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Forever and Ever 一生一世 Episode 9 Recap

Shi Yi was reading in the library, Zhou Shengchen then came to her and took her to the roof to see the sunset and the whole view of the old house. Shi Yi was afraid of heights, so Zhou Shengchen held her to watch the scenery, Zhou Wenxing suddenly came upstairs to look for For them, Zhou Shengchen was so scared that he hurriedly let go of the time.

Zhou Shengchen took Shiyi to see her grandma. Grandma kindly held Shiyi’s hand and took out Zhou Shengchen’s favorite candy for her to eat. Zhou Shengchen repaired her grandma’s radio and cleaned out the moss in the yard to avoid grandma. When slipping and falling, I should repeatedly praise him for his thoughtfulness and consideration. Finally, grandmother gave Shi Yi a jade bracelet, and Zhou Shengchen could tell at a glance that it was something left by his biological mother, and Shi Yi knew that Qin Wan was the biological mother of Zhou Wenchuan and Zhou Wenxing.

Zhou Shengchen asked Uncle Lin for the car key, and wanted to take it for a drive. Uncle Lin was not worried about his driving skills, and there was a very steep mountain road, so Yi took the initiative to drive. On the way, Shiyi gets off the car and buys fruit on the side of the road. A man driving a red sports car comes down to chat with Shiyi and buys all the fruits for her. Instead of buying it, Shiyi does not buy it and moves out of her fiancé Zhou Shengchen to say something. The man teased her for choosing. The man’s eyesight was not good, and then he drove away.

Shi Yi went home and couldn’t help complaining to her grandmother. She was angry that the man was disrespectful to Zhou Shengchen. Grandma decided that the man was interested in Shi Yi and casually said that Zhou Shengchen’s mother was a school girl. Qin Wan suddenly came to see her grandmother. Grandma repeatedly emphasized that she only had Qin Wenjin’s daughter, and that she would also entertain Zhou Shengchen and Shi Yi for dinner. Qin Wan gave Qin Wan an order to chase off guests, and Qin Wan stared at Zhou Shengchen and left with anger.

Qin Wan sat alone by the lake and felt sad, thinking that Zhou Wenxing could not go out due to illness, coupled with her mother’s indifferent attitude, the more sad she thought about it, Zhou Shengxing kindly persuaded her, but she just couldn’t let it go. On the way home, Shi Yi asked Zhou Shengchen about the process and details of the engagement. Uncle Lin automatically erected the barrier. Shi Yi wanted to know whether to kiss when swapping rings. Zhou Shengchen couldn’t help but kiss Shi Yi. Uncle Lin suddenly opened the barrier. Zhou Shengchen was so scared that he hurried to read the book. He took the book down in a panic, and he couldn’t help being amused by him.

Shi Yi hurriedly bid farewell to Zhou Shengchen and went back to the room, but she was still immersed in the sweetness of the affectionate kiss with Zhou Shengchen just now. She was so excited that she couldn’t calm down for a long time. Zhou Shengchen stood outside the window and stared ignorantly until Shi Yi turned on the light. Just left. This night, Shi Yi and Zhou Shengchen were so excited that they couldn’t sleep. They both wanted to see each other, but they gave up in the end.

Zhou Shengchen went for a morning run early. Uncle Lin asked Lin Fei to run with him. Zhou Shengchen took a hot bath after exercising. When it was time to go for a run, Zhou Shengchen went with her. Lin Fei just wanted to say that Zhou Shengchen had finished running. Birthday desperately stopped. Zhou Shengchen and Shi Yi took a break. Shi Yi revealed that she did not sleep well last night, and Zhou Shengchen lied that he slept well.

Mr. Zeng brought a small company boss to Zhou Shengchen for help. Zhou Shengchen recognized that the boss was the man driving the sports car at a glance, and when he saw that they had something to discuss, he would go to the library to read. At this moment, Lin Fei came to Zhou Shengchen to go to the hospital to deal with the dispute between Jiaren Tong and Tang Xiaofu.

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