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The Bond 乔家的儿女 Episode 35 Recap

Qu Aying pushed Qiao Zu Wang out to bask in the sun. Aunt Wu had fought with him all her life, seeing that his body was getting worse every day. Meiqin was pregnant. Qu Aying said that it was not good for her to sleep in the hall, and asked her to change with Qiao Zuwang. Qiao Zuwang also agreed. Meiqin thought it was only necessary for Qiao Simei to come back to ask questions, but Qu Aying took advantage of her. No longer moved the room. Qiao Yicheng slept in the main room sickly, Qiao Simei came back and got angry, but Qiao Zuwang let her go, but Meiqin secretly apologized to her.

Qu Ayingjiu occupied the magpie’s nest and dazzled Qiao Yicheng and Qiao Simei. Qiao Yicheng only asked Qiao Zuwang if he agreed to move the house. Qiao Zuwang was sick and sitting in a wheelchair. Qiao Yicheng became colder and colder. I still remember that several of them grew up that year and it was inconvenient for them to be crowded in one room.

Qiao Yicheng and Qiao Zuwang discussed asking him to change the house. Qiao Zuwang didn’t change it, saying that he would die inside, but now he gave the house to outsiders. Qiao Yicheng didn’t say anything again, and asked Qiao Simei to pack up and move to her own place. Meiqin came out to apologize, but Qiao Simei treated her very well, after all, this incident was not her fault.

Qiao Simei gave Meiqin some money and asked her to take care of Qiao Zuwang. Meiqin persuaded Qiao Simei to come back to live, otherwise she would be taken over by Qu Aying. In fact, she really didn’t want to stay in the city, so she wanted to go back to grow vegetables and make money on her own. Qiao Simei is still mad at the house, always mad at Qiao Yicheng, and no one knows what he has been living in the house. Qiao Sanli was always considerate of Qiao Yicheng. After all these years, he was dragged down by his brothers and sisters.

Qiao Yicheng asked for leave to see Xiang Nanfang. Before leaving, he gave Qi Weimin a sum of money and asked him to give it to Qiao Zuwang. Qiao Qiqi went to visit Qiao Zuwang, he was no longer the same air as before, and his hair was messy. Qiao Qiqi casually said that the house is good. Qiao Zuwang looked at him and said that he would leave it to him.

He also said that he looks like his mother, which is different and beautiful. Qu Aying and Meiqin came back with big bags and small bags after shopping. Qiao Erqiang accompanied Ma Suqin to his hometown in Northeast China, and Qiao Simei also planned to go to Tibet to see the scenery alone. Qiao Yicheng went to Xiang Nanfang’s place of employment with his luggage, but accidentally ran into a scene where someone gave her flowers.

According to what Qiao Yicheng said, Qi Weimin took the money to Qiao Zuwang. Qiao Yicheng made a table of home-cooked dishes for Xiang Nanfang. Xiang Nanfang explained that the bunch of flowers just now was because her birthday was approaching. She was not interested in other people’s minds, so she liked the pickles made by Qiao Yicheng. Qiao Yicheng lowered his head and said that he would teach her to do it herself.

Qiao Zuwang wanted to change a big bed, but Qu Aying had to change it with the old furniture, and he asked for money. Qiao Zuwang didn’t agree, so he wanted to add a bed. Qu Aying shook his face and went back to the room by himself, leaving Qiao Zuwang sleeping alone in the hall. Qiao Zuwang sent Qu Aying and the others out and called Qiao Yicheng home. He cocked his mouth and cried that his children were indifferent to him, and shivered and threw Qi Weimin’s money to the ground.

He knew it was Qiao Yicheng’s. Qiao Zuwang felt that Qiao Yicheng didn’t regard him as a father, and found an outsider to send the money. Qiao Yicheng was very helpless. It was clear that Qiao Zuwang let outsiders occupy the house. After so many years, his children had encountered difficulties. When did Qiao Zuwang ask. Qiao Yicheng is going to leave, Qiao Zu hopes and cries and asks, our father and son’s hatred cannot be solved in this life, right? Qiao Yicheng’s eyes were red, and there was a problem with his body, and everything was too late.

Qiao Yicheng asked Qi Weimin to meet again, no longer being weird, but rather polite. He confessed his condition, and asked Qi Weimin to help Qiao Erqiang as soon as they could. Qi Weimin scolded him for his brain disease. Now that the medicine is so prosperous, how can he not be cured! In fact, since childhood, Qi Weimin was most jealous of Qiao Yicheng, because their brotherly relationship was good. But Qiao Yicheng was also jealous of Qi Weimin because he had such a good father.

Qiao Yicheng refused to let Qi Weimin tell other people about this matter. Qi Weimin was angry again, and he kept the secret from his family about such a big matter. Qi Weimin gave Qiao Yicheng a real estate certificate, which he gave when he went to see Qiao Zuwang that day. When Xiang Nanfang returned home, Qiao Yicheng had already left. He only left a letter in which he proposed a divorce. For this matter, Song Qingyuan specially came to Qiao Yicheng for dinner, Xiang Nanfang did not agree to the divorce, and did not want to go into the cause of his divorce.

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