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Cry Me A River of Stars 春来枕星河 Episode 4 Recap

After healed, A Fan believed that Tao Junran was his brother in trouble, but Tao Junran’s reaction was cold, which made A Fan really embarrassed. In the spring, Huafang’s business was bleak, and Huafang employees left one after another. The frustrated Afan disguised as a small servant and went to the famous “Ruyi Huafang” to steal the teacher. During the period, he met with the cute piano master Zhuo Jiqing and the imperial sister dancer San Yuemei. In the middle of the night, Tao Junran and Sanyuemei met secretly and asked Sanyuemei to jump to the spring to paint a boat, and secretly monitor Ah Fan.

Unexpectedly, Ah Fan, who came to deliver supper, accidentally broke in, misunderstanding that Tao Junran had an affair with San Yuemei. Tao Junran calmly pressed the “private affair” to the guard Cao Qing who happened to come in. A Fan left embarrassed, but Tao Junran found the love letter written by the A Fan Gang Zhuo Jiqing to San Yuemei during his supper. He mistakenly thought it was a love letter. It was written by Afan to himself. Zhuo Jiqing took the initiative to join Chun Lai Huafang after he was broken in love, and San Yuemei also took refuge in A Fan under the recommendation of Tao Junran. For a time, Huafang’s lineup grew, and many people followed for San Yuemei.

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