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Candle in the Tomb: The Worm Valley 鬼吹灯之云南虫谷 Episode 11 Recap

In the Worm Valley, the sun was sinking into the sky. Everyone piled up rocks and buried their brothers of the same tribe, and the atmosphere fell into grief. The corpses and limbs of scumbags that can be seen everywhere, if you observe carefully, it is not difficult to find that they are damaged by a certain radioactive mineral, which causes the body to mutate rapidly.

Considering the huge number of dead drifts at the bottom of Gourd Cave, it means that hundreds of scumbags have left their mother’s womb. Therefore, the old patriarch Enkuan’s last wish is to hope that the tribe can live out of the Worm Valley. But Hu Ba made up his mind to go to the underground palace to search for the dust beads, and would not immediately turn around and return to the cottage. He explained the situation to Ada, but Zhalong insisted on walking with the Iron Triangle on the grounds of the safety of the tribe.

When Hu Bayi heard the words and agreed, Ada naturally had no objection. He didn’t know that Zhalong had other thoughts, just because he had coveted the Worm Valley Treasure before then. On the other hand, Fatty Wang looked weird, standing on the edge of the cliff and muttering to himself, until Shirley Yang reminded him that this prevented him from falling into the cliff.

As Lingyun Palace burned down, there were few clues about the underground palace. Just as Shirley Yang was planning to find another breakthrough, Hu Bayi thought that he had accidentally discovered a mysterious cave when he fell into the deep pool and was swimming back. At that time, Hu Bayi felt strange and didn’t think much about it. Now, combined with the analysis of the sixteen-character yin and yang feng shui mystery, it should be where the underground palace is.

After having a clue, the Audio-Technica and the tribe set off, and the group of people walked down the plank road. During this period, Fatty Wang became more and more weird, and unexpectedly twitched his facial muscles uncontrollably and gave out a weird smile. Hu Bayi was worried about Fatty Wang’s evil, so he threw glutinous rice at him, which showed no effect, so he thought he was worrying too much.

Arriving at the shore of the deep pool, I happened to encounter an abnormal celestial phenomenon, and the black air penetrated and connected, thus forming a whirlpool entangled in the air. According to ancient Fengshui records, it was a black pig crossing the sky, or called it a rain storm. In order to avoid panic, Hu Bayi claimed that it was a normal and natural phenomenon. In fact, he knew in his heart that this kind of situation rarely happened. If he really met it, it meant that there was an ancient corpse here.

Before entering the deep pool, Shirley Yang taught the tribesmen how to use submachine guns correctly and how to protect themselves when facing monsters, so as not to lose their lives in danger. When everything was ready, Hu Bayi asked everyone to rest on the shore first, and privately told Ada to beware of Zhalong.

Hu Bayi roughly calculated the distance between the cave and the King’s Tomb. Under the gaze of everyone, he led Shirley Yang and Fatty Wang to the bottom of the pond, groping all the way, and finally came to the underground palace hall. At this moment, Fatty Wang is like two people, standing alone in the water, without saying a word. Hu and Yang patronized the group of statues. They had not noticed the abnormality of Fatty Wang. After a thorough reaction, he saw that his eyes were blue and red. Vessel, with a hideous face, holding a paratrooper knife in his hand, pierced directly towards Hu Bayi.

Fortunately, Hu Bay had a quick look, grabbed the paratrooper’s knife in time, and started a fight with him. Fatty Wang escaped without a fight, hid behind the hall and gnawed at the corpse, until Hu Bayi appeared, which made him smile again. Shirley Yang rushed over to grab Fatty Wang, but was suppressed by the opponent. At a critical moment, Hu Bayi lifted the boulder and knocked him out. This calmed the storm.

The two took advantage of Fatty Wang’s coma and found a black object from his body. After Shirley Yang’s identification, it was basically judged to be a jade of a special material. Shirley Yang asked Hu Bayi to use the Northern Emperor Xuanzhu to awaken Fatty Wang. Seeing that his consciousness had returned to normal, he was finally relieved and asked about the origin of the jade.

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