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GO Into Your Heart 舍我其谁 Episode 1 Recap

Sheng Jingchu (played by Niu Junfeng) had an accident when he was a child, which caused his eyes to lose color. In his world, there are only black and white. However, Sheng Jingchu likes to play Go since he was a child and is a great Go boy. Maybe because he couldn’t see the color clearly, he also developed his withdrawn character. Outsiders seemed to be cold and aloof by nature.

Cheng Le (played by Li Randi) is an intern reporter for a magazine. The position of intern reporter was won by his sister Cheng Yi. Cheng Yi is the host of a well-known TV station and his personal connections are also top-notch. , The magazine is also used for this relationship. The magazine accepted an interview with Sheng Jingchu. As we all know, Sheng Jingchu never accepts interviews with anyone. It is very difficult to do, but it is very likely to be interviewed by Cheng Yi. Therefore, Director Liu specially asked the intern Cheng to follow the interview. In fact, it is only for Cheng to go to the interview and finish the manuscript. If you can write well, it will help you get better.

Cheng Li knew that this problem was difficult to overcome, and insisted on rejecting it, but Director Liu satirized Cheng that it was because of Cheng Yi’s face that he came, and he had never done anything to make Cheng Yi’s face. I have lived under the shadow of a good sister since I was a child, and I had to agree in order to be able to smoothly turn into a positive and to get rid of the shadow.

Because Sheng Jingchu’s younger brother was busy playing mahjong, he missed sending Sheng Jingchu to participate in the game. Sheng Jingchu had to squeeze the bus in order not to be late, but accidentally ran into the bus rushing to catch the bus. Cheng was wearing yellow sportswear. Running and chasing the car made Sheng Jingchu’s eyes bright. This was the first time he felt the color after the accident. Sheng Jingchu stared intently and got into the car. It was a coincidence that the pass to interview the hotel was stuck in the door. In addition, he froze away with the wind.

The phone of an old lady in the car was suddenly stolen, and the passengers headed by Cheng Leng were holding on to Sheng Jingchu, because he didn’t know when he had the old lady’s cell phone. In this way, Cheng Leng was a brave general. Sheng Jingchu sent it to the police station, and after finishing the transcript, Cheng left triumphantly. However, Sheng Jingchu did not rush to analyze the situation at the time. Since he was in the car, he discovered that a man with glasses is different from ordinary people, dressed up like an office worker, but at that time he was a little late for work, but He looked around calmly. Obviously, the old age machine was not his purpose. The real purpose must be something else, and he speculated based on the place where he got off the car and asked the police to arrest him.

Cheng Lie lost her interview press card and was blocked at the door, so she had no choice but to ask Cheng Yi for help. Cheng Yi gave Cheng her press card, because her face was a pass, so she didn’t need to go in at all. This made Cheng Le even more ashamed, and apologized to her sister again and again.

After finally entering the interview hall, I saw Sheng Jingchu’s poster standing in the middle of the lobby. I was so scared that Cheng didn’t dare to breathe. Only then did I know that the person who was regarded as a thief was Sheng Jingchu. Sheng Jingchu also happened to enter the lobby and saw the woman in yellow clothes who made him late for the game. Cheng Lie bit the bullet and refused to admit that he was the one who caught Sheng Jingchu. Sheng Jingchu didn’t go to the game too much because he was anxious.

Although some time points were deducted for being late, Sheng Jingchu still won the game. Cheng Lei caught the interview with Sheng Jingchu’s junior brother. From the interview, he learned that Sheng Jingchu was a person who had a grudge against him. He was so scared that Cheng didn’t dare to interview. When Dao Yuan saw Sheng Jingchu coming out, he was scared and ran away.

Director Liu learned that Cheng hadn’t even interviewed Sheng Jingchu. He was yelling at the beginning. He inevitably praised Cheng Yi for belittling Cheng. The knife was stabbed and Cheng was bruised and bruised, so he ran out crying, annoyed that he was no matter what. Can’t compare to sister. When he was sad, Sheng Jingchu appeared behind him. Cheng Le knew that he couldn’t escape the appearance of being slaughtered by others. Unexpectedly, Sheng Jingchu gave Cheng a candy cube and said something in English. It’s nice to meet you. , And said Cheng Lei’s name. In Sheng Jingchu’s memory, the two had such a scene before.

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