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My bargain queen 我的砍价女王 Episode 8 Recap

Mother Xia was worried about her daughter’s marriage, so she specially selected many single high-quality young men for her. As a result, none of them could get into Xia Qian’s practice, so she just perfunctory. Despite this, Xia Ma did not give up, and even brought Uncle Chen as a lobbyist, but Xia Qian turned around without even eating.

After He Zhijun married Ning Meng, he did not live the life he wanted, but felt even more pressured. In particular, Ning Meng became suspicious and often looked at his previous things at home, including the wedding vows he prepared for Xia Qian for the first time. No matter how many times He Zhijun explained, because of Xia Qian, Ning Meng always felt that the previous wedding was flawed and not as perfect as she had imagined.

Xia Qian knew that Changsheng was facing a crisis, and was very worried about it. She planned to negotiate with the couple and believed that Miss Yan was also responsible. That night, Xia Qian dreamed that the Changsheng Hotel went bankrupt, and Sheng Zhening joined his family and became his husband. Until she woke up, she was a little bit lost. Xia Ma heard her daughter’s sleep talk and was curious about the identity of the boy in her mouth.

Originally, Xia Qian was looking for a reason to deal with it, and suddenly received a call from Sheng Zhening, so she lied about going to see a female client, but she did not know that Xia Ma had already witnessed the whole process on the balcony. Sheng Zhening found out that Han Chao would often go to a teahouse, so he had to take Xia Qian to look for him. Unexpectedly, he heard Xia Ma calling and complaining about Xia Qian’s boyfriend, and mentioned that she had a baby with Sheng Zhening.

Hearing these contents, Sheng Zhening pretended to be calm on the surface, and couldn’t help laughing in his heart. Instead, Xia Qian pretended to hang up the phone because of her mother’s constant chatter. But after the call was over, the atmosphere in the car was even more embarrassing. The two talked without a match, and then they simply shut up.

After following Han Chao to the teahouse, Sheng Zhening and Xia Qian pretended to be a couple and hid in the private room next door. They accidentally discovered that this man who seemed to be a good husband had a tryst with his wife and lover. Xia Qian was so angry that she planned to inform Miss Yan about this, but Sheng Zhening refused. After all, these were the private affairs of their husband and wife.

Han Chao realized that Sheng Zhening knew the secret of his derailment, so he took the initiative to go to the hotel to find him and proposed that the two parties cooperate. As long as this matter is not disclosed, he will immediately withdraw the complaint against Changsheng. However, Sheng Zhening did not accept Han Chao’s conditions, and even believed that he himself had moral problems, and not every man would steal food.

Xia Qian went to the beauty salon to meet Miss Yan by chance, and inquired about her married life, which aroused the dissatisfaction of the other party. Because of this, Xia Qian stopped being nosy, and finally understood Sheng Zhening’s concerns. However, Xia Qian’s attitude has made Ms. Yan alert. She finds a private investigator to investigate Han Chao, and at the same time comes to the residence of Han Chao’s lover, and formally declares sovereignty.

Not long after, Han Chao came to the hotel again, only this time he was full of anger, accusing Sheng Zhening and Xia Qian of spreading rumors against him. Sheng Zhening informed the security to drive Han Chao away, while worrying about Xia Qian’s safety. Miss Yan, Yue Xiaqian, took the initiative to speak to her. In fact, she knew that Han Chao’s private life was chaotic long before she got married. She didn’t expect to forgive him again and again, and only betrayed him again and again.

So when Miss Yan saw the photo of Han Chao and his mistress going to the Aegean Sea, she finally made up her mind that she must be clean with the scumbag, and even stated that if Han Chao were to oppose Changsheng, she would support Changsheng. Through Ms. Yan’s narration, Xia Qian probably learned that Han Chao is cooperating with Lihe Capital.

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