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My bargain queen 我的砍价女王 Episode 13 Recap

But in one night, Manager Wang’s attitude changed so much that he not only put on a smiling face and apologized, but even said that the original plan was too in line with the company’s requirements. Xia Qian felt inexplicable, yet I don’t know why. Chen Zixuan took the initiative to approach Sheng Zhening and mentioned his help to him back then, so the company still retains Sheng Zhening’s original shares.

Since Qin Hebo denied the relationship between lovers, this matter has always been a knot in Fu Shuangshuang’s heart. Knowing that in the previous contact, he has gradually fallen in love with each other, so he asks Mu Xiaoyan for help as a friend of nothing. Mu Xiaoyan suggested that Fu Shuangshuang wait for the opportunity to attack when the man is most unexpected.

With Mu Xiaoyan’s suggestion, Fu Shuangshuang would often send warmth to Qin Hebo. At the same time, the decoration of Building No. 2 encountered problems again. The lack of a batch of high-end environmentally friendly paints. Shareholders thought that the paint was too expensive, and no one was willing to be taken advantage of again. Qin Hebo learned of this, so he decided to pay for it out of his own pocket. The assistant worried that if he helped Sheng Zhening to decorate the second building so hard, he might anger the shareholders, but Qin Hebo only cared about the shares.

Xia Qian completed the work of Huixin Technology through her friend Xu Lu, but she did not expect that Xu Lu would want to introduce her to her, and even arranged a meeting time. Sheng Zhening was unhappy when he saw this, and his attitude towards Xu Lu was extremely cold. Xia Qian knew that he was jealous, but because of his love, he didn’t turn down and prepared to explain clearly to his blind date. Sheng Zhening was jealous about Xia Qian’s going on a blind date, but he couldn’t get involved and was very aggrieved.

Ning Meng used the cake shop opposite the He Zhijun Hospital as his base, interfering with He Zhijun’s work, and even sent food and flowers every day, all kinds of cold and warm greetings. The good name is to take care of her husband, but in fact it is to examine his daily activities. This makes He Zhijun feel more pressured, but it is a pity that he has nowhere to talk.

In a blink of an eye, it was the agreed date for the blind date. Xia Qian personally went to the Twilight Bar to attend the appointment. Sheng Zhening was jealous and followed and hid beside him the whole time. Xia Qian was naturally overjoyed. As a result, it started to rain heavily when she walked out of the bar. Seeing her waiting for the bus in the rain on the roadside, Sheng Zhening simply put on a bear doll to help her hold an umbrella, and handed her candy when she was low in blood sugar.

Fu Shuangshuang was unwilling to be just a brother-sister relationship with Qin Hebo, and pursued her again. Facing Fu Shuangshuang’s stalking, Qin Hebo felt a little entangled in his heart, but he knew that even if he was reluctant, he had to be decisive, so he proposed that the two recognize a sibling. Because of this, Fu Shuangshuang was emotionally depressed, and Mu Xiaoyan believed that brothers and sisters might not be inevitable, at least they should get a month before they get close to the water.

During dinner in the evening, Sheng Zhening couldn’t help asking how Xia Qian went on the blind date. Even if Xia Qian told the truth, it didn’t mean that he could escape the blind date and the time was postponed to tomorrow. In the morning of the next day, Xu Lu and her blind date met in a bar. The two did not call each other, as they were making friends, so it was easier to get along with each other.

Mu Xiaoyan hid and took a peek, misunderstanding that Xia Qian and her blind date had a good relationship with each other, so he took a few photos and sent them to the work group. Sheng Zhening became jealous, and immediately rushed to the bar to drag Xia Qian away. Because of Xia Qian’s sake, Mu Xiaoyan drank again to buy drunk, and even pulled Sheng Zhening, the two of them drank too much fake alcohol and went to the hospital for gastric lavage.

When Xia Qian and Fu Shuangshuang rushed to the hospital, the two men were relieved from danger. Fu Shuangshuang stayed in the hospital to take care of Mu Xiaoyan, while Xia Qian assisted Sheng Zhening to walk home. On the way, he met a stall selling roasted sweet potatoes, so he paid for some sweet potatoes for him, and at the same time, he patiently allocated the skins to feed him.

After returning home, Sheng Zhening lay on the bed and said something to like her in a daze, which made Xia Qian feel uneasy, and also asked Mu Xiaoyan for help in the same way as a friend from nothing. Mu Xiaoyan suggested proactively attacking the temptation, and Xia Qian followed his method. However, Sheng Zhening also acted like an arrogant under An An’s strategy, completely inconsistent with the result Xia Qian had imagined.

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