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Forever and Ever 一生一世 Episode 10 Recap

Shi Yi received a call from her mother and learned that they had come to Zhenjiang early and wanted to meet Zhou Shengchen’s mother tonight. Shi Yi had to explain that there was a dispute between Zhou’s relatives. Zhou Shengchen might not be able to get away, but her mother insisted on making a reservation. Before the wedding banquet, both parents met, and grandpa and grandma also came to Zhenjiang.

Shi Yi wanted to go to her uncle’s house to meet her parents. Zhou Shengchen had not returned. She wanted to drive by herself, but all the cars at the door drove out. Sui Sui suggested to borrow a car from Zhou Shengren. Lin Fei didn’t like Zhou Shengren’s defiant piety, but he couldn’t stand Sui Sui’s soft and hard foam. He had to bite the bullet and borrow. Zhou Shengren refused. When he learned that he should drive home. Not only agreed to borrow the car, but hurried back to change into a neat suit, and wanted to follow Shiyi to see her parents.

As soon as Zhou Shengren saw Shi Yuanyuan, he told her preferences and personal circumstances one by one. Shi Yuanyuan couldn’t help being surprised. Zhou Shengren admitted that he had collected detailed information about everyone at Shi IKEA in advance. As soon as Zhou Shengren saw his grandparents, he desperately praised Zhou’s birthday. Shi Yuanyuan persuaded him not to talk too much, so as not to be disappointed after seeing the real person. Zhou Shengren felt reasonable.

When her mother found that Shiyi was thinner, she felt distressed. She was worried that she would not be able to adapt to Zhou’s family, and she was afraid that she would not get along with her mother-in-law, so Shiyi advised her mother not to worry. Zhou Shengchen hurriedly came to pick Shiyi, repeatedly apologized to Shiyi’s parents, explained that there had been too many things at home recently, and then took Shiyi home. Zhou Shengchen saw a group of people discussing the dispute between Tong Jiaren and Tang Xiaofu at the door of his house. Bored, but inconvenient to show it.

Zhou Shengchen was called by Qin Wan as soon as he returned home to cancel his engagement banquet with Shiyi. Zhou Shengchen explained to Shiyi the reason. Due to Tang Xiaofu’s premature hemorrhage, the doctor had issued two critical notices, and Qin Wan considered it again and again. , Decided to postpone the engagement banquet. Shi Yi expressed his understanding, but his grandparents came to Zhenjiang to attend the engagement banquet. Shi Yi wanted Zhou Shengchen to coax her, so Zhou Shengchen had to do it.

Zhou Shengchen considered repeatedly and decided to hold an engagement banquet in Shanghai, asking Qin Wan to take time to meet with her parents at the right time, but Qin Wan flatly refused. Zhou Shengchen felt unhappy, and went to the lake alone to relax. He remembered the grievances suffered by his mother at Zhou’s family. He didn’t want to repeat the same mistakes when Shiyi wanted to go home and explain to his family the reasons for canceling the engagement banquet. Zhou Shengchen asked to accompany her to face it. .

Shi Yi took Zhou Shengchen home. Zhou Shengchen explained that because Zhou’s cousin was born prematurely and is still unconscious in the hospital, the engagement has to be delayed. He repeatedly apologized to everyone. Shiyi’s parents, grandfather and grandmother understood very well, and suggested that both family members should eat a meal. Zhou Shengchen looked embarrassed, and his uncle was very dissatisfied. There is a contradiction between birthday and Qin Wan, and the family relationship is very complicated. Her mother was worried that Shi Yi would marry Zhou’s family and be angry, but Shi Yi comforted her.

After He Shan finished his thesis, he called Zhou Shengchen as soon as he wanted to come to Zhenjiang to attend his engagement banquet with Shiyi. Zhou Shengchen had to explain that the engagement banquet had been cancelled. Shi Yi took Zhou Shengchen to the restaurant she used to eat when she was a child, and ordered two of her favorite seafood noodles. Shi Yi tried her best to make Zhou Shengchen happy and let him forget all the unhappiness, but Zhou Shengchen just couldn’t let it go.

After the meal, Shi Yi brought Zhou Shengchen to the town to relax. He happened to pass by Teacher Zhao’s shop. Teacher Zhao praised Zhou Shengchen as the smartest student he had taught, and Shi Yi felt very proud. Later, Zhou Shengchen brought Shiyi to his grandmother’s house. Grandma asked them to live here tonight. Zhou Shengchen asked Shiyi to sleep in the bedroom. He went to sleep on the sofa in the living room. Shiyi didn’t want his grandmother to misunderstand that the two of them were quarreling, so he took Zhou Shengchen. Go into the bedroom and sleep together.

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