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Hello Prosecutor 你好检察官 Episode 1 Recap

The magnificent hall was full of guests. Jiang Wenjing appeared in the company of Jiang Ma Shanshan. Today is the Jiutai Group Appreciation Banquet. The nominal owner of the Jiutai Group is Jiang Wenjing’s father Jiang Yuan, but in reality it is Ma Shanshan. She is so exquisite in the business world that no one knows. At the end of a piano song, Jiang Wenjing also attracted Ren Tianyu’s idea. Unfortunately, his embarrassing way of approaching a conversation was severely rejected by Jiang Wenjing. After Ren Tianyu left, Jiang Wenjing only heard that two men quarreled and pushed, and one of them fell from the building, followed by panic.

As prosecutors, Yin Chuan and Yu Kaiyin had just finished a case and had a meal together. They were close, and Yu Kaiyin was even his daughter’s godmother. The day after tomorrow, when the court fell, Yu Kaiyin will replace Yin Chuan to attend Kerr’s parent meeting. Ren Tianyu woke up from a nightmare, and the album was full of good childhood memories, and he barely smiled. Ren Tianyu voluntarily applied to be the defense lawyer of the defendant in the fall case, knowing he would lose, but what he needs is this lawsuit, and winning or losing is not important.

Jiang Wenjing was a witness in the case, and she told the truth about the process she saw. After the fall from a building that day happened, Jiang Wenjing protected the scene in time, because she was a bachelor and master student of the University of Political Science and Law and had passed the judicial examination. Her dream was to become an excellent prosecutor. Ren Tianyu asked sharply, every question was surprising, but Jiang Wenjing did not see the defendant pushing another person downstairs. Ren Tianyu was impassioned and Jiang Wenjing was speechless.

Yin Chuan asked Jiang Wenjing a few questions and refuted Ren Tianyu’s defense logic. Yu Kaiyin went to hold a parent meeting for Ke’er, but she was a little sad to see that Yin Chuan had not come. Jiang Wenjing said in the court that she wanted to be a prosecutor, but Yin Chuan said that she did not have that psychological quality, and she ignored Jiang Wenjing’s enthusiasm. Jiang Wenjing called Ren Tianyu to apologize to him, but he was stunned again. Ren Tianyu left with only one phone call. Jiang Wenjing tore up the slip of paper in anger, only to find that his car had been driven away when he left, and Ren Tianyu just gave the tow truck call. Ren Tianyu waited to see her jokes, but did not expect Jiang Wenjing’s memory to be so good that she would have memorized it a long time ago.

Ma Shanshan has always disagreed with Jiang Wenjing being a prosecutor, and she went out early in the morning with a black face, and she also wanted Jiang Yuan to stare at Jiang Wenjing and not go out. Jiang Yuan is a strict wife and dare not refrain from doing so, Jiang Wenjing is so angry that he hasn’t even eaten any food. Lin Weiwei invited Ren Tianyu to join the law firm as a partner. The conditions were very good, and Ren Tianyu also signed the contract decisively.

With the help of his good sister Yao Zhen, Jiang Wenjing escaped from the house and rushed to the procuratorate for an interview. It happened that the interview for the newcomer was hosted by Yin Chuan. Jiang Wenjing and Yu Kaiyin had also met before, and Yu Kaiyin’s previous speech made Jiang Wenjing firm in his idea of ​​being a prosecutor.

At the interview site, Jiang Wenjing, with an excellent resume, showed off her memory, but finally brought up Yin Chuan’s shoes and was superfluous. Yin Chuan reviewed Jiang Wenjing’s performance in the fall case. Faced with Ren Tianyu’s problem, she made a mistake and Jiang Wenjing was a little at a loss. Yu Kaiyin tried to persuade Yin Chuan that Jiang Wenjing still needs to grow up after graduation, but Yin Chuan said that the criminals would not give her time to grow up.

The original celebration game became Jiang Wenjing’s venting game. When a person buried himself in drinking and crying, Yin Chuan said that her impetuous heart was not suitable for a prosecutor. Yao Zhen thinks it doesn’t matter. As wealthy daughters, they can go back to the company to work, or they can play and shop around. There are some ways to have fun. Jiang Wenjing gradually came up, but did not find the meaningful Ren Tianyu next to him.

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