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GO Into Your Heart 舍我其谁 Episode 4 Recap

Sheng Jingchu and Cao Jiahe and his party held a press conference. Regarding their interviews with reporters, many reporters were very unhappy about the topic of Xiaolan and told them not to talk nonsense. Lisa asked Sheng Jingchu what she thought about the rumored girlfriend circulating on the Internet, and the rumored girlfriend was still on the scene, so she asked Sheng Jingchu to talk about her feelings. Unexpectedly, Sheng Jingchu asked Lisa as a hotel attendant, which is very special. This made many reporters very curious.

To interview Lisa why she went to the hotel as a waiter, Lisa had to bow her head and say nothing. At this moment, Xie Lao and Jiang Lao arrived. This time they were fighting between the two camps, and each took their lovers to participate in the battle. Many reporters were very interested in them, but the two Chiang Kai-shek seemed very friendly. , Just ask the reporters to take pictures, just wait for everything to be remembered.

After the press conference, Xiaolan asked Sheng Jingchu why she didn’t explain her relationship with Cheng at the press conference. She hoped that Sheng Jingchu would not make mistakes, otherwise she would be used. Cao Jiahe told Xiaolan not to be at the beginning of Fan Shengjing, and took Xiaolan to leave quickly.

Sheng Jingchu called Cheng Le, because Cheng Lea was wearing headphones and didn’t hear him at work, so Sheng Jingchu was very depressed and went out of the room. Unexpectedly, Sheng Jingchu had someone secretly photographing him at all times, so he went to find Cao Jia and asked him to find a way to meet him. He waited in the backyard of the hotel.

Cao Jiahe called Cheng to ask her to go to the appointment. Sheng Jingchu was waiting for her in the backyard of the hotel. Cheng felt a little inexplicable, but he went, but Sheng Jingchu went back to the room after waiting for a long time and caught a cold. Cheng called Sheng Jingchu Tell him not to worry too much. I saw the cake that Sheng Jingchu sent. Sheng Jingchu called Cheng and hurried back to the room. It was too cold outside. Cheng Leo took Sheng Jingchu’s cake back to her room. As expected, the taste was her favorite. Cheng Lea was very happy to eat Sheng Jingchu’s cake.

The semi-final of the Go game is about to begin. The reporters waited for him to report carefully off the field. Cheng also put on a mask and went to the scene, for fear of being seen by his peers and affecting them. But even if Cheng was wearing a mask, Xiaolan was recognized. After the process was not in progress, she chatted with Xiaolan on the topic of explaining people on the spot.

Xiaolan still had a very happy chat with Cheng. Xiao Lan watched that his master was about to win, and as expected, Xie Lao won. In the second game, it was Sheng Jingchu’s turn to play against Cao Xihe. At the start, Cao Xihe had the upper hand, and Sheng Jingchu was very passive. Xiao Lan felt that Cao Xi and the attack were very fierce, but if he knew that after winning the chess, he would definitely be scared to death in a decisive battle with the master.

At this moment, Cao Xihe was anxious to go to the bathroom. He heard people say that Mr. Xie had won on the way. This put a lot of pressure on his heart. He felt that he hesitated to win chess against the master. Fierce. Soon Cao Xihe stopped the clock and surrendered. This made people on the sidelines think that Cao Xihe had something wrong, and that such a good chess game was ruined by himself.

Sheng Jingchu went to find Cao Xi and asked him why he would admit defeat, but Cao Xi and he stubbornly said that his turntable was not good. If he admits early, everyone can go to dinner earlier. The best of both worlds. However, Sheng Jing early realized that Cao Xihe just didn’t want to meet his master in the final. Before the master said that he should respect his opponent on the field, Cao Xihe’s performance was wrong. Cheng passed by and ran away after hearing their conversation. Unexpectedly, her foot was sprained. Sheng Jingchu hurriedly kneaded her to show her concern.

Xie Lao and Xie Changan drank and talked about Sheng Jingchu. Xie Lao felt that he was not necessarily Sheng Jingchu’s opponent now, but Sheng Jingchu was able to win him back and happier. The master led his apprentice to make his apprentice better than himself. Xie Changan felt that Xie Lao was able to win the championship this time even if he was complete, otherwise he would leave regrets. He did not expect that Xie Lao firmly believed that losing to Sheng Jingchu would not be a pity.

Cheng Lei went to take Sheng Jingchu’s body temperature. He felt that he was having a fever and should go to rest as soon as possible. He also thoughtfully poured hot water for him to show his concern. Sheng Jingchu wanted to hand over to Cheng to play chess, so he patiently explained the knowledge of Go to Cheng. Cheng felt that Sheng Jingchu was still feverish and couldn’t work for a long time, so he asked him to rest first, and then he would get better. It would be better to teach skills. .

The next day Xie Lao found out that Sheng Jingchu had a fever and went to visit him. Sheng Jingchu told his master that he had taken medicine. It was very unexpected for Xie Lao. Ever since I met Sheng Jingchu I have never seen him take medicine. I didn’t expect to know Cheng now. It’s so cute. Sheng Jingchu wanted to go back to the Kyushu Dojo. The master told Sheng Jingchu that as a chess player, he could not only know how to play chess. It was not the time yet.

For Shengjingchu, Cheng had to go to the hotel to cook for him personally, so he went to the hotel manager to borrow the back kitchen, and after the hotel agreed, he carefully prepared food for Shengjingchu. The food that was on the way soon was finished, and the dining car was pushed to Sheng Jingchu to deliver it. Cheng Liao gave Sheng Jingchu a taste and asked him to taste it, whether the taste was the same as he remembered. Sheng Jingchu took a sip of the soup and then entered the memory. When he was a child, he had a good time with his mother, but then he couldn’t find his mother. This memory is not only good but also hurtful.

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