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GO Into Your Heart 舍我其谁 Episode 6 Recap

Cheng Yueyue Sheng Jingchu went to the beach to meet, but she didn’t expect Sheng Jingchu to see her because she was thinking about it. When Cheng heard Sheng Jingchu say that, she bowed her head shyly, but pretended to say that they are friends who meet frequently. . Xie Lao felt that it was a pity that Jiang Lao had closed his Fangyuan Dojo, but Jiang Lao thought that they were all stubbing money to do Go, but Xie Lao still felt that respect for Go is to have integrity. Xiaolan felt that the meeting between the old man and the master was a purpose, even Xie Changan could not send them fruit, so Xie Changan told them not to be too narrow, and the old man Xie and the old man were talking about important things.

Mr. Jiang told Mr. Xie that he was most worried about Yao Ke. He learned to play chess with him since he was a child. As for him, he has been struggling with Sheng Jingchu because he always wanted to win Sheng Jingchu. Now he is the master who failed to teach Yao Ke well. At present, only Xie Lao can help Yao Ke. I hope that Xie Lao can accept Yao Ke as his apprentice, and Xie Lao agrees with the general’s plea. However, Mr. Xie hasn’t had an apprentice for a long time.

If Yao Ke goes there, he can only be a junior apprentice. Take the veteran Yao Ke to give tea to Mrs. Xie, and give tea to the seniors and sisters one by one, even if Mr. Xie accepted the apprentice of Yao Ke. Xiaolan and Cao Xihe felt that it was strange that the master accepted Yao Ke. They never thought that their previous opponent would now become a junior, and they didn’t know what the master was thinking about.

Xie Changan took Yao Ke to go around. Yao Ke saw a lot of photos of his fellow apprentices. He didn’t expect that Sheng Jingchu won a whole wall of trophies. This made Yao Ke very jealous. The reason why Yao Ke wants to learn chess with Xie Lao is to have a better understanding of Sheng Jingchu in order to defeat Sheng Jingchu in the future.

Xiaolan and Cao Xihe signaled to Yao Ke that he could invite everyone to dinner. Yao Ke understood what they meant, so they invited all of Xie’s apprentices to dinner, except Shengjingchu did not. Yao Ke has always been ignorant of Sheng Jingchu’s departure from the Kyushu Dojo, so Mr. Xie told Yao Ke that it was specially arranged by him, hoping that Sheng Jingchu could make better progress.

Cheng Yi was called to discuss with her leader. The show she is hosting has declined, hoping to bring Lisa to the show, but Cheng Yi resolutely raised an objection. Lisa didn’t understand anything, she wouldn’t talk to Lisa. Cooperating, if Taili insists on using a newcomer, she will quit. Lisa became very angry when she heard this, and felt that Cheng Yi looked down on her too much, and ran to the boxing gym to vent frantically.

Cheng learned that her sister’s show was taken away by Lisa and comforted her, but Cheng Yi has always been a person with a halo. He stubbornly said that he didn’t like entertainment shows before, and then went back to his room. One person cried secretly.

Ke Jie, the world’s number one chess player, saw Cheng in the dressing room. He didn’t expect that he also knew about the scandal between Cheng Lei and Sheng Jingchu. He wanted to know their current situation. At this time, Sheng Jingchu also went in. This is called Cheng. It was accidents that followed her.

The omnipotent challenge of Songguo Video is about to start broadcasting. As expected, the supporter is Lisa, and the program team invited Ke Jie to be a guest. The scene was very lively, but many spectators went to Shengjingchu, and in the first round, the human player lost to the artificial intelligence Bai Ze. Ke Jie explained to everyone that it is impossible for humans to defeat artificial intelligence, and even his world number one cannot defeat ordinary people.

In the second round, the human players were still fighting against Bai Ze, and they still lost to Bai Ze. This made everyone think that human beings just can’t do it, and they are less and less emboldened to humans. Finally, we will invite Sheng Jingchu to appear. Everyone is crazy when he hears his name. Lisa asks Sheng Jingchu to find out the fingerprints corresponding to the big screen. Lisa always thinks of being able to get closer to Sheng Jingchu when introducing them, but Sheng Jingchu didn’t care about her, Lisa looked a little embarrassed.

However, Sheng Jingchu finally defeated Bai Ze, and the people on the scene felt that Sheng Jingchu was simply inhuman. The guest asked Sheng Jingchu if he could increase the difficulty, but Sheng Jingchu agreed, so Lisa would be embarrassed by Sheng Jingchu to call Cheng to the stage, which surprised everyone. Lisa asked a lot of people’s fingerprints to round up, and if they could find the fingerprints of the process, they would win.

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