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My bargain queen 我的砍价女王 Episode 9 Recap

In order to express her gratitude to Xia Qian, Sheng Zhening personally sent her home, and it happened that Xia Ma walked out to take out the garbage and met Xia Qian. Xia Qian wanted to dispel his mother’s idea of ​​arranging a blind date, and simply invited Sheng Zhening to the store, falsely claiming that he was his boyfriend, revealing Sheng Zhening’s superior conditions in disguise.

Mother Xia was dubious and asked about Sheng Zhening’s process of pursuing Xia Qian. She didn’t expect Sheng Zhening to be very cooperative. Although she said a lot of Xia Qian’s advantages, she also showed her love for her. She was indeed like an idiot who fell into a passionate love period. Seeing Xia Ma completely relieved, Xia Qian finally breathed a sigh of relief, so she personally sent Sheng Zhening out, praising him for acting too lifelike. Hearing Xia Qian’s words, Sheng Zhening couldn’t help but recall the scenes of getting along with her in the past two days. He was a little moved and even wanted to continue acting as a lover.

In the evening, Qin Hebo went to the rooftop to feed the cat as usual. He suddenly found that the cat was vomiting, so he hurriedly called Fu Shuangshuang and, under her guidance, sent the cat to the pet hospital first. According to the inspection, it can be basically judged as indigestion. Fortunately, it is not a serious problem. Fu Shuangshuang found that Qin Hebo was not very good at caring for cats, so he planned to have the opportunity to write him a note about raising cats.

Qin Hebo went out to buy supper, and when he came back to see Fu Shuangshuang asleep on the sofa, he didn’t bother him. Instead, he covered her with a coat intimately. Until the next morning, Qin Hebo received a call from Mr. Xue. Because he was worried that he would wake up Fu Shuangshuang, he quickly refused to answer. After he left, he sent a text message to Fu Shuangshuang.

Although the credibility crisis of Changsheng Hotel has been resolved, Qin Hebo still used his means to help Lihe Capital get the shares of Yu Zong. At the same time, Changsheng Building No. 2 needs to be reassessed, and Mr. Xue decided to take this opportunity to frame Changsheng and instigate shareholders to sell No. 2 Building.

An An hires Xia Qian to find out the star reviewers hidden in the hotel for him, so that they can give the star reviewers special care. At the request of An An, Xia Qian came to the hotel in disguise and happened to meet Sheng Zhening in the elevator. Fortunately, she wears long hair, especially wearing sunglasses, and has not been discovered by Sheng Zhening.

Fu Shuangshuang took the cat back to Qin Hebo’s home, and found that the room was in a mess and there was no breath of life, and it took most of the day to clean up the decorations. After Qin Hebo returned home, he was pleasantly surprised to find that the originally cold room became extraordinarily warm. Excited by this change, Qin Hebo invited Fu Shuangshuang to dinner. After the dinner, the two went to the jewelry store to select gifts. Before going upstairs, Qin Hebo gave Shuangshuang a cat necklace, which surprised her.

In the next few days, Sheng Zheling did not see Xia Qian for a long time. He dreamed that she was going to marry herself at night. He was absent from work during the day, so he went to talk to Xia’s mother. Seeing Sheng Zhening’s condition, Xia Ma believed that he was suffering from lovesickness, so she took the initiative to share Xia Qian’s preferences and photos of her childhood. Sheng Zhening carefully recorded it in the notebook, and took a photo of Xia Qian as a souvenir before leaving.

Qin Hebo prepared a gift for Ning Meng to make her happy, but Ning Meng wanted to make up the wedding swearing ceremony in the hotel, claiming that only in this way could she be considered complete. Considering that Ning Meng was so upset about what had happened before, Qin Hebo reluctantly agreed, provided that it didn’t make too much noise.

Sheng Zhening experienced service in the hotel, but Xia Qian was regarded as a star critic, and even called An An to try it out. An An pretended to be a room service knocking on the door, but when she saw Sheng Zhening, she suddenly realized that she immediately followed Xia Qian to explain the situation. When leaving the hotel, Xia Qian and Sheng Zhening ran into each other in the elevator, but because Xia Qian was still trying to hide her, Sheng Zhening didn’t break her directly.

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