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Candle in the Tomb: The Worm Valley 鬼吹灯之云南虫谷 Episode 14 Recap

Fatty Wang learned that the eyes of the stone statue were made of special gemstones, so he thought about it again, but he gritted his teeth because he had promised that Hu Bayi would not take things indiscriminately. Hu Bayi first came to the end of the tomb, and was about to look closely at the statue of the stone wall. He suddenly found that the statue seemed to be life-giving, and suddenly stretched out a hand to choke his neck.

Suddenly, Hu Bayi couldn’t breathe, his eyes rolled white, and he was about to die of anger. Fortunately, Shirley Yang and Fatty Wang arrived in time to shoot him awake, and then he recovered his sobriety. At first Fatty Wang thought that Hu Bayi had been tired recently, so he didn’t take it seriously, but when he saw Shirley Yang in the same state as him, he felt bad in his heart.

Until Fatty Wang walked up to him, Yu Guang swept over the idol, lost consciousness for a moment, forced himself to stay awake, and raised the Luoyang shovel to smash the idol to pieces. With the destruction of the idol, Hu and Yang came out of the illusion. Even if they are intact now, as long as they think about what happened just now, they still have lingering fears.

The corpse of a woman was placed at the entrance of the stone wall. Through hair accessories, she guessed that this person should be the wife of the king. Before they could look at it, the corpse melted in the wind, and tens of thousands of moths spurted out of the body. Fortunately, the three of them were sharp-eyed and subconsciously hid on both sides. Carefully they could discern that these parasitic corpse moths resemble human faces. Not only are they extremely vigorous, but if they touch the skin of a living person, they will inevitably cause corpse spots and die from corpse poisoning.

Zhalong led several tribesmen across the cable bridge to the Yin Chamber. Everyone has never seen such tombs. They are both novel and expectant. They are looking forward to the precious treasures, but Zhalong wants to find the golden iron triangle first. The greedy clansmen pried open the bronze mirror with a knife, causing the mechanism to be triggered, and one of them was killed on the spot.

Hu Bayi, Fatty Wang and Shirley Yang saw the sound of the corpse moth, and they hurriedly got into the hole. Shirley Yang held an umbrella to block the entrance of the cave, and Hu Bayi and Fatty Wang lifted the coffin lid together to block the hole. In order to isolate the tomb passage, postpone the siege of the corpse moth. After breathing for a while, the three of them inspected the phoenix coffin, but unfortunately there were only a few old objects inside, and the owner of the coffin was the weathered woman just now.

Fatty Wang couldn’t figure out why King Xian had put his wife in the wall of the tomb, and Hu Bayi couldn’t explain why. After looking around, I found that there were colorful murals all around. The content recorded on it was the deeds of Xian Wang Chushan Demon Jiang Yiren. In addition, the design of the Crown Crown made Hu Bayi feel familiar and seemed to see it everywhere. But I can’t remember.

Even though Hu Bayi identified this as the tomb of the king, why he couldn’t find the corpse of the king is really puzzled. At this moment, the flashlight suddenly turned red, and the wall was like a cream popsicle, melting from top to bottom, including the temperature gradually rising, and the ground became soft, as if stepping on a pool of fat.

Seeing this situation, Hu Ba suddenly realized that from the beginning to the end, they were all led by the nose to go forward. Everything was in the calculation of the other party, because this was not a tomb made of rocks at all, but a huge tomb. Meat and mozzarella carcasses. Thinking about it this way, even the three coffins and ten lights have an explanation, especially the 10,000-year-old double-eyed meat mozzarella Tai Sui, whose internal body has long been hollowed out for refining to produce Bulao Dan, and the king wants to make it grow again. After producing new meat, he ordered his subordinates to fill the husks with countless living people.

Now, the resurrection of Rouzhi has the ability to swallow, and the corpses are also restored to life, rushing to Hu Bayi and others. Seeing that King Xian’s true body will fall into the naked eye, if they give up and can’t find the dust beads, then they are meaningless here, and they can’t escape the fate of the red spot curse.

Therefore, regardless of life and death, Hu Bayi, with the help of Fatty Wang, jumped into the eye sockets of Rouzhi and reached out to offer the king’s true body. Shirley Yang held an umbrella to resist the attack of the corpse, and participated in it together, but Hu Bayi searched all over the real body and found no Dust Bead, but found a spoiled walnut.

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