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GO Into Your Heart 舍我其谁 Episode 2 Recap

Cheng Liao apologized to Sheng Jingchu, and blamed himself for arresting him as a thief, thinking about it and knowing how he would steal an elderly phone. Sheng Jingchu didn’t blame Cheng at all. Instead, he laughed and said that Cheng was righteous. He knew that Cheng would interview him. Sheng Jingchu offered to accept an interview. This made Cheng very happy. In order to facilitate the interview, he also brought Sheng Jingchu to her father’s.

In the small shop, I cooked egg fried rice for Sheng Jingchu. However, Sheng Jingchu picked out the ingredients one by one. Sheng Jingchu’s explanation was that it might have been a long time for one person to eat. Only in this way would it be interesting. Cheng Leo taught Sheng Jingchu to eat with big mouthfuls before it was delicious.

At this time, his father came back suddenly, so scared that Cheng Lei and Sheng Jingchu hurriedly hid with a plate, for fear that he would be misunderstood by his father and would be scolded if they were alone. But his father saw the clue at a glance, pretending to leave and led Cheng out to check what happened. Fortunately, Sheng Jingchu was not allowed to come out, otherwise everyone would get the money. My father thought that Cheng was here to cheat, so he took Cheng to go home.

Cheng has been looking for various reasons to return to the store to unlock the lock and release Sheng Jingchu. Cheng’s father also saw Sheng Jingchu’s name in the news. He thought he was a hot character. If he could post it as a poster in the store, he would change the restaurant. Those who are in the style of Go will definitely become an online celebrity shop. However, Cheng Yi, who was frustrated, was resolutely opposed and had never been refused an interview. Sheng Jingchu was the first one. Even with the face of an angel, Cheng Yi looked like a devil, and asked his family not to mention Sheng Jingchu’s name.

Finally, Cheng found a reason, and hurried to the store to rescue Sheng Jingchu. After opening the door, Sheng Jingchu appeared scared. Cheng jumped and was stopped by Sheng Jingchu in his arms. Both of them felt shocked. , Sheng Jingchu also smoothly added Cheng’s WeChat.

According to the information provided by Sheng Jingchu, he soon wrote the first full-color interview draft. This is also the first time Sheng Jingchu has been interviewed. When Cheng gave everyone a habit of taking takeaways the next day, everyone said carefully and politely that they would never let Shengjingchu bring breakfast anymore, and even Director Liu beamed with praise when he saw Cheng, and people had to draft it quickly. Cheng has applied for regularization, and he is counting on follow-up interviews.

Cheng Le was immediately confused and didn’t know what happened, because although he interviewed Sheng Jingchu, he did not send out the manuscript. My best girlfriends took out the hot photos on the Internet. It turned out to be the face-to-face photos of Sheng Jingchu and Cheng. After the filming, many topics were also drawn up. There are different opinions, and they all believe that Cheng Le may be Sheng Jingchu’s object of admiration, and even called a mysterious woman.

Sheng Jingchu went to a psychiatrist. He was very strange about seeing the girl’s color and hoped to give an answer. But the psychologist was so happy that he was about to heal Sheng Jingchu, and suggested that Sheng Jingchu would heal Cheng. Contact to avoid turning black and white whenever you see her.

The senior brother Cao Xi of Sheng Jingchu played a game with the senior brother. The senior brother pointed out a lot of Cao Xi’s shortcomings. Cao Xihe believed that the senior brother gave the lectures well and exquisite chess skills, but as long as the game is a round trip, it will be more than twenty When I was 10 years old, I once got impressive results. Cao Xi guessed that this was related to the mobile phone of the senior brother and wanted to snatch it, but was snatched away by the senior brother. When the two of them were frolicking, Xiao Lan came, and Cao Xi and every time they prepared a lot of delicious food for their favorite little sister Xiao Lan, but they always let the big brother give Xiao Lan, and Xiao Lan could always see through. Cao Xihe hiding in the corner.

Sheng Jingchu went to Cheng’s father’s restaurant, looking forward to meeting Cheng’s unexpectedly. Cheng’s father was naturally happy to see Sheng Jingchu’s coming, and strongly recommended the recipe he had just revised, and ordered a few dishes before he could say anything. Holding the mobile phone made Sheng Jingchu pay attention to him, and also actively invited Sheng Jingchu to have a meal. But when Cheng came back, he saw Sheng Jingchu, so he was so scared to let him leave, and told Sheng Jingchu not to come here to look for her. Cheng Yida saw Sheng Jingchu from the back and wanted to rush up and have a big fight. Fortunately, he was pulled by Cheng. Into the restaurant.

Senior brother and Cao Xihe kept calling Sheng Jingchu, but they didn’t answer them. Therefore, the senior brothers thought that Sheng Jingchu might be in love. What’s more serious is that Cheng’s father’s Weibo was paid attention to immediately, and it made headlines again, because Sheng Jingchu only followed Cheng with one person. In the comments, there were many bad comments about Cheng, and even thought that her face was like a bun, which made Cheng a little unhappy. Sheng Jingchu’s assistant Xiaojie called Cheng and asked Cheng not to take the opportunity to speculate in the name of Sheng Jingchu. Cheng Le was even more angry about this.

Sheng Jing Chusheng was afraid of causing trouble to Cheng, so he went to a psychiatrist, but was told that it was best to see him three times a day, because Cheng Cheng might be the medicine for Sheng Jingchu. Sheng Jingchu had to look for Cheng again, and took Cheng to the suburbs, hoping that no one would follow Cheng to bring trouble to Cheng. Cheng Le did not blame, and felt that he was able to interview Sheng Jingchu, and it was not bad to complete the first draft, so I was very grateful to Sheng Jingchu, so he did not refuse Sheng Jingchu to come to her again.

Director Liu dispatched Cheng to follow Sheng Jingchu to do interviews in Suzhou. At the same time, he sent someone to secretly take pictures of the two, hoping to create some scandals. The colleague plagiarized all the content captured by Cheng and wrote his own name. There was an argument with a colleague.

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