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My bargain queen 我的砍价女王 Episode 11 Recap

Ning Meng called Sheng Zhening to express his concern for him, but wanted to offer help, but was refused. He Zhijun was afraid of Ning Meng’s random thoughts and comforted her to do something she likes. Sheng Zhening went to take a bath that night, and found that many toiletries and cosmetics were placed on the counter, which looked messy, so he sorted it out himself. When he went to bed, he suddenly remembered Xia Qian’s sleepwalking last night, and he was so frightened that he quickly locked the door.

Since the group car purchase case was successfully concluded, and Sheng Zhening discovered that Xia Qian knew many building materials dealers, he decided to hand over the second building to her. Fu Shuangshuang and Mu Xiaoyan were immediately overjoyed because Xia Qian took the order. The three decided to put down all their work and concentrate on the decoration of Changsheng No.2 Building.

Nowadays, Sheng Zhening has signed a cooperation agreement with Clash Talk, which means that a strong alliance will add a lot of trouble to Qin Hebo’s plan. The assistant thought that Fu Shuangshuang was talking about getting a job, so he suggested that Qin Hebo take this opportunity to start with her. Qin Hebo was noncommittal and proactively responded to Fu Shuangshuang’s message.

Unexpectedly, Fu Shuangshuang inevitably has a little emotion because he neglects himself, and lied that he was resting. However, after a while, Qin Hebo came to the door to apologize with a snack, and both immediately disappeared. After she finished the snack, she sat in front of the computer and worked on the quotation for Building No. 2 and even showed it to Qin defenselessly. He Bo.

Seeing Xia Qian’s sleepless work, Sheng Zheling ordered him to rest as an employer until the next morning when Xia Ma suddenly came home. Originally, Sheng Zhening had been hidden in the closet, but he ignored Xia Ma’s sharpness, and was eventually hit by the opponent. Faced with Xia’s mother’s questioning, Xia Qian simply admitted that she and Sheng Zhening were cohabiting with Sheng Zhening in order to solve the problem of marriage prompting once and for all.

Naturally, Xia Ma was overjoyed for the re-advance of the relationship between the two, and at the same time urged them to report new situations in the future. Before going to work, Xia Qian reminded Sheng Zhening to dress up his infatuated boyfriend. After all, the two are temporarily in a romantic relationship, and it will end when she finds true love. Sheng Zhening, who was still complacent at first, was suddenly pulled back to reality by Xia Qian, but the scene of them waiting for the bus downstairs happened to be seen by Mu Xiaoyan.

Ning Meng was bored at home, and simply opposite He Zhijun’s hospital, he ordered a dessert shop, and the two could commute together in the future. He Zhijun was unhappy in his heart, but he did not reveal it. Fu Shuangshuang drank a lot of wine while meeting Qin Hebo for dinner after finishing work. While she was resting, Qin Hebo looked at the laptop on the table, remembering that there was a quotation for Building No. 2 in it, and couldn’t help but fall into contemplation.

Since the announcement of their love affair, Xia’s mother often invites Sheng Zhening and Xia Qian to come home for dinner, and the two also show affection in front of their elders. When Xia Qian was cleaning up the dishes, she accidentally discovered that Sheng Zhening had her ugly photo hidden in her wallet, so she planned to find an opportunity to steal it. However, Xia Qian rummaged through the box and never saw the photo, Sheng Zhening refused to tell.

As the wooden floor and ceramic tiles required for Building No. 2 were destroyed during transportation, Sheng Zhening suffered heavy losses, so he had to notify An’an to re-purchase. The budget had been tight before, and now Sheng Zhening had to call to ask various shareholders to borrow money, causing other shareholders to protest and dissatisfied. They went to Qin Hebo and wanted to elect him as the general manager.

Fu Shuangshuang and Mu Xiaoyan asked for advice on love experience, and through this time of contact, guessed that Qin Hebo liked him. When the assistant sees Qin Hebo frequently dating Fu Shuangshuang, he feels jealous. On the other hand, Fu Shuangshuang deliberately selected a horror movie, holding Qin Hebo’s arm to pretend to be afraid. After the movie ended, Fu Shuangshuang went to buy a drink. The waiter mistakenly regarded the two as a couple, but Qin Hebo quickly denied it, claiming that Fu Shuangshuang was his sister.

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