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The Justice 光芒 Episode 2 Recap

Wu Lizi’s father, Wu Zhifu, was the general manager of the bank. He died of falling from the top of the building due to a deficit of public funds. He left a suicide note. The police came to check her home. Wu Lizi and his mother moved to a shanty town. Afterwards, Wu Lizi went to work as a maid at the Lin Mansion. Secretary Jia sent her to a foreign company to find Charlie to buy a gold pen. Charlie gave her a gold pen. Wu Lizi recognized that this was the exclusive gold pen for the Moreau family who had just moved into the Shanghai concession. It was stolen. Charlie ridiculed her a bit, and even brought out her father’s suicide. Wu Lizi gritted her teeth with anger.

Cheng Yizhi gave the asthma medicine to shopkeeper Xu. Shopkeeper Xu was full of praise. Cheng Yizhi took the opportunity to take the opportunity to take the face of melon seeds and go to the street. He wanted him to have a long experience, and shopkeeper Xu agreed. Cheng Yizhi gave each household half a catty of noodles and four eggs, and persuaded them to deposit the money in Longying Bank. Cheng Yizhi sent noodles and eggs to Wu’s mother. Wu’s mother invited him to the house for tea. Suddenly she felt chest tightness. Cheng Yizhi hurriedly gave her the noodles and eggs. Give medicine.

Secretary Jia ridiculed Wu Lizi, Wu Lizi remembered Charlie’s vicious words, she resigned on the spot in anger. After the unremitting efforts of Yizhi, many people came to Longying Bank to save money. Dahu Sun wanted to cash out 50,000 yuan, and Mr. Wan couldn’t be the master, so he asked Cheng Yizhi for help. Cheng Yizhi borrowed 100 silver dollars from the shopkeeper Xu. He and Sun Dahu gambled 100 silver dollars, within an hour. If Sun Dahu loses, his money will not be paid, and Cheng Yizhi will be compensated for 100 silver dollars. Naturally, Sun Dahu cannot ask for it. , Took Cheng Yizhi to the Atlantic Club to gamble.

Charlie brought Wu Lizi to the big stage to find those bankers and bosses to inquire about commercial secrets, and promised to give her generous treatment. Wu Lizi reluctantly agreed after weighing it down, and she wanted to take this opportunity to find out the truth about her father’s suicide. Sun Dahu lost several games in a row. Cheng Yizhi discovered that the croupier and the gamblers next to him were out of his hands. They exposed their ugly behavior in public. Instead, the croupier framed Cheng Yizhi and sent him to the foreman. Cheng Yizhi exposed the croupier. The foreman didn’t pay for the behavior of the old man. He insisted that he was instigated by someone. Cheng Yizhi insisted on seeing the big boss behind the scenes and was beaten out.

The shopkeeper Xu came to greet Cheng Yizhi upon hearing the news. Cheng Yizhi wanted to take this opportunity to help Dahu Sun quit gambling, but the result was a mess. Dahu Sun felt that Cheng Yizhi was righteous and no longer withdrawing money, so he voluntarily lost to Cheng Yizhiyi. For a hundred silver dollars, Cheng Yizhi returned the money to shopkeeper Xu, and shopkeeper Xu promoted him to assistant manager.

Cheng Yizhi officially took office, and Mr. Wan deliberately arranged for him to sit in a corner office and mocked him. Cheng Yizhi once again sent noodles and eggs to Wu’s mother. Wu’s mother politely declined. Cheng Yizhi gave her a bottle of heartache and confessed that he knew Wu’s mother. When Cheng Yizhi was in the dry goods store, Mother Wu once went shopping and accidentally dropped her earrings in the store. Cheng Yizhi returned the earrings to Mother Wu. Wu’s mother remembered that Cheng Yizhi was a clerk in a dry goods store, so Cheng Yizhi chatted with her and learned that her daughter was working as a tutor in a mansion.

When Cheng Yizhi saw Mother Wu’s dinner, he was worried that she could not digest well, so he went to the street to buy red bean paste for Mother Wu. Wu Lizi used the pseudonym Hennessy to approach foreigners who could speak English. She came home from get off work very late. Her mother had fallen asleep. There was a small bowl of red bean paste on the table and a note on it that said “Living Hall”. If you are sick, please take care of it.” Wu Lizi took the red bean paste and drank it.

Wu Lizi asked her mother early in the morning about the boy who gave the red bean paste. Her mother was full of praise for the boy. Wu Lizi was worried and wanted to see with her own eyes who he was. Huang Ruhong came to Longying Bank again. Shopkeeper Xu reported to him about his work this month. Mr. Wan framed Cheng Yizhi for granting 4000 taels to Lin Ji Mixing who was about to go bankrupt. Cheng Yizhi denied it, but shopkeeper Xu refused to listen and fired Cheng Yizhi on the spot. It turned out that the shopkeeper Xu could not make up for the shortfall of the bank and was worried about Huang Ruhong’s accountability, so he designed Cheng Yizhi as a scapegoat.

Wu Lizi bought her mother’s favorite snack, and her mother saw that she was reluctant to buy something she liked, so she ate with her. Wu Lizi learned from the guests that her father’s death was related to the white-faced Wei Delong, and she couldn’t help but remember that someone had called her father. Lian Guazi wanted to leave the bank with Cheng Yizhi, but Cheng Yizhi was unwilling to let it go. He vowed to clear up his grievances and let Lian Guazi go back to make internal responses. Cheng Yizhi came to Lin Ji Mixing overnight and learned that treasurer Lin had only borrowed 1,000 taels from the bank. Cheng Yizhi wanted to come to the account book and promised to help treasurer Lin settle the matter.

Cheng Yizhi found out that shopkeeper Lin had no adulterated business rules, but the business had been sluggish, so he persuaded shopkeeper Lin to change the sign. It was easy for people to misunderstand and confuse it with Lin Shoumi, the largest in Shanghai, and shopkeeper Lin was determined not to do it. Associate Wan brought someone to urge shopkeeper Lin to pay back the money. Shopkeeper Lin had no money. He ordered all the books to be taken away. Cheng Yizhi came to stop him when he heard the news. He couldn’t say that he took the books and took the shopkeeper Lin together.

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