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Candle in the Tomb: The Worm Valley 鬼吹灯之云南虫谷 Episode 13 Recap

It was only after the bronze mirror was embedded in the coffin that the crisis was completely resolved, but the three leading children’s lamps that appeared out of nowhere caused Shirley Yang’s doubts. Combined with the previous six longevity lamps, there are a total of nine lamps, plus one. The bull’s head lamp that has long been extinguished means that there are ten lamps in the tomb.

However, according to the mausoleum system, there should be a candle in the tomb corresponding to a corpse, but the number of corpses in the coffin is not equal to the longevity lamp, which is really puzzling. As for the introduction of the children’s lamp, as the name suggests, several children were recruited from the folks. When they were alive, they were forcibly filled with grease until their belly bulged, and then flowed out through the belly button to ignite the wick to achieve the effect of the longevity lamp.

Because each boy will be cast on bronze, he will also hold a bronze medal in his hand, which says “Jiexian Yinsheng” on it. Shirley Yang found the erythema mark on the boy, indicating that the three boys had the same erythema disease as the Zagrama tribe. Perhaps King Xian was inextricably linked to the Guidong tribe of Jingjue Ancient City.

While speaking, the copper ring chain was overwhelmed and disconnected, causing the copper coffin to fall from a height and hit the tomb brick heavily, smashing the round stone slab in the center. Hu Bayi, Fatty Wang, and Shirley Yang looked down and saw that there was another tomb under the Yin Chamber, and many burial objects were placed in the tomb.

The three of them entered the tomb immediately. Even though the space below is not spacious enough, a coffin can still be placed. The shape looks like seabed ice, which can be observed carefully. It is not difficult to distinguish it as a ghost coffin made of blue stone fine rock. This is recorded in ancient books, and it usually belongs to the suppression of evildoers.

To find out the reason, the three of them pushed open the lid of the coffin together and found that there was a skeleton lying inside. Although it was not amazing, the problem was that the skull, torso, and legs were all spliced ​​together, which seemed to be the intention of the king. Thinking about the three coffins in the Yin Chamber, this discovery confirms everyone’s guess that the coffin is the shadow-bone combination of the three generations of Xianwang reincarnation, and its purpose is to meet the necessary conditions of the “three lives and three hells”.

The so-called “Tribulation of Three Lives and Three Hells” refers to the need to experience extraordinary hardships in order to gain the Dao and rise to immortals. The King Xian knew that he did not practice enough in this life, so he found three corpses who had gone through eye gouging, heart digging, and soul robbing. And put them together into one, buried in the bottom tomb symbolizing the underworld.

If it is inferred that the lower layer represents the underworld, and the three coffins in the upper yin chamber represent the human world, it can be inferred that the tomb should be divided into three layers: heaven, earth, and hell. The position of heaven. Because of this, the three of them decided to find out. Hu Bayi and Shirley Yang asked Fatty Wang to stay and tidy up the coffin. They first crawled out of the tomb.

Zhalong, who was on the shore at this time, encouraged the people to go into the water to hunt for treasure, and even maliciously smeared the identity of the Iron Triangle. Seeing other people’s interests, Ada would like to follow these villains to dig graves and robbers, but he was so angry that he came forward to stop him, and finally angered Zhalong. The two fought hard in public. At first it was Ada who had the upper hand. However, Zhalong threatened his sister’s life, but eventually became a defeated opponent. Zhalong ordered several people to watch Ada, while he led other tribesmen into the water to find the treasure of the king.

Touching the iron triangle of gold and coming to the upper-level tomb road for the king, I saw that the circular cavity was not high enough to reach the top. The tomb passage is deep and unfathomable, especially in the dim light, which makes the stone statue’s eyes greenish, especially strange.

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