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My bargain queen 我的砍价女王 Episode 7 Recap

Ning Meng and He Zhijun held their wedding smoothly, but the video played on the big screen was unexpected. It was full of sweet pictures of Xia Qian and He Zhijun falling in love, which caused an uproar in the audience. After the wedding hurriedly ended, the video was posted on the Internet and there was a lot of noise. The outside world was quite controversial, and they all discussed the predecessor’s destruction of the wedding.

Because this change was too sudden, it was obvious that someone specially arranged it. Qin Hebo knew that Mr. Xue was behind the scenes. Even if there is a cooperative relationship between the two of them, it is related to Ningmeng’s lifelong happiness and he is unwilling to destroy it anyway. , So I called Mr. Xue Zongxing to inquire about the crime.

Today’s comments on the Internet are very unfavorable to Sheng Zhening. Everyone is discussing that Ningmeng’s wedding has become a farce, which is enough to show that there is a problem with the management of Changsheng Eight. It is precisely because the direction of these news is too obvious, Sheng Zhening comforted Xia Qian not to worry too much, he would personally track it down, but Xia Qian asked to participate in it.

The two came to the broadcast room to call for surveillance, and some people were ruled out of suspicion. As for why there are videos of Xia Qian and He Zhijun, it is really puzzling. At the same time, Qin Hebo asked Fu Shuangshuang how to make the girl happy, and used her method to do magic for Ning Meng, which finally made her smile.

Xia Qian searched for information in the archives all night, but almost fainted because of low blood sugar. Originally, Sheng Zhening told An An to send some candies, but the other party couldn’t get out of the way when dealing with the matter. Instead, he met a child eating a lollipop halfway through and asked the other party for a lollipop. Finally, after unremitting efforts, I finally found the person in charge of the wedding theme planning, and this person was Chen Kang who had rehearsed the couple before.

Since Chen Kang left the company, they have completely lost contact. Xia Qian and Sheng Zhening took the initiative to come to the door and learned that he was staying at the old man’s house in order to avoid debts. Xia Qian saw that Chen Kang’s wife deliberately concealed that her husband had returned home, so she squatted downstairs with Sheng Zhening and An An until Chen Kang appeared.

Chen Kang ran away when he saw this, and Xia Qian nearly got into a car accident to chase him, and even fell and was injured. Sheng Zhening was in disarray when he was caring, and his tone seemed a little impatient, as he moved Xia Qian away in a daze. Fortunately, An An caught Chen Kang in time, but the other party insisted that he hadn’t been instructed by anyone, and that he was totally unhappy with Changsheng.

Even though Ning Meng temporarily forgave He Zhijun for deceiving herself, she still had a knot in her heart, and even began to become suspicious. When checking out at the restaurant, Ning Meng’s mobile phone signal was poor and unable to pay. He Zhijun took the initiative to help connect to the restaurant’s wireless payment, which caused Ning Meng’s suspicion.

In order to prove his innocence, He Zhijun immediately called the director of the hospital, saying that they had eaten here before. Because of Qin Hebo, Chen Kang did not expose Lihe Capital to the public. Mr. Xue expressed his gratitude, claiming that Qin Hebo would be solely responsible for the acquisition of Changsheng in the future.

Early the next morning, Sheng Zhening came to Xia Qian’s downstairs and apologized for the gaffe last night, and was willing to pick her up and down during this time. Xia Qian accepted Sheng Zhening’s apology, but did not agree to let him be a driver, and even decided to reduce contact in the future. Fu Shuangshuang thinks that she and Sheng Zhening are relatively right, so that there is no CP to smash.

Han Chao suddenly accused Changsheng of transferring the wedding schedule without authorization, which once again aroused public opinion and immediately pushed Changsheng to the forefront. The impact this time is not only on Sheng Zhening himself, but also on the credibility of Changsheng Hotel. Originally, Sheng Zhening planned to call out the wedding schedule transfer contract to face public doubts. He never thought that the contract would disappear. Qin Hebo responded to this. Very satisfied, instructed the assistant to continue to use public opinion to build momentum.

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