited by Xu Chi. Cheng Lei wanted to borrow clothes from her sister Cheng Yi to go to the appointment, but Cheng Yi was a little reluctant. . Sheng Jingchu went to Uncle Cheng’s small restaurant and didn’t see Cheng. Uncle Cheng told Sheng Jingchu that he had gone to the celebration banquet. Sheng Jingchu felt very disappointed.

After the two sisters got off the car, the appearance of Xu Chi dressed up in attendance was amazing, and it was very happy to be called Cheng. At this time, Sheng Jingchu had been thinking about Cheng’s going to confess Xu Chi, and she would also go to the celebration banquet to find Cheng, because Sheng Jingchu calculated that Xu Chi didn’t like Cheng anymore, and was afraid that Cheng would be injured and wanted to stop her. Confession.

Cheng Liao always looked very nervous when he saw Xu Chihou. When the words came to his lips, he couldn’t say it, so he had to find an excuse to go to the toilet to relieve the pressure. Cheng Le comforted herself in the toilet not to be nervous, Xu Chi had already said that she liked her, and now it was almost a confession. After I went out, I saw Xu Chizai and my sister Cheng Yi, so I took a sip of wine and then gave myself the courage to step on the stage.

Xiaoyan and everyone didn’t know what Cheng was going to do, but Cheng told them they wanted it. Tell everyone a story. At this time, Sheng Jingchu was sitting in a taxi and called Cheng anxiously, but no one answered. And Cheng has already started telling her story through Jiu Jin. Xu Chi doesn’t know what Cheng is going to do. Cheng Yi thinks that a little girl should be just playing around, but the more she listens, the more she feels Cheng is confessing.

Cheng Lei told everyone that she had always cared about a boy, fearing that she would miss it if she didn’t say anything this time, and asked the boy if she would like to be with her. Just then Sheng Jingchu arrived and told Cheng that he was willing to do so. It was very unexpected to call Cheng. She told Sheng Jingchu not to mess around. She was very serious about confession, and Sheng Jingchu kissed Cheng Lie’s mouth involuntarily, and then Take her out.

Cheng Le blamed Sheng Jingchu for having plucked up a lot of courage in order to be able to confess to Xu Chi, and she was ruined by Sheng Jingchu. So Sheng Jingchu asked Cheng to turn around, and the scene in front of him was Xu Chi holding a flower and confessing to Cheng Yi. The eyes of Cheng immediately shed tears. Sheng Jingchu didn’t want to call Cheng anymore and she blindfolded her eyes as she watched. Take her away.

The two of them sat in a taxi and wandered around without a destination. The driver was disoriented by the two of them. They wanted to eat something, so they called a taxi to Sheng Jingchu’s home. He had a lot of food to eat. Let Cheng Liao make to ease the mood. The table was served soon after the journey, but still crying in her heart, asking Sheng Jingchu to bring her wine, wanting to numb herself. At this moment, Cheng Yi called to know if her relationship with Sheng Jingchu was still going on, so Cheng had to tell her sister not to worry that she would go back soon.

After turning off the phone, Cheng told Sheng Jingchu that sister Sheng Jingchu has always been a very good girl, and has always been very good to her, maybe her sister is the most worthy of Xu Chi. Cheng Lei quickly became drunk. Sheng Jingchu wanted to take her home. On the way, Cheng lost her temper because of the effect of Jiujin and told Sheng Jingchu that she had been secretly in love with Xu Chi, but now everything is gone. When Cheng woke up the next day, he called Sheng Jingchu and told him to keep a secret. It seemed to everyone that Cheng had already confessed to Sheng Jingchu, and they had to continue to pretend to be boy and girl friends.

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