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My bargain queen 我的砍价女王 Episode 14 Recap

Sheng Zhening assisted Xia Qian to return to the room, and fell on the bed a little carelessly, with his eyes facing each other, obviously tempted by each other, but no one spoke first. Sheng Zhening left in a panic, trying to calm his heartbeat, Xia Qian was both upset and disappointed, and mistakenly thought that Sheng Zhening had no feeling for him. Because of this, Xia Qian went to Mu Xiaoyan to learn from the scriptures again, and An An reminded Sheng Zhening that he must maintain his attitude, otherwise he would have to give up all his efforts.

Qi Lin has lived abroad for a long time and rarely returns to China. This time he was invited by Lihe Capital to formally assume the post of director. When she was eating in the restaurant, she accidentally saw Xia Qian’s clothes stained with ice cream, so she gave him a coat out of kindness. Xia Qian was very grateful, and planned to return her coat to Qi Lin after talking about the work.

Qi Lin knew that Xia Qian was a bargainer, and he couldn’t help but flash up, saying that he needed to negotiate a price when buying a house. When Xia Qian saw Lihe Capital on Qi Lin’s business card, he was naturally a little wary, but through the following conversation, her impression of her changed. Just as the two had a pleasant chat, they decided to reach a cooperation. Sheng Zhening came to send clothes for Fu Shuangshuang. Unexpectedly, Qi Lin saw Sheng Zhening and seemed to be a little surprised, so he took the initiative to greet him, even Sheng Zhening himself was a little surprised.

Because the two were old acquaintances, and later lost contact, Xia Qian saw that Sheng Zhening and Qi Lin were talking and laughing, inevitably jealous, and couldn’t help asking him about the relationship between Qi Lin. Sheng Zheling was in a good mood when Xia Qian cared about her situation so much, but Xia Qian was struggling from beginning to end.

Before long, Qi Lin took the initiative to invite Sheng Zhening to celebrate his teacher’s birthday, and An An suggested that Sheng Zhening agree to leave for a while to give Xia Qian a sense of crisis. Sheng Zhening went to Xia Qian to approve a fake note for this. When Xia Qian learned that he and Qi Lin were going to another place, although he was reluctant, he still signed it.

After arriving in the field, Sheng Zhening learned that the teacher’s birthday was the day after tomorrow, so he couldn’t go back immediately, so he asked An An to visit Xia Qian instead. An An deliberately tried Xia Qian, causing her to misunderstand Sheng Zhening and Qi Lin. That night, Xia Qian dreamed that the two were already married and had children. She was so scared that she woke up directly from her dream and quickly booked a flight to another place.

Fu Shuangshuang took the initiative to ask Qin Hebo to go to the park to see wild swan. Because he wanted to show his femininity, he only wore a thin skirt. As a result, he inevitably got a fever. Qin Hebo took care of Fu Shuangshuang carefully. Facing his tenderness and consideration, Fu Shuangshuang could no longer suppress his inner joy, so he took the initiative to kiss him. Unexpectedly, Qin Hebo was even surprised and ruthlessly rejected Fu Shuangshuang’s confession.

Xia Qian chased up to the hotel where Sheng Zhening and Qi Lin were staying, and broke his mobile phone as soon as she got off the car. She could only go to the hotel reception to inquire about Sheng Zhening’s room number, but was rejected. In order to find Sheng Zhening, Xia Qian opened the room and stayed in. At this time, Qi Lin confessed to Sheng Zhening.

Because Sheng Zhening only had Xia Qian in his heart, he tactfully rejected Qi Lin, and then he couldn’t get through Xia Qian’s call. She was worried about her accident and the misunderstanding was getting deeper, so she immediately informed An’an to book the return ticket. Xia Qian couldn’t contact Sheng Zhening and An An directly, but was unwilling to leave, so she asked the front desk to inquire through the advertisement.

Sheng Zhening heard Xia Qian looking for him as his girlfriend and dragged his luggage to the lobby. Xia Qian didn’t want to suppress her feelings anymore, and actively expressed her love for Sheng Zhening. Unexpectedly, before she finished speaking, Sheng Zhening hugged her directly. The two did not hide their love for each other and kissed each other affectionately.

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