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GO Into Your Heart 舍我其谁 Episode 5 Recap

Cheng Liao made a bowl of fish porridge for Sheng Jingchu. He wanted to make Sheng Jingchu’s mother taste, but after Sheng Jingchu tasted a bite, he felt that there was still a gap between the taste and mother’s taste. Cheng Leo felt a little reconciled. Just give her some time for sure. Will make the taste of Shengjingchu’s mother. After Cheng, I took Sheng Jingchu out to eat Mala Tang. It was also the first time Sheng Jingchu ate those snacks, and I thought it was still very good. Both of them recalled what they used to eat when they were young, and they would be very happy if they could return to their childhood.

The match between Xie Lao and Sheng Jingchu is about to start, but Xie Lao has no road surface for a long time. This made the apprentices very anxious, and no one answered the phone when they were all anxious. I received a call from Mr. Xie saying that he was sick and could not go to the competition. This was a surprise for Sheng Jingchu. Xie Changan felt that his father must be pretending to be sick, so that he could protect Sheng Jingchu’s position.

Sheng Jingchu took Cheng back together. On the plane, Sheng Jingchu took care of the journey. After calling Cheng, Sheng Jingchu was still very considerate.

After Cheng got home, her father and sister asked her if she liked Sheng Jingchu. Cheng felt that her father and sister were very mother-in-laws. She had already said that she did not like Sheng Jingchu. Although Sheng Jingchu is excellent, they are not her own dishes. However, Dad and sister had to match Chengle and Sheng Jingchu. In their opinion, Sheng Jingchu and Cheng were the best pair.

After Sheng Jingchu came home, he cooked and ate alone, and suddenly remembered that Cheng had told him not to separate the food from the vegetables, which would not be good for his health, so Sheng Jingchu followed Cheng’s instructions and ate them all together. At this moment The master went, and looked at Shengjing Chufa’s house like a model room, without any popularity. It would be much better if you could bring Cheng to live together, but Sheng Jingchu told the master that he and Cheng were friends. However, Sheng Jingchu was most concerned about his master’s condition. Xie Lao told Sheng Jingchu that he was in good health and that the illness would heal soon. He asked Sheng Jingchu not to think too much. There used to be Jiang Lao to accompany him to compete for rankings, but now the strength of Lao is declining, and he will definitely go to the competition when Sheng Jingchu really has the strength.

After Cheng went back, I saw that Lisa had robbed the venture capital for all his credit, because Lisa edited all the material into her stuff, but Lisa asked Cheng for an internship girl not to be too aggressive. , The director said that the credit is the credit. When the two were about to quarrel, the director told them not to engage in infighting, but to introduce them as the new leader. Unexpectedly, that person turned out to be the Prince Charming Xu Chi in Cheng’s heart. It was very happy to call Cheng. After Xu Chi took office, he pointed out Lisa’s deception and told them to stop that kind of thing in the future. Otherwise, they would leave. The director quickly admitted his mistake and asked everyone to go back to the meeting. Xu Chi was very concerned about Cheng and called her. Having dinner together after get off work makes many colleagues feel that Cheng has a backing.

Cheng Lei remembered that Xu Chi was often taken care of by Xu Chi. Xu Chi treated Cheng Lei like her own sister, which made Cheng Lei always have a deep sense of dependence on Xu Chi. Just after Cheng got off work, Xu Chi drove to pick her up. Xu Chi knew that Lisa had plagiarized Cheng’s material. Has it been handed over to them, and the product was taken off the shelf and restored to its original appearance. Cheng knew that Xu Chi did not study well before, but now he turned into a young talent and was surprised to return, but Xu Chi told Cheng that he had completely changed this time, and there was still a huge task to complete.

Xu Chi went to Cheng’s house for dinner. Cheng Yi came and brought him down as soon as he saw Xu Chi. He was very unwilling to call Cheng and told her sister to be polite to Xu Chi, but her sister Cheng I feel that their relationship should not be too formal, they are all so familiar, just like a real brother. A few people quickly became drunk, and Xu Chi was called by the sisters to drive home, and his father was also drunk and he didn’t look like he was lying on the ground.

Cheng Yi’s talk show was very sharp to the guests, asking them not to come to Taiwan, and he was unable to answer the questions of the guests’ fraud. After that, Gaotai asked Cheng Yi to record another show, but he must call Sheng Jingchu to appear. Cheng Yi assured Gaotai that he would be able to complete the human task.

Xu Chi went to interview Sheng Jingchu for an interview, and felt sorry for Lisa’s plagiarism of Cheng last time. The program edited by Lisa did not restore the facts. Sheng Jingchu asked Xu Chi to go and apologize to Cheng, so that he was worthy of the journey. At this moment, Cheng also went there. Xu Chi got up and apologized to Cheng. There will be no plagiarism in the future. Cheng felt that Xu Chi didn’t need to be as polite as her, but Xu Chi asked Sheng Jingchu whether he was satisfied, and Cheng realized that Xu Chi was for Sheng Jingchu to see.

Xu Chi wanted to invite Sheng Jingchu to participate in their show, but Sheng Jingchu refused. He went this time to see the station apologize to Cheng. Sheng Jingchu added Xu Chi’s WeChat account and left. Xu Chi called Cheng and couldn’t ask Sheng Jingchu to leave like that. You must ask him to participate in the show. So Cheng hurried out and asked Sheng Jingchu to help, so that he could participate in their show. . When Sheng Jing heard of Cheng’s wish, he agreed to it in one fell swoop. It was very happy to be called Cheng.

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