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Candle in the Tomb: The Worm Valley 鬼吹灯之云南虫谷 Episode 12 Recap

At first, Fatty Wang refused to disclose, but under Hu Bayi’s coercion, he had no choice but to tell the truth. It was because he was always greedy. So after he found the jade in the puppet, he decisively took it into his pocket and licked it with his tongue during this period. Getting down the jade stone caused him to be contaminated with tongue gu, and he went crazy uncontrollably.

After understanding the ins and outs, the three Lieutenants Touching Jin discovered that there were many dry corpses on the ground, which were placed in a disorderly manner. All of them had their ears and nose cut off, and their eyes were cut off. It was really horrible. Hu Bayi carefully observed the surroundings, and finally found an oil tank under the stone statue seat, and a skeleton stood behind the tank, which meant that this place should be used to store corpse oil.

Fatty Wang led the flame to the oil tank, and in an instant, a pillar of fire sprang out and hovered around the tomb passage. There were dozens of floors in total, illuminating the entire tomb chamber. Within the four stone walls, thousands of corpses were neatly arranged, indicating that these were slaves before their lives, and they were eventually executed cruelly.

There is a tunnel hidden on the side of the tomb, and the three of them descended the steps. At the end is a blue-gray gate. According to Hu Bayi’s inference, this gate is mainly used for the tomb owner’s ascent to the sky after the disintegration of the tomb. Very popular. Since Tianmen is usually not locked, the three of them don’t have to rack their brains to unlock them, and can enter with just one push.

Passing through the long inlay, a cable bridge called “The Three Generations” suddenly appeared. The bottom of the bridge is not bottomless, like a stagnant water. The so-called Bridge of Three Generations was built according to the method of burial ceremonies of corpses and celestial beings, because in ancient Chinese legends, after death, a person needs to cross the bridge for the third generation before he can get rid of the worldly entanglement.

As Fatty Wang was afraid of heights, Hu Bayi and Shirley Yang walked ahead, and he followed closely behind. It was just a matter of speaking. The three of them crossed the Bridge of Three Generations and came to a white stone jade palace, and under the strong light of the flashlight, the scene suddenly opened up. However, the tomb belongs to the reciprocal structure, which has two layers inside and outside. At this time, the three people are still on the outer layer, so they can get a glimpse of the three human-shaped coffins when they go deep.

In the middle of the yin chamber is suspended a copper coffin. This coffin is the largest and heaviest, with nine heavy locks on it, which is extremely prominent. Next to it was a wooden coffin that fell to the ground. The body of the coffin was as dark as coke. Hu Bayi believed that this was the bronze coffin and tassel coffin mentioned in the formula, and there was a sarcophagus besides the two.

After all, Wang Xian was unpredictable, and the three of them wanted to find the body and decided to open the museum, starting with the rare and expensive wooden coffin. While Fatty Wang went to the southeast corner of the tomb to put wax on, Shirley Yang suddenly thought of the cable bridge just now. If the cable bridge represents the three lives of the king, maybe he would dig bones from elsewhere and put them into three coffins.

It was Shirley Yang’s reminder that Hu Bayi thought that Chinese Taoists have always had the legend of the three lives of immortality, saying that the first three lives are like three prisons, and the final death is extremely miserable. Therefore, he used special coffins to restrain him, symbolizing the dedication of the king. The incarnation of the world. In this way, King Xian is not in the three coffins, but hidden elsewhere in this dark room.

As the voice just fell, a strange noise came from the bronze coffin, and Fatty Wang looked flustered, but Hu Bayi hadn’t noticed because of the dim light. On the contrary, the six phosphor fires suddenly lit up. When Hu Bayi illuminated it with a flashlight, a mummy black shark was tied to a wooden frame by a wire, and the wick above his head was immortal.

There have been rumors of shark people in the world, which is not unusual at all, but if you see it with your own eyes, you will inevitably be surprised. After all, the burning point of the ointment of the black file shark is very low, and it only needs one drop to burn for several months. Therefore, many nobles in ancient times would use it as a longevity candle in the tomb.

At this moment, three longevity candles were lit again in the tomb, and the bronze coffin shook violently for no reason, as if something was about to break out of the coffin. Hu Bayi noticed something wrong, knowing that Fatty Wang was greedy for the things on the bronze coffin, and angrily berated him to hand it over as soon as possible. Sure enough, Fatty Wang was a little scared, and he actually took out a bronze mirror and magical instrument used to suppress the ancient corpse from his arms.

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