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Hello Prosecutor 你好检察官 Episode 4 Recap

Lin Weiwei and her uncle were having dinner together, and when asked about Ren Tianyu, he said that he would have a chance to meet. Jiang Wenjing met Ren Tianyu again, and Yao Zhen didn’t expect them to meet again and again. According to the development of this plot, the next step should be the hero to save the United States. Jiang Wenjing was embarrassed and had already been rescued. Yao Zhen felt that the probability of encountering twice was very small, and this incident was too coincidental. Ren Tianyu came either to avenge or seek love.

Yin Chuan and Yu Kaiyin are responsible for the Wang Wei fraud case, involving billions of dollars, and there is no ability to launder money in the underground bank alone. Xia Hai is still in prison, and his half-brother Wang Wei visits him every month. Today is the day of the meeting. Xia Hai did not know that Wang Wei had been arrested. Yin Chuan asked the prison to cooperate to dispel his doubts. Today is Wednesday, the prisoner is in the activity room, Jiang Wenjing was sent to investigate. In the activity room, Yin Chuan closely followed Xia Hai’s actions, Yan Li was very worried, really don’t you need to remind Jiang Wenjing?

Yu Kaiyin is interrogating Wang Wei, trying to find clues to him and Xia Hai. Xia Hai really acted, and there was chaos in the activity room. The prison guard rushed to stop him and took Xia Hai to the infirmary. Yin Chuan confirmed through surveillance video that Xia Hai must be approaching the phone in the infirmary. The doctor left temporarily, and Xia Hai hurriedly dialed the phone, but this was because the internal call could not be made at all, so Yin Chuan asked Jiang Wenjing to go, but did not tell her the truth. Jiang Wenjing found out that Xia Hai called secretly and hurriedly stopped. Xia Hai explained that because his mother was sick, he was anxious to ask about her condition. Xia Hai spoke eloquently about what she had done for her mother and created a great filial son, Jiang Wenjing suddenly felt softened.

At the same time, Yu Kaiyin revealed the truth from Wang Wei’s mouth. Wang Wei confessed that Xia Hai contacted Chachai at the beginning. Later, when Xia Hai was in jail, he would visit the prison regularly and tell him how much money this month would cost. Guess how much it is. If you can’t get there, Xia Hai will call him by other means. Xia Hai offered to borrow Jiang Wenjing’s mobile phone for a use. Jiang Wenjing thought about what happened today and immediately understood that she was just bait in Yin Chuan’s hand, and helped him dial the phone. Wang Wei received the call from his mobile phone, and Yu Kaiyin immediately started recording. Under the supervision of Jiang Wenjing and Yu Kaiyin, Wang Wei and Xia Hai spoke in a coded language, after which Wang Wei confessed the meaning of the coded language.

Xia Hai was taken away by prison guards. Jiang Wenjing looked at the surveillance camera in the corner and fell into deep thought. She was also very angry with Yin Chuan. Yin Chuan criticized Jiang Wenjing. She shouldn’t lend her mobile phone to prisoners. She was arrogant, but Jiang Wenjing was angry because of being concealed. Yin Chuan squeezed Jiang Wenjing’s temper and understood that this was the best way for her, and he was not afraid that she would resign. After the quarrel, Jiang Wenjing hid herself and cried. She was mad at herself. She almost believed in Xia Hai just now. How many people would have been hurt if this was the case. Yan Li came to comfort her, Jiang Wenjing remembered that she had just resigned in anger and said she was going to resign, and her intestines were blue with regret.

After get off work, Jiang Wenjing met an old grandmother at the door yelling to see her son, just once a month! Jiang Wenjing hurriedly asked for help. Her son Zhao Dezhu was fighting with a cellmate and could not be visited during the punishment. The grandmother was so anxious that she cried and shouted that she was going to sue the prison, and fainted again in a fit of anger. In the hospital, Jiang Wenjing met Ren Tianyu, who claimed to be the lawyer of the grandmother.

The old grandmother insisted on telling Jiang Wenjing not to let her see her son, and Ren Tianyu’s purpose of this trip was not simple, and she asked about Zhao Dezhu’s good friend, Zhang Youxin. Jiang Wenjing did not resign. Prosecutor Zhang quietly told her that Yin Chuan had been punished for this incident and encouraged her not to be discouraged.

When Yu Kaiyin sent Yin Chuan home, he complained that he came up with this method to test the newcomer too frustrated. In Yin Chuan’s eyes, Yan Li was a qualified scout, but he always felt that something was hidden in his heart. As for Jiang Wenjing, she is very smart, but it is also a headache. Before getting off the bus, Yu Kaiyin gave Yin Chuan a pair of shoes, which she bought for Kerr, and asked him to go rock climbing with Kerr tomorrow.

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