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Hello Prosecutor 你好检察官 Episode 5 Recap

The case of Xia Hai and Wang Wei has reached the final step, transnational recovery of stolen goods. Yu Kaiyin and Yanlu went to interrogate Chachai, and Yanli told Chachai fluently in English that he was calculated by Xia Hai, and Chachai quickly confessed. Yan Lu’s performance was very good. Yu Kaiyin asked why he wanted to be a prosecutor. Yan Lu said sadly that he had a friend who always wanted to be a prosecutor. Kerr saw Yu Kaiyin admiring her on TV and said that there must be a lot of people like her!

Ren Tianyu ran over to Jiang Wenjing to propose a date, and invited her to accompany her to the charity party the day after tomorrow. Jiang Wenjing refused repeatedly, but Ren Tianyu had no choice but to threaten her with grandma Li. Jiang Wenjing found out only after he went there. It was run by Yao Zhen’s family. Before Ren Tianyu had time to talk to Jiang Wenjing, Lin Weiwei took a glass of wine and pulled him to introduce friends everywhere, and Jiang Wenjing’s eyes drifted away. Lin Weiwei deliberately helped Ren Tianyu tidy up the clothes with a sense of jealousy. From Jiang Wenjing’s point of view, the two were very ambiguous. After that, Lin Weiwei introduced her uncle Wu Zong and Ren Tianyu to meet.

At the charity party, Jiang Wenjing took a fancy to a small whale decoration, but he was photographed by Ren Tianyu. Ren Tianyu’s condition was to accompany him to dance a dance before he was willing to give her the whale. Jiang Wenjing was reluctantly pulled into the dance floor. Yao Zhen and Lin Weiwei had wonderful expressions when they saw it. Ren Tianyu molested Jiang Wenjing in the name of dancing, and Lin Weiwei hurriedly pulled him down to meet Yao Dong.

Ren Tianyu still refused to give the little whale to Jiang Wenjing, and refused to sell it, Jiang Wenjing was half-dead with anger. However, after returning home, Ren Tianyu took out the little whale and gave it to Jiang Wenjing. Ren Tianyu left a kiss on Jiang Wenjing’s lips and turned back to the room. Jiang Wenjing was so contemptuous all night, calling Yao Zhen for consultation, but was disgusted.

The next morning Jiang Wenjing and Ren Tianyu met in the underground garage. Jiang Wenjing pretended to be cold, but Ren Tianyu hesitated for a long time to let her pay the property fees, and Jiang Wenjing was depressed. Jiang Wenjing went to the new department to rotate, and went to the Ninth Procuratorate to take charge of juvenile crimes. Chief Meng told her that the work of the ninth department is not only to handle cases, but also to be responsible for the psychological counseling of minors. Yin Chuan also asked Jiang Wenjing to be in charge of a section of the official account.

Ren Tianyu and the shareholders of the law firm had a dispute at the meeting. Lin Weiwei was on his side, but as soon as the meeting was over, he was called to the office and recommended to him two students who graduated from the University of Political Science and Law, and asked him to change the wish. Jin. Lin Weiwei doesn’t like Zhu Jin’s clothes, and her conditions are very average. Undergraduates who graduated from third-rate universities have no relevant work experience, but Ren Tianyu insists that he has no plans to replace Zhu Jin.

Yan Lu and his colleagues took advantage of the lunch break to play games. Jiang Wenjing was very interested when he saw it and went to join in the fun. Ren Tianyu gave Zhu Jin a set of work clothes, and Zhu Jin smiled warmly after seeing it. After Ren Tianyu kissed Jiang Wenjing, he never mentioned this matter again. Like a okay person, Jiang Wenjing had to ask Yao Zhen. After hanging up the phone, Jiang Wenjing received a message from a reader from the official account.

He said that Jiang Wenjing’s article gave him strength, and with hatred that he wanted to see them go to hell. He also commented on the official account: I hate this world! Jiang Wenjing always felt anxiously that something happened. Yao Zhen comforted her and said that there are many such people on the Internet. Jiang Wenjing still felt uneasy and ran to knock on the opposite door, but Ren Tianyu was not at home. Mr. Wu’s son insisted on sue them because of campus bullying, so he approached Ren Tianyu and understated that the child had lost his sense of measure.

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