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My bargain queen 我的砍价女王 Episode 10 Recap

Xia Qian saw the star critic in the restaurant. She was going to greet each other, but when she found that Sheng Zhening came in from outside, she was scared to change the road, and finally caught Sheng Zhening’s attention again. Although Sheng Zhening had already seen it through, he continued to cooperate with Xia Qian and didn’t break it through until he entered the hotel room and threw her onto the bed. It happened that this scene was seen by An An.

An An apologized to Sheng Zhening for arbitrarily advocating to find a star critic, and at the same time, he also fought against Xia Qian, suspecting that he liked the other party. As everyone knows, apart from Sheng Zhening’s sleepless night, even Xia Qian can’t sleep, and Sheng Zhening’s figure always appears in his mind.

The assistant took a photo of the star critic and informed Qin Hebo about it, while he was still in the hotel for an accident. It happened that Ning Meng was also in the second building to make up the wedding swearing ceremony. Even though He Zhijun felt pressured, he still spoke infatuated words to Ning Meng. Unexpectedly, Ning Meng asked He Zhijun to swear that if he violated the relationship between the two of them, he would never be happy in the future.

At the same time, Sheng Zhening, Xia Qian and star critics took the elevator together. Unexpectedly, there was a sudden power outage in the second building, which caused the whole building to fall into darkness and the elevator malfunctioned. The star reviewer suffers from claustrophobia and fainted on the spot. Sheng Zhe would rather not let Xia Qian give the star reviewer artificial respiration, so he personally played for her.

The hotel staff and Ning Meng arrived in time, and finally they pried open the elevator door and rescued the star critic. Just as Sheng Zhening planned to let Xia Qian go up first, the elevator lost control and the two were trapped again. Seeing He Zhijun’s shocked and sad expression, Ning Meng felt very uncomfortable, but Sheng Zhening took the initiative to sing for her to calm Xia Qian’s nervousness until the elevator was repaired and finally escaped.

Not long after the accident occurred in the second building, the star critics came to Changsheng to find Sheng Zhening, thanking him for saving himself in the elevator, and also showing that the hotel’s service was satisfactory, except that the hardware facilities were poor. Therefore, in order to repay the previous life-saving grace, the star critics temporarily put aside the list of this report, and suggested that Sheng Zhening redecorate the second building and wait for him to come and rate again.

After all, the old equipment of Building No. 2 is indeed a big problem. Sheng Zhening convened a general meeting of shareholders and proposed to renovate Building No. 2. However, everyone opposed it and asked for the sale of Building No. 2. However, in Sheng Zhening’s view, the second building is an entrepreneurial building. If it is sold rashly, it is equivalent to revealing the long-term decline to the industry.

In order to keep the old building of Changsheng, Sheng Zhening decided to finance the renovation costs by himself, so he sold some of his assets. The media reported that Sheng Zhening invested all the furniture for the decoration, and Xia Qian was a little worried about Sheng Zhening’s situation. However, Sheng Zhening went to the ass, pretending to be bankrupt, deceived Xia Qian’s sympathy with a downturned image, and moved into her house smoothly.

Ning Meng was so careless about what happened in the elevator that day, so He Zhijun vowed never to meet Xia Qian again. Qin Hebo never expected Sheng Zhening to be so cruel to himself for protecting the second building, but considering that this is a major project, it should not be easy to progress.

Because Xia Qian didn’t want to let outsiders know that Sheng Zhening was at his home, each time they walked back and forth like spies. It happened that Mu Xiaoyan came to deliver breakfast to Xia Qian, Sheng Zhening hid, and left in a hurry while Mu Xiaoyan hadn’t found it.

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