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Love Under the Full Moon 满月之下请相爱 Episode 19 Recap

When Lei Chuxia came to Weiyi Technology Company to find Xu Weiyi, many media were gathering photos at the company’s door. Lei Chuxia remembered the evidence that Wei Xuanhe had used to trick her into saying that she stole the patent book—it was the photo of Weiyi, who did not know Xu Weiyi ten years ago, but appeared inexplicably in Weiyi Technology.

At that time, Lei Chuxia believed Wei Xuanhe’s words to be true because of this evidence, and now she finally understands the causes and consequences. She didn’t show up here because she stole the patent book, she came to help Xu Weiyi to show up. Xu Weiyi was not in the company. In order to contact him, Lei Chuxia asked Xu Weiyi’s private phone number from the front desk of the company who believed that his boss was framed.

After Lei Chuxia got on the phone, he confessed to Xu Weiyi that he came from ten years later. Xu Weiyi didn’t question Lei Chuxia’s words, but asked her how well Xu Xiaodong will live in the future. After learning that Xu Xiaodong was doing well, Xu Weiyi was very pleased and asked Lei Chuxia to have the opportunity to tell Xu Xiaodong what he said in his heart: He doesn’t need Xu Xiaodong to do anything for him, he only needs Xu Xiaodong to cherish all his happiness and live a happy life.

After speaking, Xu Weiyi had a heart attack, and Lei Chuxia on the other end of the phone was anxious. At this time, she remembered that Xu Xiaodong once told her that when Xu Weiyi was unhappy, she would go to sit under an ancient tree, and she hurriedly went to look for it, but unfortunately it was still late in the end.

Although Lei Chuxia was sad, she still did not give up her efforts. She waited for Gu Xiaoqi at the entrance of the shared apartment and asked Gu Xiaoqi to call Wei Xuanhe to come to her and remind Gu Xiaoqi to be careful of the car. It was the night of November 18th.

Wei Xuanhe came to her. Lei Chuxia, who had already experienced this day, knew what would happen, and dealt with Wei Xuanhe indifferently. When Wei Xuanhe left, she saw the patent book in the newspaper pile again. In order to preserve the evidence until ten years later, she buried the patent book under the swing in the garden in the center of the street, and then went to the back mountain of Tongcheng University again. Under the full moon, she fell off the cliff and returned to ten years later.

Lei Chuxia appeared in the April 15th laboratory ten years later, and everyone waiting in the laboratory was pleasantly surprised. Taking advantage of everyone’s attention on Lei Chuxia, Wang Yixin secretly used the machine to try to travel through time and space, but in the end he had to wander and wander in the long river of time and space, uneasy. Lei Chuxia couldn’t take care of the joy of reunion, and hurriedly pulled Xu Xiaodong to dig out the patent book.

However, after digging it out, the two people found that after ten years, the paper buried in the ground had become blurred. Lei Chuxia was frustrated by this, but Xu Xiaodong comforted her. Her efforts helped him a lot and made him no longer alone. Because of her efforts, he would work harder. As a couple who had officially been together, Xu Xiaodong kissed her forehead gently after speaking, which made Lei Chuxia feel better and a little shy.

Yuan Yuan was furious after learning that Wei Xuanhe had plagiarized Xu Weiyi. However, they have no evidence. Wei Xuanhe will never admit to plagiarism. They can only think of a new way. Xu Xiaodong and Lei Chuxia went to the rooftop to relax. Lei Chuxia told Xu Xiaodong his father and told Xu Xiaodong that she was the “strange passerby sister.” Lei Chuxia found that besides her own name, there was a QR code on the rooftop. She scanned it with her mobile phone, and it was three characters like “I like you”. Lei Chuxia was very pleasantly surprised, and kissed Xu Xiaodong sweetly on the rooftop.

On the other hand, Wei Xuanhe, who thought that the evil he did after Lei Chuxia disappeared, would never be exposed, officially launched the “Family Stay System”.

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