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My bargain queen 我的砍价女王 Episode 12 Recap

Mu Xiaoyan made a monthly report to find Xia Qian, but Xia Qian refused to open the door on the grounds of changing clothes, but actually did not want him to meet Sheng Zhening. Just as Mu Xiaoyan was about to leave, she suddenly met Xia’s mother who came to deliver the chicken soup. She never hit Sheng Zhening and lived in Xia Qian’s house. Facing Mu Xiaoyan’s questioning, Xia Qian explained that she and Sheng Zhening were pretending to be a couple and told Mu Xiaoyan to keep secret.

As Qin Hebo revised the price comparison budget for Shuangshuang, Sheng Zhening bought a batch of problematic imported logs. The customs found many harmful organisms, including termites, gidding worms, and seeds of invasive plants. Because of this, the customs decided to quarantine these timbers first, and destroy them directly if there are any problems, which means that Changsheng suffered heavy losses again.

Even if the renovation budget has long been overrun, Sheng Zhening has considered repeatedly in order to keep the second building and decided to give up the position of general manager to Qin Hebo on the condition that he persuade the shareholders to pay for the renovation. When Sheng’s father had a car accident that year, Qin Hebo saved Ning Meng in time, so he had a life-saving grace for the Sheng family, and Sheng Zhening was willing.

In the end, Qin Hebo was moved by Sheng Zhening’s sincerity and signed an agreement with him. The two held a general meeting of shareholders and announced the decision at the meeting. Since Sheng Zhening dismissed the general manager, Qin Hebo succeeded in taking the position, but he can clearly feel how hard this position is, and he has to admit that Sheng Zhening is smarter than he thought.

Mama Xia accidentally learned the fact that Xia Qian and Sheng Zhening were pretending to be a couple, so she was very angry and took the initiative to ask questions. Unexpectedly, as soon as the voice fell, Xia Qian turned and kissed Sheng Zhening, admitting that she had pretended to be a couple before, but then she fell in love with each other for a long time. Sheng Zhening stayed in a daze all the time, and didn’t fully recover until the next day. On the contrary, Xia Qian regretted that she was too impulsive, so that she was a little embarrassed to face Sheng Zhening.

Sheng Zhening left the Changsheng Hotel and was temporarily unemployed. However, considering that he could not live in Xia Qian’s house for nothing, he proposed to be her assistant, and the salary could be used to cover the rent. Originally, Xia Qian thought that Sheng Zhening, as the general manager, might not be able to do the work of an assistant, but he was not only efficient at work, but also spared time to clean, like a tireless robot.

Xia Qian was very satisfied with this new assistant, but Sheng Zhening was worried that he was not doing well, so he specifically consulted An An, and under his guidance, he first covered up his sharpness and deliberately made the report full of loopholes. Sure enough, Xia Qian was so angry that she couldn’t figure out why this person changed so quickly overnight, so she had to teach him something about work. Seeing Sheng Zhening’s humbly learning appearance, Mu Xiaoyan couldn’t help but complain about his unpredictability, and even ate the extra portion when he ate roasted sweet potatoes at noon.

A friend introduced the customer to Xia Qian. The other party was Manager Wang from Huixin Technology. However, Manager Wang deliberately made things difficult for him. Sheng Zhe would rather not see Xia Qian being wronged, so he privately notified An’an to investigate whether Huixin Technology had any cooperation with the hotel. It didn’t take long for An’an to find out that Chen Zixuan and Sheng Zhening, the boss of Huixin Technology, were classmates, and they were familiar with each other.

That night, Xia Qian was busy revising the plan, which led to an episode of hypoglycemia, so she could only rest for half an hour first, explaining that Sheng Zhening must wake herself up. Sheng Zhening intimately covered Xia Qian with a blanket, sat quietly next to him, looked at Xia Qian thoughtfully, and then went out to find Chen Zixuan.

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