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Cute Programmer 程序员那么可爱 Episode 2 Recap

Lu Li, who was afraid of heights, tried desperately to climb up for Jiang Yicheng’s word, and even beat the rock climber, so Jiang Yicheng had to convince him. The test finally passed, but Jiang Yicheng still proposed a condition that all future blind dates will be resolved by Lu Li. Finally found a shield, Jiang Yicheng put down the big stone in his heart. Before he was happy, a pigeon flew to Jiang Yicheng’s arm. Jiang Yicheng lost his narcissism and stability in the past.

He was so panicked that he couldn’t control his expression, screaming, and running. , But walked into the pigeon group again. Now he was so scared that he didn’t dare to move at all. Lu Li felt the fear in Jiang Yicheng’s whole body, so he softly coaxed and slowly helped Jiang Yicheng out of the park, finally taking Jiang Yicheng away from the nightmare.

Finally about to start the first day of work, Lu Li felt a little nervous, and with Gu Xiaoqi’s encouragement, he continued to show others in men’s clothing. Zhang Zhiyuan, the leader of the program group, formally received Lu Li and greeted everyone. The actions of group members Jushihuang, Zhang Zhiyuan, and Lei Ge fully reflected the programmer’s thinking, which made Lu Li feel very novel, so he tried his best to integrate into the group. When Lu Li came to find the manpower to complete the entry procedures, Miss Manpower fell in love with Lu Li at first sight and found an excuse to see Lu Li’s ID card.

The situation was about to be revealed. Lu Li hurriedly pretended that his ID card was about to expire. Retaken the ID card. When he returned to the program group, the crisis reappeared. Zhang Zhiyuan noticed Lu Li’s abnormality and suspected that Lu Li was wearing a wig. Fortunately, he guessed the wrong direction. He just thought that Lu Li’s hair loss was just an old problem of the programmer. Lu Li saw the trick and escaped again.

In order to welcome Lu Li, the whole group came to the Internet cafe to open the black. The level of high-end games that are flowing and flowing directly angered the greasy men on the opposite side. One of the seemingly overbearing boys began to pick things up, deliberately looking for faults, yelling at Lu Li, and Lu Li was not timid, and a few back and forth in words caused the overbearing man to punch and violently. Fortunately, When Jiang Yicheng came to help, he suddenly grabbed the fist that was flying towards Lu Li. Unexpectedly, in addition to excellent professional ability, Jiang Yicheng was also extraordinary, and he overpowered the violent man at once. From Lu Li’s perspective, Jiang Yicheng, who was protecting himself with a cold face in front of him, had an extremely charming charm.

Lu Li’s men’s clothing is in urgent need of improvement under repeated suspicions, so Gu Xiaoqi prepares to help perform a breakup scene together to reinforce the illusion that Lu Li is a man. The next day, Gu Xiaoqi sat on the company’s sofa. First of all, his handsome face attracted the attention of the programmers. After the foreplay was done, Lu Li quietly appeared and met Gu Xiaoqi in front of everyone in the company. “Break up”, crying Gu Xiaoqi couldn’t keep the indifferent Lu Li anyway.

The programmer rejected the beautiful woman like a flower, and Lu Li stood directly on top of the programmer, making the team members envious. But who knows that Gu Xiaoqi’s brother is also at work sincerely, and he saw everything. Gu Mo, who protects the short-term, silently recorded Lu Li’s appearance. Seeing that the situation is not good, Gu Xiaoqi specially reminded Lu Li to be careful in the future, otherwise Gu Silence will not give up.

To celebrate Lu Li’s coming to the company, Chen Yiming and Jiang Yicheng brought them to the restaurant for dinner. Chen Yiming introduced Lu Li as their “school brother” and a well-known idol at school. When asked about Lu Li’s idol, in order to cover his love for Jiang Yicheng Lu Li could only say that Chen Yiming was his idol, and Jiang Yicheng was so angry that he caught Lu Li directly with a shrimp. But Lu Li was allergic to shrimps, because Jiang Yicheng was picking vegetables for himself, so he took a bite. Who knew it would cause itching all over the body.

Chen Yiming noticed Lu Li’s abnormality and specially brought a plaster to Lu Li. After receiving the plaster, Lu Li was about to return to his seat, but was called by Jiang Yicheng to improve the code. Naturally, Lu Li would not complain. While writing the code on the computer, he spied on Jiang Yicheng’s beauty. Jiang Yicheng felt that Lu Li was not attentive enough, so he could only personally guide him. This time, he fell directly behind Lu Li and came backhug. Lu Li felt that his heartbeat was constantly rising, both nervous and heartbeat…

Returning to his seat, Lu Li was satisfied and was about to go home from get off work. Zhang Zhiyuan next to him announced that everyone would go to the team building on weekends, and the team building was in the hot spring hotel…

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