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Hello Prosecutor 你好检察官 Episode 2 Recap

Ren Tianyu was investigating Jiang Wenjing, and she was also responsible for picking up the hotel falling case. His purpose was to get close to Jiang Yuan. Yao Zhen quarreled with the taxi driver, and Ren Tianyu walked over to hold an umbrella for Jiang Wenjing and gave the umbrella to them. From this moment on, Ren Tianyu had decided to be with Jiang Wenjing and took the opportunity to approach Jiang Yuan. Yao Zhen curiously asked who Ren Tianyu was, Jiang Wenjing opened the chattering box and started to complain drunkly.

Ren Tianyu is a returnee lawyer with excellent resume and abilities, and he has no sense of panic in the face of the gambling agreement that needs to be completed. When Jiang Wenjing got up in the morning, she was questioned by Ma Shanshan. She quickly said that she went to interview with the fashion editor at Yao’s house yesterday, but this kind of lies couldn’t fool Ma Shanshan at all. Jiang Yuan was in the mud, but was scolded. Jiang Wenjing complained about her domineering and unreasonable making trouble.

Ma Shanshan slapped the table angrily and put it down. Don’t even think about the prosecutor’s affairs! Lin Weiwei and Ren Tianyu had a conversation. Wei Qingming of Dimon Jewelry and Jiang Yuan of Jiutai Group are bad bones. Ren Tianyu doesn’t have so much time. He has already made an appointment with Wei Qingming to meet. Wei Qingming wants to file a divorce lawsuit with his ex-wife Zhong Ying, and Ren Tianyu’s condition is his position as a legal adviser.

Jiang Wenjing found an extra umbrella in the room and didn’t remember where it came from. Jiang Yuan said she brought it back when she was drunk last night. Why didn’t she hold the baby in her arms and refused to let it go. Jiang Wenjing asked Yao Zhen speechlessly, only to think of Ren Tianyu under her prompting. But when he thought of Ren Tianyu actually holding an umbrella for her, Jiang Wenjing was so scared that there was a problem. Jiang Wenjing did not give up on the prosecutor’s examination, and planned to take another examination next year. Yao Zhen complained that she was in a rebellious period, and Ma Shanshan would not let her do anything. At this moment, Jiang Wenjing received a call and she was admitted to the prosecutor!

Jiang Wenjing swept away the gloom and came to work at the procuratorate. During the meeting, she kept silently begging not to be assigned to Yin Chuan. Unexpectedly, the day was unfulfilled, and she was assigned to Yin Chuan with strict rules. Jiang Wenjing changed into the uniform of the prosecutor. The first thing she did was to tell Yu Kaiyin the good news. She must become an excellent prosecutor, but she even wanted to be assigned to Yu Kaiyin. Although Yin Chuan was selfless and selfless, everyone recognized that his work ability was very strong. Learning with him was the fastest improvement. Jiang Wenjing quickly figured out this matter. Ren Tianyu was still investigating something mysteriously, and rented a house not far from the court and the procuratorate.

Yu Kaiyin came late to pick up Ke’er from school today, and she hadn’t left when Yin Chuan got home. Yin Chuan called Ke’er back to the room and chatted with Yu Kaiyin about the telecommunications fraud case. Ma Shanshan hadn’t got off work after Jiang Wenjing returned home, so she went upstairs and changed into the prosecutor’s uniform to show off in front of Jiang Yuan. Jiang Yuan kept saying handsome, and took some photos of her. At home, a sense of pride grew spontaneously. The two agreed to tell Ma Shanshan about this matter. Jiang Wenjing had to go through the formalities and give her a cut first and then play.

Pan Xiaoli gave information on Jiang Wenjing and Yan Lu’s two cases. This time, the assessment is a thorough investigation, and it is very likely that the unqualified will not be able to stay. Yan Lu has turned it over. Jiang Wenjing is holding her cheeks and frowning. She doesn’t watch horror movies, because as soon as she finishes watching all the details will be imprinted in her mind and can’t be removed. Yan Lu was very kind to help her look at the photos.

Yin Chuan witnessed walking in at this time and taught Jiang Wenjing a lesson. The photos are the most important evidence of the case. How could he not even look at it? There was no training content in the afternoon, and Yin Chuan asked them to go to the court to listen. Here, Jiang Wenjing met Ren Tianyu again, he was the defense lawyer of this case, and the client was Wei Qingming.

When Wei Qingming wanted the custody of her child, Ren Tianyu produced evidence that she suffered from hereditary mental illness in the family. Yan Li clearly understood that Ren Tianyu was deliberately angering Zhong Ying to prove that she did not have the ability to raise children. Zhong Ying cried hysterically in the court, Ren Tianyu almost drove a mother crazy for a case, Jiang Wenjing was very surprised, and Yan Li prayed silently before going to court not to meet him.

After the trial, Ren Tianyu and Wei Qingming agreed to sign the contract and got the remuneration this time. Yan Lu was very familiar with the woman next to Ren Tianyu, and left Jiang Wenjing to chase after him. Jiang Wenjing walked on the side of the road cursingly, but the bag in her hand was snatched away. Ren Tianyu, who was riding a motorcycle, gave her a head handsomely. Although he took the bag back, he was injured, Jiang Wenjing looked admired.

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