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Forever and Ever 一生一世 Episode 12 Recap

Shi Yi knelt down in the main hall and prayed for blessings. Zhou Shengchen didn’t believe in these, so he waited for her patiently outside. Grandma took the whole family to the villa for dinner and invited friends of many years to come to a banquet. Feng Lao wrote a handwriting to Shiyi on the spot. Qin Wan knew that his handwriting was hard to find, and couldn’t help but ridicule Shiyi.

Grandma took the whole family to thank her old friend Feng Lao. Shi Yi painted a lotus on the spot as a gift to Feng Lao. Feng Lao was full of praise for her painting and offered to come to her and Zhou Shengchen’s wedding. Zhou Shengchen looked at Shiyi with admiration, but she didn’t expect that she could still paint well. Shiyi liked to paint lotus since she was a child. He casually talked about the story of King Nanchen teaching his beloved person to paint lotus. Zhou Shengchen remembered that this story was written on his family tree. , And his name was also taken from King Xiao Nanchen, so I can’t wait to read this genealogy.

Qin Wan tried her best to coax her mother to be happy. Her mother took the opportunity to persuade her to accept Shi Yi and Zhou Shengchen’s marriage. Qin Wan didn’t let her go. She just wanted to help Zhou Shengchen find a strong daughter-in-law from her natal family. After marriage, she could help Zhou Shengchen stand firm at Zhou’s house heel. Zhou Shengchen was going to work in Bremen for two months. He was reluctant to be separated from Shiyi. He talked about Shiyi’s initiative to greet him at the airport. Shiyi admitted that he fell in love with him at first sight. He casually asked about his research projects in Germany. The research direction of birth is to let human beings live on Venus in the future, and it is time to admire him.

Qin Wan sent someone to call Zhou Shengchen. Zhou Shengchen hurried over to find that Qin Wan was taking a walk with her mother to hide. He only asked Mei Xing to hand over the inheritance agreement to Zhou Shengchen. His father Zhou Shengwen left a will before he was alive. When Zhou Shengchen got married, he gave him all the assets of the Zhou family. Zhou Shengchen signed on it and wanted Mei Xing to know the time, but Mei Xing would fly to Bremen in the afternoon. Zhou Shengchen had to give up.

Zhou Shengchen sent emails to his colleagues in China and Bremen. He Shan couldn’t help but joke about Zhou Shengchen in front of his classmates when he received the email. He even announced the marriage by email. Jiaren Tong wants Zhou Wenchuan to accompany her back to see her parents. Zhou Wenchuan flatly refuses. Jiaren Tong wants to go back to Bremen to continue working. Jiaren Zhou wants to have a child as soon as possible. Jiaren Tong makes every possible excuse. Zhou Wenchuan concludes that she wants to return to Bremen and get back to Zhou Shengchen. Ran, promised to divorce Jiaren Tong at any time.

Zhou Wenchuan was upset, so he came to Xiaoman to complain. Zhou’s family is now in Zhou Shengchen’s. He is not reconciled. Xiaoman kindly persuades him. Zhou Wenchuan took the opportunity to ask for a divorce and stay with Xiaoman. Zhou Shengchen left for Bremen today. He sent Shi Yi back to Shanghai. Shi Yi insisted on sending him downstairs. He watched Zhou Shengchen go away by car. Shi Yi felt very uncomfortable and regretted not sending Zhou Shengchen to the airport. Shi Yi ate three boxes of ice cream in one go and forced himself to calm down.

Uncle Lin sent Zhou Shengchen to the airport and told Zhou Shengchen that there was a man named Wang Yingdong who was always looking for the right time, and reminded him not to live apart from time to time for a long time, otherwise it would affect the relationship between husband and wife. Zhou Shengchen firmly believes that they are stronger than gold. Shiyi told Hong Xiaoyu about getting the certificate. Hong Xiaoyu was happy for her. The two went to the supermarket to purchase. After Shiyi walked away, Hong Xiaoyu regarded the man next to him as Shiyi. The man also talked with Hong Xiaoyu and followed along all the way. When they went downstairs, Hong Xiaoyu was very scared. He didn’t expect that the man had just rented a house here.

When Zhou Shengchen came to his studio in Bremen, his colleagues left a note to congratulate him on his newly-married marriage. They also deliberately spread dates and chestnuts on his bed. Zhou Shengchen couldn’t help but think of the time. Shi Yi began to devote himself to the intense dubbing work, and Mei Lin was very curious about their married life, so she kept asking Shi Yi questions. Uncle Lin should go to decorate the new house when he drove to pick him up. He also brought the happy character cut by her grandmother. Uncle Lin confessed that watching Zhou Shengchen get married is his life’s wish, and I am grateful to Shiyi for accepting Zhou Shengchen.

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