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The Justice 光芒 Episode 3 Recap

According to the plan agreed with Cheng Yizhi in advance, Lian Guazi told him a lot of bad things about Cheng Yizhi in front of Man Tan, and Man Tan relaxed his vigilance towards him. The public debt collapsed overnight due to some short-selling behind the scenes. Wu Lizi came to the theater to notify Charlie. Charlie had long expected that he would sell the public debt on this day. Wu Lizi took the opportunity to ask him to help him get to know Wei Delong. Charlie didn’t want to provoke people like Wei Delong, but only revealed the time he spent in the casino and brothel. Wu Lizi made up his mind to seek revenge on Wei Delong.

Wu Lizi asked the boss of the usury to borrow 800 yuan, but boss promised not to charge interest and pay it off within 18 days. Cheng Yizhi quietly went to the black market for an unannounced visit, and he passed by Wu Lizi. Shopkeeper Xu reported to Huang Ruhong about the losses caused by the shorting of public debts. Cheng Yizhi suddenly came to see Huang Ruhong to expose the scandal of Xu and Wan Xieli’s conspiracy to corrupt public funds.

Refusing to take it out, Cheng Yizhi pulled out the account book from the cabinet and let Huang Ruhong look at it. It stated that shopkeeper Lin only borrowed a thousand yuan from Longying Bank, but shopkeeper Xu and Assistant Li Wan planted and framed Cheng Yizhi to lend shopkeeper Lin 3000 yuan. Dayang, to make up for the shortfall of the bank.

Huang Ruhong immediately decided to let Cheng Yizhi be the treasurer of the Jing’an sub-column to rectify the bad habits of the bank, and Cheng Yizhi naturally couldn’t ask for it. Wu Lizi came to the Atlantic Club and took the initiative to approach Wei Delong to prepare for the next step. Then, Wu Lizi came to Charlie, and Charlie taught her gambling skills and secrets.

The director of Zhenzhen Tung Oil Factory came to Longying Bank to borrow money. Cheng Yizhi didn’t understand the production and processing of tung oil, so she went to the library to check materials. Wu Lizi also came to the library to borrow books. She wanted to say hello to Cheng Yizhi, but finally Held back. Cheng Yizhi came to find Little Bell and asked her to rush to make a gown overnight. When friends learned that Cheng Yizhi had been promoted, they came to congratulate him. Cheng Yizhi gave them some money to buy snacks.

Wu Lizi and Wei Delong bet together. She lost several games in a row and lost all the money she borrowed. After Wei Delong won the money, she left. Cheng Yizhi put on a new gown and came to the bank to take office early in the morning. He formulated strict rules and regulations. Wu Lizi was penniless, so she had to find her boss to borrow usury again. Boss Qiu worried that she would not be able to pay the loan as scheduled. Charlie came to the rescue in time. Wu Lizi decided to go desperately to poison Wei Delong and begged Charlie to help find a colorless and tasteless poison.

After careful investigation and visits during the process, he once again added 3000 yuan to the director of Gao to persuade him to expand the scale of production, and the director of Gao was grateful to him. Cheng Yizhi came to shopkeeper Lin and told him that he was the illegitimate son of the owner of Lin Shou Mizhuang. Shopkeeper Lin did not want to mention this humiliating past. Cheng Yizhi felt the same way. He was scolded as a wild boy since he was a child.

Cheng Yizhi knew that treasurer Lin was grateful for his father’s care during his lifetime. Even if he was squeezed by Lin Shou Mizhuang in every possible way, he still insisted not to change the signboard. Cheng Yizhi encouraged Lin Shou Mizhuang to fight to the end, and he had asked the associate manager of Peidang Bank to postpone the loan to Lin Shou Mizhuang, Lin Shou Mizhuang. Suddenly, confidence doubled.

Shopkeeper Lin revealed that Face Guazi was detained by Fu Xiangtang. He hurried over to save people. Face Guazi paid his wages and came here to get drunk, but the money on her body was not enough. The proprietress Lu Zhuer was holding him and was not allowed to leave. Cheng Yizhi paid the money and rescued Face Guazi. . Director Gao bought the new equipment, and Cheng Yizhi helped with the debugging, and finally produced qualified tung oil. Director Gao was in tears with excitement, and was grateful to Cheng Yizhi. Cheng Yizhi promised that the Jing’an semicolon would be his strong backing.

Cheng Yizhi came to see Mother Wu and bought her two bottles of medicine. Mother Wu gave him two boxes of snacks. Just as Cheng Yizhi wanted to leave, Boss Qiu suddenly brought someone to collect the debt. Cheng Yizhi learned that Wu’s daughter could not pay the money. , Pretending to be Wu’s son, lied that the borrower moved, and Boss Qiu hurried away with him. Mother Wu knew that her daughter had borrowed loan sharks for revenge. She was very distressed and asked Cheng Yizhi to go first. She wanted to have a good chat with her daughter.

Charlie quickly found the poison. Wu Lizi wanted to poison Wei Delong tonight, and then left Shanghai with her mother. When Cheng Yizhi returned to the bank, Huang Ruhong’s wife, Liao Lan, had been waiting there for a long time. She wanted to introduce Cheng Yizhi to the person, and took Cheng Yizhi to accompany her out to relax. As soon as Wu Lizi returned home, she was scolded by her mother, complaining that she shouldn’t borrow usury for revenge. Wu’s mother started to have angina again because of her anger. Wu Lizi hurried to take medicine, but it was too late, and her mother died of anger, Wu Lizi Sad and desperate for life.

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