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Love Under the Full Moon 满月之下请相爱 Episode 21 Recap

Xu Xiaodong used Winter’s identity to expose the vulnerability of Flash Cloud’s “Family Frequent System” on the Internet, and pointed out that the vulnerability would threaten the lives of registered users. He also said that he would fund the rights protection of users who have been harmed, and he also strongly demanded that “family is always there” be removed. This incident was extremely popular on the Internet. Media reporters came here after hearing the wind and blocked the company’s door, wanting to interview Wei Xuanhe.

Wei Xuanhe asked his assistant Li Geng to spend money to suppress the negative news and refused to be interviewed. However, investors have expressed their intention to withdraw funds. Wei Xuanhe realizes that Winter is targeting him, but does not know where he has offended Wei Xuanhe. At this time, Xu Xiaodong hacked into the network of Flash Cloud Internet and spoke to Wei Xuanhe as Wendt, warned him to remove “family is always in the system”, and then publicly apologized. Wei Xuanhe still knew nothing about Winter’s true identity, and feeling powerlessly made him extremely angry.

Lei Chuxia gradually became aware of Winter’s true identity, but Xu Xiaodong hoped that after he solved all the problems, he would walk to her with victory and tell her the truth. Lei Chuxia told Winter in “War of the Saints” that he wanted a date when he was young. So Xu Xiaodong came to Lei Chuxia in school uniform, and also prepared a set of school uniform for her.

Lei Chuxia was afraid of being found out by Lei’s father sneaking out for a date in the middle of the night, and came out of the bedroom window. The two played happily in the game hall, thinking they were minors’ bosses and drove them away. They came to the beach again to set off the Kong Ming Lantern. Xu Xiaodong held the Kong Ming Lantern and told Lei Chuxia that he had been hiding something from her because he wanted to stand in front of her as a winner and share all the joy with her. Xu Xiaodong asked Lei Chuxia not to search for the truth first, as it was to satisfy his vanity, Lei Chuxia readily agreed.

When Lei Chuxia made a wish to the Kongming Lantern, he found that his hands became transparent. At the same time, Chen Mo also observed that the gravitational wave that brought Lei Chuxia ten years later is gradually weakening and about to disappear. Xu Xiaodong sent Lei Chuxia home, and Lei Chuxia said goodbye to him at the door of his house, letting him go home first. After Xu Xiaodong left, Chen Mo came to visit. Lei Chuxia was not surprised that Chen Mo appeared at the door of the house late at night, she had vaguely foreseeed something. Chen Mo told Lei Chuxia that gravitational waves are about to disappear, and the energy that supports her survival in this world will also disappear. Then she will cease to exist, and she will only have fifteen days left at most.

“War of the Saints” held an offline game meeting, and Qin Yue also came to the scene as the host. She accidentally discovered that her friend Xu Xiaodong was the Great God of Winter. Because Qin Yue showed kindness to Xu Xiaodong at the time, Xu Xiaodong asked Winter’s game company to look for her as an endorsement, and arranged for her to be the host in return for her kindness. Now that Qin Yue has discovered his true identity, Xu Xiaodong asked Qin Yue to help tell Wei Xuanhe: Don’t make mistakes again and again, don’t let more people be harmed, you should bear the mistakes you made, and Xu Weiyi should be innocent. .

Qin Yue went to Wei Xuanhe and persuaded him to stop, because she couldn’t bear to watch him go to the end and go to destruction. Seeing that Wei Xuanhe died and did not repent, she told Wei Xuanhe that Xu Xiaodong was Winter, all this was just the beginning, and Xu Xiaodong wanted him and Zhao Yaoyang to pay the price.

After Lixia was eating, Yuan Yuan discovered that Lei Chuxia was in poor condition, and when she asked her the reason, she found that her body had become transparent.

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