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Jun Jiu Ling 君九龄 Episode 8 Recap

Chu Jiuling’s wedding arrived as scheduled, and she officially became Fang’s parents and daughter-in-law after wearing this phoenix crown. In her short life spanning more than ten years, she has experienced three marriage contracts, each of which started by accident and ended in fruitlessness. Chu Jiuling no longer expects the rest of her life to have her own marriage contract. Now she just wants to get it cured as soon as possible. Fang Chengyu.

After visiting the hall, Chu Jiuling set about preparing a medicated bath and took the initiative to help Fang Chengyu take off his clothes. At first, Fang Chengyu mistakenly thought it meant a bridal chamber, until Chu Jiuling explained the reason and felt relieved. In order to live up to Jun Zhen’s will, Fang Chengyu endured the pain of the medicine bath, Liu Er stood by the door, screaming screamingly in his ears.

With the end of the medicinal bath, Fang Chengyu fell into a coma. Chu Jiuling helped him onto the bed and concentrated on the injection. Zhu Zan stood by and witnessed the whole process, admiring Chu Jiuling’s superb medical skills, and being happy because she and Fang Chengyu were married. After the injection was completed, Zhu Zan took the initiative to talk to Chu Jiuling, mentioning Bei Qi’s treachery in the third year of Taiyan, and guessing that someone had hidden the ransom, and perhaps the Fang family would also be involved.

Zhu Zan asked Chu Jiuling to help investigate the seal, while he found out the person who had harmed the Fang family, and at the same time promised to keep his condition secret. Chu Jiuling readily agreed, but only if Zhu Zan promised that if it is really found out that the Fang family participated in the stolen money that year, they must not continue to be held accountable. After all, it would be helpless for the king to die.

In the early morning of the next day, Song Yunping brought the grandson Sun to the mansion, under the pretense of seeing a doctor for Fang Chengyu, to explore the true or false condition of his condition. Fortunately, Chu Jiuling had taken the precautions early, so after the pulse diagnosis, Grand Doctor Sun confirmed that Fang Chengyu was dying ill. I am afraid that time is running out, so he told Fang’s family to make preparations early.

Even if he escaped today’s catastrophe, it is impossible to be safe again and again. In order to ensure his safety, Chu Jiuling decided to take Fang Chengyu out of Zezhou. So under the cover of Fang Cao and others, she prepared things as quickly as possible, and invited Master Lei to escort along the way. Upon learning of this, Zhu Zan actively asked Ying to accompany Jun Zhenzhen to Runan, but actually wanted to trace her true identity.

As soon as Chu Jiuling and his party walked away, Song Yunping immediately ran to Fang’s house to inspect the situation. Fang Cao sent Song Yunping in the words of an alchemist, saying that he did not know the whereabouts of Fang Chengyu. At the same time, as the team was driving, Chu Jiuling asked Master Lei about his past and learned that he had served as a dart master, and later escorted Fang’s family to an accident that caused disability. Even the Fang family’s master died in that accident.

Fang Chengyu seldom went out. This long journey made him very happy. He was usually dull and unspoken, but now he talked a lot. He chatted with Chu Jiuling all the way and even praised her about throwing pots. Zhu Zan couldn’t help but interrupt and laughed at Fang Chengyu’s naivety, but instead he was turned into an uncle.

Halfway through the crowd, everyone stopped by the side of the road to rest. Chu Jiuling wanted Fang Chengyu to try to get up, so she prepared crutches for him. Several people stepped forward to help them, and with Fang Chengyu’s unremitting efforts, she finally stood up, in a good mood. When everyone was resting in place, Fang Chengyu found that Jun Zhen was not there, so he inquired about Liuer and learned that she ran to the mountain alone to collect medicine.

Precisely because the wilderness is more dangerous, Zhu Zan thought that Jun Zhenzhen could not martial arts, worried and complained, and immediately got up to look for it. At this time, Chu Jiuling found a purple fairy plant on the cliff. Due to the distance, it was beyond reach, so she pulled a cane and climbed down. Although Chu Jiuling succeeded in picking it, the cane couldn’t stand her many times and eventually broke and broke, and fell off the cliff before he could react.

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