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GO Into Your Heart 舍我其谁 Episode 3 Recap

Sheng Jingchu gave Cheng a coat very intimately, which made Cheng a very warm heart, but told Sheng Jingchu not to go back with her, for fear of being used by others, he quickly left alone.

After Cheng went home, the leader told her to follow up Sheng Jingchu’s report. The matter of her getting to the right is right in front of her. Don’t let the leader and her sister Cheng Yi disappointed. Cheng Leo called Sheng Jingchu’s assistant and asked him to follow along when he went to Suzhou. When the assistant hung up, he told Sheng Jingchu about the matter. He felt that Cheng Le was a fly-like person, which had already affected their reputation, but Sheng Jingchu Calling an assistant does not need to go to Suzhou, which is very unexpected.

When he went to Suzhou, Assistant Sheng Jingchu handed his job to Cheng to do. He said that his wife was waiting for him to go back in the hospital. Cheng had to accept the threat of his assistant and take over his job. If he didn’t agree, he would go to Suzhou. It is impossible to follow the film. After Cheng got on the plane, Sheng Jingchu added her WeChat account and told Cheng that he should not be blacked out.

The assistant explained that Cheng had to drink 45 degrees warm water to Sheng Jingchu, which was his habit. Cheng Lei specifically asked the flight attendant to give Sheng Jingchu a glass of 45 degree water, and the assistant sent a message to Cheng that she must make tea for Sheng Jingchu. In their eyes, Sheng Jingchu was more precious than the national treasure giant panda. It was very helpless to call Cheng. But I couldn’t refuse and had to do it.

After investigation, Cheng Liao learned that Sheng Jingchu had been color blind since he was a child, and his eyes could only see black and white colors. Cheng Liao looked at Sheng Jingchu beside him and felt the same emotion in his heart. Such a maverick and proud person would have that kind of problem, and his heart would definitely be very difficult. Lonely. Before she knew it, Cheng fell asleep. Sheng Jingchu put on clothes for Chen Lang. At this time, Cheng woke up, feeling that she had fallen asleep handcuffed to the great god, and she was not worthy at all.

After the two arrived in Suzhou, Junior Brother Sheng Jingchu went to pick up the plane from the airport, and called his sister-in-law Cheng. It was a bit unexpected to call Cheng, but Junior Brother Ma Xie already regarded Cheng as a sister-in-law. On the way, Cheng received a call from Xu Chi, and it seemed that the two were very close. This made the junior feel that Sheng Jingchu had a feeling of rivalry, and Sheng Jingchu also repelled Xu Chi’s call.

When they arrived at their destination, Xiaolan hurried to hug Sheng Jingchu, appearing to be very close to Sheng Jingchu. Later, he blamed Cheng for influencing the big brother’s previous game, but Cheng told Xiaolan that she not only interviewed Sheng Jingchu, but also served as an assistant for Sheng Jingchu. This made Xiaolan even more angry, but Cheng told Xiaolan if she was For Sheng Jingchu, I went to find those secretly filming people, and don’t compete with her.

Cheng Li found out that someone was following him, and he didn’t expect that Editor Liu sent Xiaoyan to secretly take pictures of her. It was weird to call Cheng. It turned out that Editor-in-Chief Liu wanted Cheng Liao to become the main force and to create a lot of scandals for her.

A beautiful Lisa went to Sheng Jingchu’s room and prepared some food to seduce him, but Sheng Jingchu had no interest in those coquettish women. She left when the beautiful Lisa was about to undress. Sheng Jingchu hurriedly called Cheng to dine together. At this time, Lisa told Sheng Jingchu that she and Cheng Le were colleagues, and this time she and Cheng Le were going to interview Sheng Jingchu. Just when Lisa was about to have dinner with them, she was driven away by Sheng Jingchu.

This was a surprise to Lisa. Her previous tricks worked well. Cheng Lei told Sheng Jingchu that he was the first man to reject Lisa. She The expensive clothes I bought this time were regarded by Sheng Jing as a waiter. Cheng Leo told Sheng Jingchu that she was arranged by the leader to interview Cao Xihe, and that Sheng Jingchu was interviewed by other colleagues. Unexpectedly, when Cheng went to eat the next day, Cao Xihe understood that Sheng Jingchu had gone, and Sheng Jingchu told Cheng that he was going to be interviewed by Cheng.

Cheng had a good time chatting with Sheng Jingchu all the way, and had a good time shooting and chatting. On the way, he ran into the uncle Go at a street stall. Sheng Jingchu was going to play chess with Cheng Le, and had to win the uncle on the street. Sheng Jingchu told Cheng that it was an endgame and a life-and-death problem.

You must always be vigilant, otherwise you will lose everything at any time. Sheng Jingchu accompanied Cheng through the various levels. The many dangers in front of Sheng Jingchu seemed not worth mentioning, and soon the uncle lost the chess game. Many street people told the uncle to lose money by losing chess, but Cheng Liao didn’t want to cause too much trouble and ran away with Sheng Jingchu. Xiaolan and her colleagues who had been following them hurried to chase them, and they quickly slept those people behind them.

Cheng Leah was afraid that the next day it would be rumored on the Internet that the famous chess player, Sheng Jingchu, was almost beaten in the street battle. Sheng Jingchu told Cheng that the old man was not going to beat them, but because he watched Sheng Jingchu play chess very well and wanted to ask him. Unexpectedly, he was misunderstood by Cheng, which made Cheng a little embarrassed and turned his head and left.

Just when Cheng Le and Sheng Jingchu were on the street with milk tea, Xiao Yan and Lisa saw them hurriedly over to take a sneak shot, but they were discovered by Cheng and ran away. They were stopped by Xiaolan and Cao Jiahe when Lisa was about to chase. , Beluga must deal with their sneak shots. Xiaoyan hurriedly said something nice and complimented them for being a well-known chess player. This eased the two of them a bit, but when they knew that Xiaoyan and Cheng belonged to the same company, they became even more angry with Cheng, suspecting that Cheng was deliberately arranged.

Cheng Lei and Sheng Jingchu went to the restaurant and were seen by a female fan. They had to ask Sheng Jingchu to sign a name. Cheng Li took out a copy of his quotations, but Sheng Jingchu said that it was not what he said, so Cheng called Sheng Jingchu Yao. Learn to clarify the facts, otherwise you will suffer. Many people use Sheng Jingchu’s signature to publish quotations indiscriminately. So Sheng Jingchu told Cheng to go back and clarify that Cheng was not her girlfriend.

After Cheng went home, they learned that Xiaoyan had been discovered by Xiaolan, and they told Xiaolan all their details. This made Cheng very angry. Xiaolan originally had opinions on her. At this moment, Cheng saw Sheng Jingchu clarifying that Cheng was not his girlfriend, but was just interviewing him. So Cheng commented below that she was not worthy of being a great girlfriend. Unexpectedly, Sheng Jingchu immediately commented that Cheng was very special. This made Cheng’s heart that just let go of it hanged again.

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