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The Justice 光芒 Episode 1 Recap

The story takes place in the 1920s and 1930s. Cheng Yizhi was born in poverty and worked as a clerk in Chuji Dry Goods Store. He was eager to make a lot of money to change the status quo. Therefore, he was diligent and conscientious every day. Ma, let him be in charge of all the affairs of the store.

Cheng Yizhi collected the bills and went to the clothing store to find a good friend Xiaoling Ding to repair his clothes. When he returned to the dry goods store, the storekeeper couldn’t wait to dig through his body and took all the money he received to bet on horses. Cheng Yizhi secretly hid a piece of the ocean in his sleeves. He saved up all the money and wanted to buy the shop next to him. Cheng Yizhi was unwilling to be a lad all the time. In his spare time, he went to the nearby Yaen University library to copy economic books and read back. .

Cheng Yizhi was copying books in the library. The security guard worried that he would be found and urged him to leave. Cheng Yizhi just wanted to leave. He was deeply attracted by the melodious piano sound from the next room. He curiously leaned over to listen and was treated as a thief by Wu Lizi. Cheng Yizhi explained repeatedly, but she didn’t listen at all. She accidentally knocked down Cheng Yizhi’s schoolbag and found that there were only copied notes in the schoolbag. Wu Lizi realized that he was wrong and gave Cheng Yizhi a book on economics, and asked him to help. Do your homework and arrange to hand it in on time tomorrow.

Wu Lizi’s father, Wu Zhifu, is the president of the bank. He rarely goes home because of his busy work. He took Wu Lizi to the movies and took the opportunity to apologize to Wu Lizi, regretting that she did not spare more time to accompany her. Wu Lizi didn’t care at all, Wu Zhifu She was eager to speak and stopped, and couldn’t bear to destroy her happy mood, but Wu Lizi didn’t notice it. Cheng Yizhi finally saved up to 200 yuan and persuaded the shopkeeper to be next to the shop. The shopkeeper was not interested in it. He also complained that Cheng Yizhi had stolen the money from his private house. Cheng Yizhi tried to persuade him to expand his business, but the shopkeeper reluctantly agreed.

When the treasurer went out, he met the creditor. He gave out the two hundred yuan that Cheng Yizhi had privately collected and handed it to the creditor. However, the difference was two hundred yuan. The creditor had to cut off the treasurer’s hand on the spot, and Cheng Yizhi took the initiative to agree to borrow it. Qian helped the treasurer to repay the debt, as long as he promised not to bet on horses from now on, the treasurer fully agreed.

Cheng Yizhi disregarded the objections of Xiaoling and his good friends, and went directly to the Longying Bank to borrow money, but worried that he could not borrow money, so he applied for an apprenticeship. Shopkeeper Xu conducted a rigorous interview with him and asked a lot of highly professional questions. Cheng Yizhi answered very well. Shopkeeper Xu was very satisfied. Cheng Yizhi explained the real reason. He borrowed money to save the shopkeeper and repay the account. He promised to deduct money from his wages every month. He would rather work at Longying Bank for two years. The shopkeeper Xu didn’t want to lose his rare talent, so he loaned him 200 Yuan on the spot.

Cheng Yizhi returned the money to the creditor. He said farewell to the treasurer. Tomorrow he will go to work at Longying Bank. Shopkeeper Xu struggles to stay. He can’t live without Cheng Yizhi, but Cheng Yizhi has decided. At this moment, someone came to Cheng Yizhi in a hurry, gave him a copper box, and repeatedly told him to keep it well and not to open it. He promised to pick it up next week, and that person was arrested by the spy when he went out.

Wu Lizi was waiting for Cheng Yizhi at the school gate. Suddenly someone drove her away. Cheng Yizhi came to deliver her homework to Wu Lizi, but she was not seen. Cheng Yizhi had to go back to work at the bank first. Cheng Yizhi was assigned to the Jing’an semicolon. Tan didn’t allow the new apprentices to touch money and arranged for them to do chores. Cheng Yizhi accidentally saw the news in the newspaper and found that the person who asked him to keep things was arrested.

Cheng Yizhi took advantage of the lunch break to return to the dry goods shop, only to know that the storekeeper had sold the shop early. Dude Tan carefully checked the luggage of each apprentice. He turned out the small copper box in Cheng Yizhi’s baggage and wanted to take it for himself. Cheng Yizhi rushed back in time to stop him, repeatedly claiming that the brass box was very bad, that’s why he was so poor all the time, Tan. The man was too scared to avoid it.

Man Tan was arrogant to the apprentices, yelling five and six. He was not convinced, so he argued with him, but he accidentally spilled Mr. Tan’s bean sprouts all over the floor, and Mr. Tan was furious. Shopkeeper Xu came to stop him when he heard the news. Cheng Yizhi took the opportunity to file a complaint with shopkeeper Xu and listed the price comparisons of silver dollars in various places. Shopkeeper Xu was very satisfied, and immediately decided to turn Cheng Yizhi into an official clerk, responsible for receiving customers and other business. Lian Guazi and other apprentices were convinced by Cheng Yizhi. Cheng Yizhi taught them a lot of coin expertise. Shopkeeper Xu hid outside the door and heard clearly.

Cheng Yizhi wanted to get rid of Tan’s oppression as soon as possible. He desperately to please shopkeeper Xu, and promised to help him buy asthma medicine. Shopkeeper Xu reminded him that this medicine is not easy to buy. The big boss of Longying Bank, Huang Ruhong, suddenly came to inspect the bank. Shopkeeper Xu treated him respectfully and let the guys line up to welcome him. Mr. Tan even paid homage to Huang Ruhong. Cheng Yizhi quietly came to the big stage to find Brother Lu, and asked him to reserve two tickets for the box performance.

Cheng Yizhi came to the pharmacy to buy asthma medicine. The shopkeeper made things difficult for him. Cheng Yizhi took out two theater tickets for the box. The shopkeeper sold him the medicine on the spot, begging Cheng Yizhi to help him find tickets for the show. Wu Lizi watched clearly from the side. Chu.

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