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The Justice 光芒 Episode 5 Recap

Cheng Yizhi sent Mianguazi to return 800 yuan to the enemy boss. The enemy boss thought that Wu Lizi could not repay the money as scheduled, so he could take the opportunity to start with Wu Lizi. Unexpectedly, Cheng Yizhi helped Wu Lizi pay off his gambling debts. Don’t marry a girl who is happy, but Cheng Yizhi has decided.

Wu Lizi came to the theater to find Charlie and told him to attend the wedding. Charlie never expected that Cheng Yizhi would not only help Wu Lizi pay off his gambling debts, but also marry her. Afterwards, Wu Lizi invited Professor Lu to her wedding. Professor Lu felt sorry for her and persuaded her to go back to school to continue her studies, and promised to subsidize her tuition. Wu Lizi felt miserable in her heart.

Today is the wedding day for Cheng Yizhi and Wu Lizi. Huang Ruhong and his wife, Professor Lu, both came to participate, and Xiaoling and friends came to congratulate. The scene was very lively. Liao Lan felt that Wu Lizi was familiar, but she couldn’t remember where she had met. Wu Lizi asked Professor Lu to be a witness. Professor Lu congratulated them on their wedding and introduced Wu Lizi as Wu Zhifu’s daughter, hoping to comfort Wu Zhifu’s spirit in the sky. , There was an uproar at the scene.

Wu Lizi tearfully told about the tragic experience of her father’s death and the sudden death of her mother from angina. She has since become a helpless orphan with no money. Thanks to Cheng Yizhi’s help, Wu Lizi thanked Cheng Yizhi for her willingness to marry her, and publicly announced her obedience. From now on, it will no longer be Wu Zhifu’s daughter, but Cheng Yizhi’s wife. Wu Lizi promised to love Cheng Yizhi wholeheartedly. Cheng Yizhi was moved with tears in her eyes and put a ring on Wu Lizi.

Professor Lu felt that Wu Zhifu’s death was unclear and persuaded Wu Lizi to resolve her grievances for her father. Wu Lizi did not want to pursue the matter any more, but only wanted to spend a peaceful and stable life with Cheng Yi. Huang Ruhong praised her thoughts and admitted that she had Having had contact with Wu Zhifu, Wu Lizi heard that the last phone call her father received was Huang Ruhong’s, and she couldn’t help but chuckle in her heart.

Wu Lizi drank a lot of sorrow through wine, and finally became drunk unconscious. Cheng Yizhi was very distressed and took her back to her new house, secretly vowing to treat Wu Lizi kindly and never let her be wronged again. Liao Lan couldn’t understand what Wu Lizi did and thought she was not worthy of Cheng Yizhi. Huang Ruhong felt that Wu Lizi was not easy. A daughter who was willing to be a waitress for her livelihood, he advised Liao Lan not to be nosy.

In the middle of the night, Wu Lizi came to the yard alone. She looked at the bright starry sky and fell into deep thought. Cheng Yizhi looked at her back and felt that she was stronger than her performance. Cheng Yizhi quietly returned to the house. Wu Lizi contemplated for a long time before going back to bed. Cheng Yizhi pretended to be asleep. , Don’t want to alarm her. At breakfast, Wu Lizi kept asking Cheng Yizhi about Huang Ruhong’s situation, and Cheng Yizhi told her about it.

When Cheng Yizhi came to work at the bank, colleagues gathered around to ask questions. Cheng Yizhi asked Mianguazi to contact a photo studio. Wu Lizi went to Charlie to report her major discovery. She believed that Huang Ruhong was related to her father’s death. Charlie had never heard that Huang Ruhong had contact with Wu Zhifu. Wu Lizi vowed to find out the truth through Cheng Yizhi.

Cheng Yizhi went to the Starlight Theater to inspect the flow of visitors. Wu Lizi secretly followed him to the Starlight Theater. Cheng Yizhi turned around and found Wu Lizi. Wu Lizi lied to watch the movie and prevaricated in the past. Cheng Yizhi didn’t think much, so she went to the movies with her and bought them specially. After Wu Lizi’s favorite snacks, Wu Lizi couldn’t help but think of the last time her father watched a movie with her, and tears involuntarily flowed down.

After the movie was over, Cheng Yizhi saw that the small vendors selling snacks around the theater had a lot of sales. He determined that the big theater would not be less crowded, and decided to lend money to the big theater. Liao Lan happened to pass by and took Wu Lizi to go shopping. Cheng Yizhi washed out the film Wu Zhifu handed over to him. It was the account Wu Zhifu took. He couldn’t understand it and decided to hide this secret forever.

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