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Forever and Ever 一生一世 Episode 11 Recap

Shi Yi asked Zhou Shengchen to sleep with her back to back on the bed. Zhou Shengchen was very shy, but he obediently did so. He lay on one side of the bed, not daring to take a step beyond the thunder pond. Shi Yi knew that Zhou Shengchen lived in this room when he was a child, so he curiously asked him about his childhood. Zhou Shengchen simply answered yes or no.

Shi Yi suddenly sat up to chat face-to-face with Zhou Shengchen. Zhou Shengchen was frightened. He had been living a simple life of two points and one line. He never talked with students about topics other than experiments, and he was used to listening to other people’s chats. He was worried. Shi Yi was not interested in work matters, so he kept silent. Shi Yi inspired him to talk about the parents’ shortcomings. Zhou Shengchen ended the topic with two sentences.

There was a lot of rain outside, and Zhou Shengchen wanted to close the windows so as not to catch cold and get sick from time to time. Shi Yi wanted to fall asleep listening to the rain. Zhou Shengchen thoughtfully covered her with a quilt, thanking Shi Yi for doing everything possible to make him happy. Shi Yi wanted to watch Zhou Shengchen fall asleep. Zhou Shengchen turned around to face her. Shi Yi quickly fell asleep, but Zhou Shengchen could not sleep for a long time. He carefully looked at Shi Yi’s handsome face and felt extremely happy in his heart. When the sky was dark, Zhou Shengchen took out a coin from the drawer and quietly placed it in the palm of his hand.

Zhou Shengchen came to her grandmother for help early in the morning and asked her to persuade Qin Wan to accept the time. Grandmother agreed. Shi Yi woke up in a daze and saw a coin in her hand. She hurriedly got up and returned it to Zhou Shengchen. In front of her grandmother, Zhou Shengchen proposed to get the certificate before holding the engagement and wedding ceremonies. Shi Yi didn’t know how to be with her parents. Explained, but Zhou Shengchen was going on a business trip soon, he was afraid of any accidents, Shi Yi agreed to think about it.

Shi Yi considered it again and again, and finally agreed to Zhou Shengchen’s suggestion. She gave the house key to Uncle Lin, and Uncle Lin hurriedly drove to get the account book. Shi Yi and Zhou Shengchen both dressed up carefully. They came to the Civil Affairs Bureau, and then Uncle Lin rushed to send the household registration book. Zhou Shengchen took Shi Yi and went in happily to get the certificate.

Lin Fei revealed to Sui Sui that Zhou Shengchen and Shi Yi secretly obtained the certificate. Sui Sui was worried that Qin Wan would object, but Lin Fei firmly believed that grandma could handle it. Zhou Shengchen and Shi Yi took their grandma to the Zhou family’s old house. Since Zhou Shengchen’s birth mother passed away, her grandma has never been here again. Qin Wan was accompany Zhou Wenxing in the sun. When she learned that her mother had come to the house, she closed her mouth happily, and she immediately asked her to prepare meals and offered her room to her mother.

Zhou Shengchen voluntarily distributed the pre-marital property to Shiyi according to the post-marital distribution, and asked Shiyi to sign the agreement. Zhou Shengchen handed these documents to the lawyer to go through the office permit procedures. Grandma praised Zhou Shengchen’s approach. That night, Suisui spread dates and chestnuts on the bed to congratulate Shiyi and Zhou Shengchen on their happy wedding.

Today is the wedding night of Shiyi and Zhou Shengchen. Zhou Shengchen promised to love Shiyi for the rest of his life, and then leave with Shiyi. Shi Yi saw Zhou Shengchen leaving a jewelry box on the sofa with a gold ring and an ancestral emerald ring. Shi Yi put on the gold ring and went out to look for Zhou Shengchen. Zhou Shengchen had been waiting outside the door. He congratulated Shi Yi Happy newlywed, I couldn’t help but kissed the time, and then left in a hurry.

When Shi Yi entered the house, she received a message from her mother. Her mother advised her to calm down and have a good relationship. Don’t worry about getting married. Shi Yi sits on the bed and eats dates and chestnuts. Her heart is unspeakably sweet. Mei Xing was in a bad mood, dragged Lin Fei to drink a lot of alcohol, and finally became unconscious. Lin Fei took him back to the guest room to rest, Zhou Wenxing sent Lin Fei away, and she stayed to take care of Mei Xing.

Mei Xing woke up early in the morning and saw Zhou Wenxing sitting next to him asleep. Zhou Wenxing woke up to find that it was breakfast time. She hurriedly called her grandma to support Zhou Shengchen. As expected by Zhou Wenxing, Zhou Shengchen had been hiding outside the restaurant and did not dare to enter. Zhou Wenxing supported his grandmother and was late, and brought Zhou Shengchen in for dinner. In front of the whole family, Zhou Shengchen admitted that he and Shiyi had obtained the certificate. Qin Wan suffered from inconvenience. After breakfast, she smiled and her grandmother suggested that the whole family go to the temple to pray.

Qin Wan deliberately let Shiyi ride in the same car with her. Zhou Shengchen couldn’t help but squeeze a sweat. Grandma advised Zhou Shengchen not to worry and let their mother-in-law and daughter-in-law slowly run in. On the way, Zhou Shengren kept boasting that time should be good-looking, but Qin Wan didn’t take it seriously, and warned Zhou Shengren not to judge a person based on his appearance. But Zhou Shengren retorted that we should appreciate and praise beautiful people.

The whole family went to the temple by car one after another. Qin Wan got out of the car and gave a harsh word. She would never accept Shiyi’s relationship with Zhou Shengchen, and then slammed the door and left. As soon as Zhou Shengchen arrived at the destination, he hurried over to ask Shi Yi Xihan, worrying about her being angry with Qin Wan, Shi Yi just smiled.

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