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The Justice 光芒 Episode 4 Recap

Liao Lan took Cheng Yizhi to the Atlantic Club to relax. Cheng Yizhi found that the croupier was the same person that day. He calmly helped Liao Lan make a bet and helped Liao Lan win a lot of money. Cheng Yizhi began to watch the croupier carefully. A move. Wu Lizi was fully prepared and decided to poison Wei Delong tonight. As soon as she came to the club, she came directly to Wei Delong for advice on card skills. Wei Delong promised that he showed off to his card friends the whole process of killing Wu Zhifu, Wu Lizi She endured the grief in her heart while drinking boring wine, the more she thought about it, the more sad she became, and finally ran to the bathroom and cried.

Cheng Yizhi finally caught the croupier, and caught a current situation on the spot. Liao Lan testified on the side. The guys rushed to arrest Cheng Yizhi, and the scene suddenly became chaotic. Wu Lizi came out of the bathroom and saw Boss Qiu bringing someone to collect the debts. She took advantage of the chaos and escaped from the club. Cheng Yizhi was arrested to see the big boss. He did not expect that the big boss was Huang Ruhong. Huang Ruhong had already found out that the croupier had come out. He asked Liao Lan to find Cheng Yizhi and tried him again. Huang Ruhong found out that Cheng Yizhi was rare through several things. The talents, full of praise for him. Finally, Huang Ruhong reminded Cheng Yizhi that it was time to visit the grave of his dead mother.

Lei Zi came to help a foreigner from the Ministry of Industry and Technology to send a message to Huang Ruhong, which made Huang Ruhong become a Chinese director. Huang Ruhong was greatly annoyed and gave him a severe lesson. Liao Lan hurriedly interceded for Lei Zi. Huang Ruhong came up with the idea of ​​letting Cheng Yizhi do this. . Today is Cheng Yizhi’s mother’s death day. Huang Ruhong accompanied him to worship, and promised to let him represent Longying Bank in the Banking Federation, and from then on to be the face of Longying Bank. Huang Ruhong encouraged Cheng Yizhi not to feel inferior to his origin and cheer him up. Cheng Yizhi is grateful to him for a dignified man.

Wu Lizi packed her luggage and left the house where she lived with her mother. She took the rickshaw and went away. Cheng Yizhi then came to deliver medicine to Wu’s mother, and the two passed by again. Cheng Yizhi found that Wu’s family had gone to the building, and only a note was left on the table. Only then did he know that Wu’s mother had passed away. Cheng Yizhi put the medicine on the table and left.

Cheng Yizhi came to participate in the Federation of Banking Associations on time. Associate Wan came to attend the meeting on behalf of the newly hired bank. He took the initiative to greet Cheng Yizhi, mocking Cheng Yizhi, and Cheng Yizhi sneered at him. Professor Lu from Yarn University presided over the federation. Associate Wan challenged Cheng Yizhi in public. Cheng Yizhi was neither humble nor overbearing, and promised to give half of the money to the industry to lend money to the industry.

Professor Lu led Cheng Yizhi to an internal gathering to introduce Cheng Yizhi to the big silver industry leaders. Cheng Yizhi humbly asked them for advice. They all said bad things about Huang Ruhong. Cheng Yizhi couldn’t listen to them, and pointed out their weaknesses and weaknesses. With an ugly face, Professor Lu hurriedly stepped forward to relieve him. Boss Hu’s investment in public debt made his family bankrupt. He came to the club to drank his sorrows. Wu Lizi took the initiative to greet him. Boss Hu couldn’t keep up the spirits. When Wu Lizi saw Cheng Yizhi accidentally, she hid aside and watched his every move.

Boss Qiu suddenly brought someone to find Wu Lizi. Wu Lizi hurriedly hid in fright. She collided with Cheng Yizhi who came to the front desk to check out. The two people looked at each other. Cheng Yizhi recognized Wu Lizi. Wu Lizi hurriedly ran away and dropped her brooch in a panic. On the ground. Cheng Yizhi looked around for Wu Lizi, but found nothing. He asked the foreman that Wu Lizi was in the dressing room and came in with a brooch to find her.

Wu Lizi was drinking boring wine. Cheng Yizhi explained that the two of them had a relationship. She also took out the book and returned it to Wu Lizi. Wu Lizi deliberately put on an indifferent look. Cheng Yizhi wanted to help her out of the sea of ​​suffering. Wu Lizi politely declined. He asked Cheng Yizhi to marry her. Cheng Yizhi was taken aback by the sudden proposal, and he agreed with a steady mood.

Cheng Yizhi asked Lianguazi to set up a four-table wedding banquet at Huizhong Hotel. Lianguazi had never heard that he had a girlfriend, and he didn’t expect to get married so soon. Later, Cheng Yizhi sent wedding invitations to Xiaoling and his friends. Xiaoling persuaded him not to be impulsive. Cheng Yizhi admitted that he liked Wu Lizi at first sight.

Cheng Yizhi finally came to send an invitation to Huang Ruhong and his wife, claiming to have found a waitress. Huang Ruhong congratulated Cheng Yizhi and casually talked about his marriage with Liao Lan. On the day of the wedding, his father-in-law, Commander Liao, said about Liao Lan’s infertility. Although Liao Lan is very virtuous, Huang Ruhong’s regret for not having a child is Huang Ruhong’s lifelong regret. He gave Cheng Yizhi a new house as a gift.

Cheng Yizhi made preparations for the wedding and notified Wu Lizi as soon as possible. Wu Lizi was a joke, but she didn’t expect Cheng Yizhi to be serious. Wu Lizi admitted that she borrowed loan sharks from Qiu’s boss and worried that Cheng Yizhi would be hurt. Cheng Yizhi realized that she was Wu’s mother. Daughter, promised to help Wu Lizi deal with the loan shark.

When Liao Lan saw Cheng Yizhi’s wedding invitation, she complained that Huang Ruhong did not stop him in advance and did not investigate the situation of the woman clearly. Liao Lan knew that Huang Ruhong wanted to focus on cultivating Cheng Yizhi, but Huang Ruhong disagreed. Wu Lizi bid farewell to the foreman and the girls, and the foreman congratulated her on finding the man she liked.

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