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The Bond 乔家的儿女 Episode 34 Recap

Qiao Simei went to Qi Weimin’s house to stop him from knowing Qiao Yicheng. Chang Xingyu was on Qiao Yicheng’s side and asked Qiao Simei to keep an eye on it and gave her a newly bought bed. Silk quilt. Because of Wenbin’s affairs, Qiao Erqiang and Ma Suqin were invited back to the old house to have a meal. Qiao Simei took Qi Qiaoqiao back and went back to the room without eating any food, saying that Qiao Erqiang was going to be a traitor, but Fortunately, there is Ma Suqin. She is smart and will not be fooled by Qu Aying’s family. The scene of Xinjiang was shown on the TV, and Qiao Simei’s thoughts immediately returned to that year, when she went to Xinjiang to look for Qi Chenggang alone.

Chang Xingyu was transferred to the provincial radio station news director, and Qiao Yicheng and Song Qingyuan were happy for her. Before Chang Xingyu and Song Qingyuan had gone far, they heard Qiao Yicheng stagger. Only after they insisted, Qiao Yicheng agreed to let Song Qingyuan send home. Qiao Yicheng, who was unwell, went to the hospital for an examination, but accidentally ran into Qiao Qiqi and Xiaozhi. Xiaozhi’s personality is very similar to that of Qiao Qiqi. After the head teacher reminded Qiao Qiqi to take her to the hospital for examination, she was autistic and had been treated for half a year. Neither of them told the family about this. Qiao Qiqi didn’t want Qi Weimin to worry, and Qiao Yicheng didn’t want to worry his family.

When Qiao Simei came back from a business trip a few days ago, Qu Aying’s daughter-in-law Meiqin also lived in, saying that Qiao Zuwang agreed. Meiqin was drying the silk quilt Qi Weimin gave to Qiao Simei, saying that they used it without the quilt, and Qiao Simei was anxious. However, Qiao Zuwang got up generously and gave Qu Aying a few hundred dollars so that they could buy some new quilts. Qu Aying and Qiao Zuwang moved to live together a long time ago. It is natural to go in and out, but Qiao Simei will not move out the more frustrated she is. Qiao Sanli tells her not to tell Qiao Yicheng that he has been busy with work recently. The body doesn’t look good, but Qiao Zuwang is fat and white.

Wen Bin fought for a few months to start a restaurant, and wanted to learn cooking with Qiao Erqiang. Ma Suqin quickly refused to ask him to go to a cooking school for him. Meiqin took a bite of a sister named Qiao Simei, and brought her a lot of dishes, and she seemed to be more honest than Qu Aying. Before Qiao Yicheng went to get the inspection report, Song Qingyuan persuaded him to rest for a while.

Since they knew Qiao’s family, things had never stopped. Every time Qiao Yicheng started to live his own life, he was confused by these things. Things stopped. Qiao Yicheng now only wants to live a peaceful life with Xiang Nanfang. When Song Qingyuan asked him if he wanted a child, Qiao Yicheng subconsciously thought that he already had children and daughters.

Qiao Yicheng’s illness is chronic nephritis, and the doctor recommended hospitalization for treatment, otherwise it is likely to develop into uremia. Qiao Yicheng stood alone on the city wall with his lab, and called again before he had time to think of anything. Qiao Zuwang wants to hold a birthday banquet for Qu Aying. He clearly wants to take this to organize the wedding banquet together. It is annoying to think about it. Qiao Zuwang neither celebrated his wife’s birthday nor his children’s birthday, nor even remembered it. , Qiao Yicheng didn’t care about it this time.

Qiao Zuwang said that she would take the money to make a big red envelope for Qu Aying, but Qu Aying had to make an inch of it. In fact, she most wanted to have a home in the city, but Qiao Zuwang pretended not to hear it, and deliberately turned off. Qiao Erqiang drank a lot of wine at night, and when he got up, he told Wen Bin that he could work together. After he was sober, he didn’t know what to do. Fortunately, Ma Suqin was there and told him to pretend to be stupid. On Qu Aying’s birthday, Qiao Zuwang was bumped into the hospital on the way to the bank to withdraw money.

He said it was a comminuted fracture. When he was old, he was slow to recover and asked Qiao Yicheng to make psychological preparations. Qu Aying hurried over with his son and daughter-in-law, pulled away his children, and cried in front of his hospital bed. Qiao Zuwang was arguing day and night so uncomfortably that he couldn’t sleep with the patients in the ward, so Qiao Yicheng could only arrange him to share a room with a vegetative. Seeing that Qiao Zuwang became like this, and the house was not in hand, Qu Aying panicked.

Qi Chenggang took Qi Qiaoqiao to the dance class, and Qiao Zuwang made a fuss about going home because of the death of a vegetable in the same ward, and called the children over. Qiao Yicheng didn’t say anything, and went to the hospital and was discharged. Qiao Simei returned home after solving the problems in the hospital. Qi Chenggang had already sent Qi Qiaoqiao back. Meiqin was very shy to see that he was so handsome.

Qu Aying’s attitude towards Qiao Zuwang changed 180 degrees. She used to be diligent, but now she is not allowed to eat even a pear. She turned her head and talked about whether Qiao Erqiang was wrong. While cooking, Meiqin and Qiao Simei said that Qi Chenggang was handsome and wondered if they would reconcile. Qiao Simei sighed, not just looking at people. Qiao Zuwang’s condition worsened, and the doctor said that it was impossible to recover.

Qiao Yicheng decided that each family would pay Qu Aying a monthly fee, which was regarded as her reward for taking care of Qiao Zuwang. Except for Qiao Yicheng, several children often come back to see Qiao Zuwang. Qiao Erqiang fed bananas to Qiao Zuwang, Qu Aying quickly grabbed it and said that he was afraid that he had no time to clean up a bed. Qiao Erqiang was not happy, but Qu Aying yelled that there was no credit and hard work.

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