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Jun Jiu Ling 君九龄 Episode 2 Recap

Chu Jiuling walked out of the gate of the Ning family, holding the five thousand taels of silver bill in his arms, which could be regarded as expressing evil for his grandmother. Through this incident, Fang Cao’s view of her changed slightly, and he handed over the ancestral jade bracelet to Chu Jiuling that night, which was enough to clearly express his attitude.

The son of Chengguo, Zhu Zan, had been guarding the border for many years. At this moment, he has decided to return to Beijing. There are two main reasons. One is that Chu Rang suspects that he is selling the mileage map of the Beijing to Beijing, thus leaking the military plane; miss. After bidding farewell to his parents, Zhu Zan and his righteous brother Zhang Baotang hurried back to Beijing. They stopped by the inn and accidentally learned that Chu Jiuling had died of self-immolation.

Zhu Zan was so distraught, and unexpectedly parted in a few moments, completely separated from heaven and man forever. However, Zhang Baotang believes that this matter is still suspicious. After all, Chu Jiuling’s body was burned and it is difficult to tell its true appearance. Moreover, the former emperor’s old friend Yingwen was Chu Jiuling’s master and went to the prison on the day of imprisonment. When the child was imprisoned, he was even unable to save him. Although Jun Yingwen’s whereabouts are unknown, his daughter Junzhen is at his grandmother’s home in Zezhou.

It was this passage of Zhang Baotang that suddenly realized Zhu Zan, and in order to explore the truth of the matter, he immediately diverted to Zezhou. As everyone knows, in Chu Rang’s eyes, his behavior seemed to be absconding in fear of crime. Chu Rang valued Lu Yunqi very much, because he was worth using, and he didn’t want such talents to lose control, so he deliberately mentioned Princess Jiuli in front of him.

Even if Chu Jiuling is dead, the brother and sister in the deep palace are always a disaster. Lu Yunqi concealed his sharp edge, still with the low eyebrows pleasing to the eye, and took the initiative to invite Jiuli to marry him. Invisibly, he avoided the danger of Jiu Rong in a disguised form. In the ancestral hall, Lu Yunqi stood in front of Chu Jiuling’s tomb, silently talking about what he had done, and all of this was to protect her, but it was a pity that things went against her wish.

Chu Jiuling, who was far away in Zezhou, was looking carefully at the relic left to him by Jun Yingwen. As for the seal marked “Taiyan Three Years”, she reminded her of the official silver that was used to redeem the Emperor Taishang. . Originally, the official bank was to be sent to Zezhou to be handed over to the North Qi Army. However, the other party suddenly broke the contract and falsely accused Chu Emperor of not being trustworthy, and killed the Emperor Taishang and several other uncles without warning.

Now it seems that the seal came from the freight, and Chu Jiuling could find the opportunity to enter the Fangjia firm and take the opportunity to search for the news. At the same time, Zhu Zan hid his identity and changed his surname to Ling, and came to see Jun Zhen in person. The servant passed the report on his behalf, but when Chu Jiuling went out to greet him, Zhu Zan was not seen. Unexpectedly, the other party hid to avoid Wu Desi, and the two passed by.

Because of the lessons learned from the past, Zhu Zan racked his brains and then thought up tricks. He simply didn’t stop doing two things, and directly destroyed Jun Zhenzhen’s carriage, waiting for her to pass by the streets she guarded in advance, and staged a heroic rescue of the beauty. Zhang Baotang pretends to be a gangster, vividly, but Zhu Zan’s acting skills are too clumsy, and Chu Jiuling quickly sees it through.

Despite this, Zhu Zan made friends with Jun Zhenzhen smoothly, and invited her to the teahouse for a small gathering to inquire about the whereabouts of Jun Yingwen and Chu Jiuling in disguise. In fact, Chu Jiuling recognized Zhu Zan’s false name Ling Jiu, after all, the two had a tacit agreement since childhood.

Only Zhu Zan was rather dull and stumbled upon Jun Zhenzhen’s habit of sprinkling rose petals in his tea, but the face in front of him was obviously different from Chu Jiuling, who mistakenly thought she had imitated the same technique. Chu Jiuling refused to tell the truth, fled in a hurry, and went back to the room in tears. Having decided to take revenge, she did not want Zhu Zan to be involved anymore.

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