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Love Under the Full Moon 满月之下请相爱 Episode 20 Recap

After the “Family Always System” went online, Xu Xiaodong discovered that the source code of the “Family Always System” overlapped with Xu’s father’s source code by as much as 85 percent. Xu Xiaodong launched Turing’s highest working mode in the studio and launched an attack on Wei Xuanhe. Lei Chuxia was surprised that Xu Xiaodong had the permission to start, because Xu Xiaodong told her that this studio belonged to a friend of his.

Xu Xiaodong was not ready to confess to her that he was Winter, so he had to fool around. Lei Chuxia left the studio and blocked Wei Xuanhe in the parking lot. Wei Xuanhe was shocked when he saw Lei Chuxia, and asked her why every time he was about to succeed, he would destroy everything. Lei Chuxia told him that success and success are two words. She told Wei Xuanhe that she would no longer believe any of his words, and left without any effort.

In the April 15th laboratory, Chen Mo and Shen Weiwei had a drink of red wine together. Chen Mo had a lot of emotion because of Lei Chuxia’s return through time and space. He finally decided to face his truth frankly and confess to Shen Weiwei.

He told Shen Weiwei that as an astrophysicist, he was in the company of countless stars every day, but he was actually very lonely because he felt that no one belonged to him. But after Shen Weiwei appeared, he thought he had found it. After hearing this, Shen Weiwei shed tears in surprise and answered Chen Mo that she was willing to draw stars and pray for him every day.

Yuan Yuan and Jin Xiaorui went to the mall together and had a great time. Jin Xiaorui took Yuan Yuan to a store that specializes in various hand-made figures and took a fancy to the crystal ball and tarot cards in the store. The boss took the opportunity to say that a crystal ball in the store could make their love last longer, and used a tarot card to predict that they would get married in ten days. Jin Xiaorui was overjoyed after hearing this, and immediately said straightforwardly that he had bought it. Yuan Yuan had no choice but to believe in the boss’s marketing skills strangely because of Jin Xiaorui, but after hearing that Jin Xiaorui said that he believed as long as it was about their love blessings, she indulged and took the initiative to buy it for him.

Without Wang Yixin’s threat, Lei Chuxia missed her parents so much that she wanted to get acquainted with them. After Xu Xiaodong found out, he took her back to Lei’s house. Lei Chuxia thought that no one was at home, but after knocking on the door, he saw his parents behind the door, and the family was finally reunited. In fact, these were all surprises that Xu Xiaodong arranged for her in advance, and he always silently paid for her behind his back.

After getting acquainted with his parents, Lei Chuxia thought that his parents had been separated from him for ten years and wanted to spend more time with them, so she moved back to Lei’s house, which made Xu Xiaodong quite reluctant. To express her gratitude to Xu Xiaodong, she left a kiss on his cheek. In the evening, the two had a video chat, and Xu Xiaodong invited her to go on a date with him tomorrow. However, the next day, Lei’s father and Lei’s mother also followed, and the two-person date became a four-person date. Lei’s father and Lei’s mother probably have noticed the difference between his daughter and Xu Xiaodong.

Wei Xuanhe asked someone to follow Lei Chuxia, and found that Lei Chuxia had no evidence, except that he took the initiative to confess, Lei Chuxia could not take him anything. Turing discovered that when the number of “Family Always System” users exceeds 10 million, serious logic operation errors will occur in the system, and the software will send out a large number of error messages, causing serious consequences. The number of users of “Family on the System” immediately exceeded 10 million.

Xu Xiaodong was worried that this error would endanger the lives of users, so he deliberately reminded Wei Xuanhe. However, in order to succeed at any cost, Wei Xuanhe still held the live broadcast ceremony of the “Family Always On System” registered users breaking through the 10 million mark as scheduled. Taking this opportunity, Xu Xiaodong also began to fight back.

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