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Hello Prosecutor 你好检察官 Episode 3 Recap

Ren Tianyu helped Jiang Wenjing snatch the bag back and was injured as a result. Jiang Wenjing admired him so much and hurriedly sent him to the hospital. Assistant Zhu Jin heard that Ren Tianyu was injured and hurried over. Ren Tianyu took out a card in front of Jiang Wenjing and asked her to give it to Zhong Ying. This was what she deserved. Jiang Wenjing became curious again, saying that he had a question to ask him, Ren Tianyu asked for a consultation fee, and obtained Jiang Wenjing’s WeChat account.

Jiang Wenjing didn’t understand why Ren Tianyu helped Wei Qingming and why he gave Zhong Ying the money. Ren Tianyu’s answer left her speechless. Their marriage was dead in name. He was doing this to help Zhong Ying, and even if it wasn’t him, there would be other people to defend her.

As soon as Jiang Wenjing got home, she saw Ma Shanshan sitting in the hall with her face stiff, Jiang Yuan quickly reminded her. Ma Shanshan already knew about Jiang Wenjing’s going to the procuratorate and asked her to resign tomorrow. Jiang Wenjing rose up to resist. She is trying to realize her ideal! She just wants to be a prosecutor and use the law to protect the kind of people who need protection. Ma Shanshan felt that she was playing a petty mess.

After all, Jiang Wenjing had spent her family’s money since she was young, and she had never seen a thief. Jiang Wenjing was very wronged, Ma Shanshan asked her to move out angrily to see if her salary could support herself. Jiang Wenjing was frustrated and immediately went upstairs to pack his luggage and prepare to move out. Ren Tianyu was still asking for consultation fees at this time.

In fact, Ma Shanshan did not dislike the profession of prosecutors, but was worried that no one would inherit the family business in the future. Just now, I hurriedly said that, although she was reluctant to bear her daughter and she was reluctant to bow her head. Jiang Yuan was shocked when Jiang Wenjing went downstairs with a suitcase. Jiang Wenjing said that she should be independent when she grows up. She will live in Yao Zhen’s house first, and will find a house tomorrow. Jiang Yuan believes that Jiang Wenjing is a young lady in a few days. Will move back. Jiang Wenjing deeply realized that it is difficult to change from extravagance to frugality. Yao Zhen assured her that she would definitely help her find a satisfactory house. Ma Shanshan also sent a message, and she still agreed softly.

Ren Tianyu sent a message to urge Jiang Wenjing to pay the consultation fee. Yao Zhen complained about him endlessly for sixty yuan. Jiang Wenjing refused to pay when she came up, and did not let Yao Zhen stop her. Although Ren Tianyu was injured this time, it attracted Jiang Wenjing’s attention. Hearing that Jiang Wenjing had moved out of the house, Ren Tianyu also decided to move and asked Zhu Jin to find a way to rent another set to her.

Yao Zhen lent Jiang Wenjing’s car that her aunt used to buy vegetables, and also introduced the house. But after Jiang Wenjing went there, he found that there was no furniture in the house. Ren Tianyu ignored Yao Zhen and asked Jiang Wenjing to find her by himself. When Jiang Wenjing learned that the landlord was opposite the house, she immediately opened the door and asked, but she didn’t expect her landlord to be Ren Tianyu.

Jiang Wenjing and Yan Lu came to the detention center to interrogate the suspects, and Yin Chuan would control them by their side. The suspect has never pleaded guilty. He did not admit that he killed his own mistress. Strictly poke his heart with each question. Even so, the suspect still refused to admit it. Yin Chuan pointed out his loopholes, he said too much. The suspect Jiang Wenjing asked about was the accident of driving into a three-person drunk driving and driving for someone else.

After learning the lesson of strict rules, Jiang Wenjing kept reminding herself not to talk too much. As soon as Jiang Wenjing came up, he squeezed the other party’s weakness. It was his infant child, but because of this, the suspect was out of control. Yin Chuan hurriedly interrupted. It was dangerous to do so. Jiang Wenjing’s experience was not enough to support her in controlling this situation. Jiang Wenjing was very angry and felt that Yin Chuan had a prejudice against herself. But Yin Chuan thought of Ke’er and her dead mother because of Jiang Wenjing’s actions.

Ren Tianyu came up with a plan to conquer the CBD, and Lin Weiwei was very satisfied with it. The next step for Ren Tianyu is Jiutai Group, and the breakthrough point is Jiang Wenjing. Jiang Wenjing took turns to work in the prison. Coming here, Jiang Wenjing found that she was completely different from what she had imagined, but she was also curious about the role of the prosecutor here. Jiang Wenjing encountered a commutation case, and inadvertently learned that Ren Tianyu became famous in this case.

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